Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 548

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Zhou Fan’s departure did not cause much movement. Hidden Sect dísciple spent most of the time in their respective cultivation. Except for a few dísciples, other people seldom moved around each other.

Han Jue continued his cultivation and sprinted into the Great Principle Golden Immortal intermediate stage.

The other side.

Thirty Three Layer Heaven, at the edge of chaos, a majestic city stands in the dark, surrounded by mist.

Primal Chaos City.

There is a high tower in the city, and there is a palace on the top of the tower, where all the saints gather.

"Han Jue sent a Great Principle dísciple to come." Qiu Xilai opened the mouth and said.

Other Sage nodded.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord clicking one's tongue in wonder said: "Hidden Sect casually sent a Great Principle. Li Daokong already has the strength to compete for the strongest Immortal World. If this continues, Hidden Sect Sooner or later, the family dominates."

Heaven's Severing Cult Master calmly said: "Is it not good for a family to dominate? So that we can let go of utilitarianism and feel at ease cultivation, just in time for the next measuring tribulation to support Hidden Sect. If Heavenly Dao is in danger again, Han Jue can also take action directly."

Fuxitian and Xiao Great Emperor nodded.

Heavenly Demon's calamity caused their cultivation base to fall drastically, and it takes a long time to repair.

Qiu Xilai said with a smile: "Perhaps this is also a good thing, at least we can put down the grudge, the Hidden Sect dísciple, we can take more care, even if it is good, Heavenly Demon can also explain Han Jue is not the Darkness Forbidden Lord. With his strength, he can wait for Heavenly Demon execution before we take action again. Heavenly Demon is not his opponent at all."

The other four holy sages, in retrospect, they Still deeply moved.

Heavenly Demon is not an opponent at all in front of Han Jue.

Heaven's Severing Cult Master's eyes flickered, and said: "So, it can only be Li Muyi."

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord hummed: "Yes, he used Three Purities Saint Ancestor never asked the two of us, what Dao Sect Three Cults are all shit, besides, if Heavenly Dao is gone, the biggest benefit is his Great Thousand Worlds. Little Heavenly Dao becomes the only Heavenly Dao."

Speaking of Li Muyi, all the saints are a little upset.

Emperor Dao: "Don’t mention Li Muyi, let’s talk about Primal Chaos City first. Since Heavenly Demon was eradicated, there have been many Space-Time Cracks in the chaos. I am worried that ominous evil will take the opportunity to sneak in. "

Heaven's Severing Cult Master shook his head and said: "Jinan Sage has a divine ability to spy on ominous evil, but he is already crazy."

Qiu Xilai frowned.

He always felt that there was an invisible big hand pushing all this behind his back.

When they needed something, they discovered that they had already been plot against by the mysterious enemy.

One link and one link!

Qiu Xilai has never been so weak before, feeling that the enemy is already setting a one by one trap and waiting for him to jump down.

"We have to improve the strength of Immortal World, we can't just rely on us." Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord suddenly proposed.

Qiu Xilai squinted his eyes and said: "It's better to preach, Great Dao measuring tribulation is coming soon, we can't keep it."


" OK!"

All the saints answer.


In the Taoist Temple, Han Jue received four good impression tips one after another, and Sage who is still well now has become his friend.

This is in line with reality. The reason why Sage can become Sage is by no means a stupid person. There is no reason to keep plot against if he can't beat it.

Han Jue did not reject Sage's hypocrisy, just because he could have less trouble and feel at ease cultivation.

The existence of Sage is still necessary. Although they open strife and veiled struggle, they can indeed maintain the order of the Immortal World and even defend the Immortal World.

The years are silent.

Years have passed.

Three hundred years later.

Besides Han Jue cultivation, I started to observe Su Qi in the Primordial Chaos realm.

Su Qi's fleshy body is already completely solidified, but he is still curled up in the breath of Demon God, absorbing the surrounding Primal Chaos Qi and Primordial Chaos Qi.

