Titan and Dragon King Chapter 1432


In the vast and boundless Void, a steel torrent grandiose advances quietly and silently, only the light of the colorful elements shines, adding a different color to the darkness in the Void, and it seems not so lonely.

And in this Void, there is a deeper shadow than dark, curious and greedy eyes, staring at the fleet traveling in Void, full of…appetite.

Then, under the temptation of food, the shadows acted, and then the light of the shining elements on the fleet all turned into a dazzling bright red in an instant, full of rapid warning echoed in Void.

“Warning, there is an unknown creature approaching, the whole ship enters the first-level combat alert state!”

A sound of warning sounded on every combat unit of the fleet. Then, the light of the shining elements on the fleet suddenly skyrocketed, large element shields unfolded one after another, and several millions of Alchemy Scouting Bees flew out.

So, the monster lurking in the dark was found, the original raid turned into a positive attack, and the monster who originally enjoyed hunting, and the monster who became a little angry because of the loss of fun, became more and more violent.

hong long long ——

The elemental shield made a crisp cracking sound, and then the elemental fragments condensed together flew around, stirring around, and a more violent explosion just happened, and was swallowed by an Abyss mouth.

The dazzling sparks bloomed in the Void, and the fleet was pouring all the firepower on it at the moment the monster was active, but even if it was torn skin and gaping flesh, the flesh flew and did not play How much effect.

Because giant beast recovers faster than it is destroyed, fear spreads among Void. However, everyone knows that there is nowhere to escape when encountering such things in Void, and they can only face it bravely.

Navigating in the Void is a more dangerous and terrifying thing than sailing in the sea. The silent Void cannot be compared with the colorful sea, so the market in the Void is either lonely and lonely to the extreme, or it is the deepest horror .

So even the conquered fleet coming out of Great World doesn’t want to have anything to do with boring voyages. Because those who can move in Void are able to rely on the internal circulation of the body to complete self-sufficient terrifying existence.

This is the horror Void Giant Beast that only God and the legendary God have surpassed the existence of God, but there is no corresponding existence in the deadly fleet.

Only rely on intensive artillery to fight against some special means, if you are lucky, you can survive a part. But the annihilation of the whole army is the most likely ending.

The Void colonial fleet has only the means to deal with God, because this is the strongest existence that can be encountered when colonizing the foreign world, which is more powerful and basically impossible.

Therefore, broken metal fragments are flying around in the Void, the flowers of death, blooming one after another, and the creatures coming with the goal of conquering the world send out a desperate wailing in the Void.

When in despair, the instinct of the soul will pray to the most powerful and most likely to save their existence. Therefore, the names of many deities sound in Void, and the most among them are the gods. The King, the Lord of the Dragons, the Ruler of all things.

So, the great existence responded to the devout prayers of his followers. The golden light diffused in silence, solidified time and space, and let everything fall into stillness, including the monster that would be able to drive the battleship in Void as a bread.

“It’s really not bad to step on the Void again, it feels really not bad!” A slightly sighing sound sounded, and a presence shrouded in gorgeous divine light appeared in the center of the fleet, facing the Void monster raging in the center of the fleet.

“Unfortunately, the scope of the activity is only such a small area!”

Morea looked around, and there was a nostalgic look on her face, except for the surrounding fleet and the monsters raging in it.

Void is so empty and lonely, far from the prosperity of life world. But it is this silent Void that houses the endless and prosperous world of hundreds of millions.

“However, although the scope is small, you can do something you can do at home.”

Morea’s eyes fell on the divine light that naturally circulated around him, as if he had cast the monster of the Time Freeze spell, extend the hand, and gently grasp it.

So, the body length exceeds ten thousand meters, and the body has a Void Giant Beast with a complete ecological cycle of Small World. A helpless wailing sounded, and then its flesh began to collapse, and finally exploded directly.

However, not at all the blasted flesh flew, it was forcibly condensed into a mass, and finally turned into a huge black and red meat ball.

At this time, the golden light that permeated Void gradually dissipated, leaving only a great presence with a face that could not be seen clearly and a huge ball of meat mixed with bones and flesh suspended in his side.

Although he can’t see his face clearly, he can only vaguely see a vague human figure, but all the creatures who see this great existence naturally know what it is to save them from the crisis.

“Great Lord of All Things!”

So, the expeditionary fleet avoiding a catastrophe began to praise and worship Morea. They can only do this at this time, even Legend is no exception.

As an object to be praised, Morea will only suppress under his power and still squirm slightly, trying to reorganize the giant meat ball of the giant beast body, and then it will be as invisible as it appears, disappearing out of thin air. .

After Morea disappeared, the fleet that fell into enthusiasm was quiet for a while, then began to clean the battlefield, and finally proceeded to the set goal world.

And I just tried my strength and stood in a place where there is no special Void. I stopped. It seemed that there was an invisible barrier that blocked the presence of him who can squeeze Epic. .

Of course there are no barriers, and there are not many areas in Void with his power at this time.

But because he is so powerful, he is also imprisoned. Morea’s power comes from the world, so he is imprisoned by the world.

Originally, he could only move in his own Great World, and at most he swayed around the world barriers, but as the Void development plan started, his faith spread within the realm, one after another. .

So, his area of ​​activity expanded. However, outside the scope of Great World, the source of his power becomes those small and medium-sized worlds, so it will be further reduced by one level. It is enough to cope with the giant beast wandering in Void.

“My World Community!”

Morea looked at the dots and dots scattered in the dark Void. Each rays of light represented a world that gave birth to life.

And these worlds constitute the world community where He is now. Morea’s pioneering plan is to target the entire world community. As a Lord of the World, He possesses this ability.

Conquer and unify everything in the world community. This is what he can do as long as he is willing to spend time. And the time it takes, even for long-lived species, is extremely long.

But it doesn’t matter, Morea has this patience, even if it is ten thousand years, 100,000 years, he can wait.

But it won’t take so much time, because the young Lord of the World is ambitious and even intends to get involved in person—his range of activities will gradually increase as more and more conquer the world.

The young Lord of the World stopped in front of the invisible barrier and smiled to think about his future. “But I have enough time to realize my ambition until I am completely satisfied.”

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