Primal Chaos Qi was born from the source stone of chaos, Primordial Chaos Qi was born from the Primordial Chaos Demon God physique of Han Jue.

Except for Su Qi, no other Demon God's air has condensed the fleshy body.

Su Qi is currently in a healthy state of development. It shouldn't be setback again.

Han Jue looked towards Rolling World.

He wanted to make Rolling World the first Heaven and Earth in the Primordial Chaos world. However, with the oppression of Primordial Chaos Qi, Rolling World was a bit unbearable.

Han Jue decided to release Rolling World and become the Great World under Immortal World.

Think about it, Han Jue directly took out Rolling World and hovered it in the palm of his hand.

He then jumped out of Immortal World and came under Immortal World.

Sweep away the holy thoughts, the Small World under Immortal World already exceeds five thousand.

Han Jue put down the Rolling World and allowed a portion of the Heavenly Dao merits from the Primordial Chaos circle to be added to the Rolling World, allowing it to merge with Heavenly Dao's luck.

Rolling World began to grow rapidly.

Han Jue will sound transmission of this matter to White Clothed Buddha, so that White Clothed Buddha will be ready.

White Clothed Buddha asked nervously, "Are we still Hidden Sect?"

"Forget it, Rolling World is Hidden Sect's a side World."



White Clothed Buddha sighed in relief, he just wanted to hug Han Jue's thigh.

There is another reason why Rolling World was released. Han Jue wanted to use Rolling World to compete for luck.

By then, the Celestial Clan will master the Immortal World, and the Rolling World will master the mortal world. Then Heavenly Dao's luck will be in the hands of Han Jue, and Heavenly Dao will no longer want to plot against him.

After Rolling World fully integrates Heavenly Dao's merits and luck regains Heavenly Dao, Han Jue will return to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

He sent sound transmission to Three Purities Saint Ancestor, let Three Purities Saint Ancestor sneak into Rolling World, guard Rolling World, anyway, this guy has nothing to do.

Three Purities Saint Ancestor immediately head to Rolling World.

After doing all this, Han Jue relaxed a lot.

He began to expect Rolling World to shine in the future.

I have to say that the layout feels a bit dark and refreshing.

Is this why Sages are so happy?

Han Jue continues cultivation.


Eight hundred years have passed very quickly.

Han Jue finally breakthrough!

Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal Intermediate stage!

spiritual power began to skyrocket!

Han Jue consolidates the cultivation base while calling up the attribute panel to view:

[Full Name: Han Jue]

[life-span: 439143904, 9000 , 9999, 9999, 9999, 9999]

[race: Primordial Chaos Demon God (Immeasurable Great Emperor)]

[cultivation base: Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal Intermediate stage ( Perfect Sage)]

[cultivation technique: Primordial Chaos Samsara Great Dao (Great Dao level), Weekly body tempering method]

[Great Dao: Great Dao of Life and Death, cause and effect Great Dao, Jiyuan Great Dao】


The life-span has nearly quadrupled, which is not bad!

It took Han Jue seventy years to stabilize the cultivation base.

He has a deeper understanding of Great Dao, and even thinks that he can use Great Dao to create divine ability.

Han Jue took half a year to improve all Sword Dao divine ability to the limit. He was about to continue cultivation when he was too comfortable in Dharma Body, a loud and sacred voice resounded between Heaven and Earth:


"Our Sage has decided to select a new Sage within ten thousand years. This Sage needs to have great merit and great cultivation base, regardless of sect, regardless of race, all beings can compete!"

Fu Xitian's voice.

Is it necessary to choose a new Sage so soon?

Han Jue is not interested, no matter who becomes the new saint, he can't beat him!


Who is this Primordial Chaos Purple Qi from?

Han Jue checked the email, and as expected, he saw an email.

[Your enemy, Ming Ji Sage, encountered Heavenly Dao's luck, body dies and dao disappears by the saints]

Ming Ji Sage's avatar has disappeared.

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