Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 549

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The fall of Ming Ji Sage made Han Jue sigh.

Ming Ji Sage once was one of the very best in Sage, but unfortunately, he offended Han Jue.

If Ming Ji Sage hadn't confuse Su Qi, how could Su Qi embark on a Road of No Return?

But that was Han Jue's cause and effect on Ming Ji Sage. Ming Ji Sage was cursed crazy by him, but executed by other Sages.

Han Jue has a deeper understanding of Sages.

These Sages change their faces extremely fast, they may be good to you at any time, and they may harm you at any time.

Han Jue cannot trust Sage.

He shook the head and stopped thinking about it. It was too easy for him to start cultivation Dharma Body.

For the past 48 years.

Han Jue has mastered fifty Demon God Dharma Body in total, and can no longer learn new Demon God Dharma Body.

The Demon God Dharma Body he masters are Lone Star Demon God, Fangcun Demon God, Yinhen Demon God, Dao Dao Demon God, Unfeeling Demon God, Transfiguration Demon God, Zhiyin Demon God, and Zhongcun Demon God. Love Demon God, Qingming Demon God, Black Sea Demon God, Zhihu Demon God, Great Wild Demon God, Demon God, Daqian Demon God, Mustard Demon God, Heavenly Demon Demon God, Everlasting Demon God, One Thought Demon God, Eighteenth Sun Moon Demon God, Magic Demon God, God Demon God, Spiritual Qi Demon God, Yuansha Demon God, False Demon God, Demon God, Jinwon Demon God, Extremely Micro Demon God, Earthly Fiend Demon God, Living Demon God, Fu Ji Demon God, Great Emperor Demon God, Cursed Demon God, Imprisoned Demon God, Beginning Demon Demon God, Gourmet Demon God, Witch Demon God, Myriad Treasures Demon God, False Demon God, Four Seasons Demon God , Crazy Demon God, Evil Demon God, Seyin Demon God, Immortal Demon God, Immortal Demon God, Guardian Demon God, Barrier Demon God, Qiankun Demon God, Giant Demon God, Sky Chong Demon God, All-knowing Demon God .

Accumulate one hundred and twenty Four Venerables Demon God Dharma Body!

Han Jue has an own understanding of Chaos Demon God. He thinks that Chaos Demon God may be the root of everything, and perhaps this is inheritance.

Although Chaos Demon God is a legend, there are all kinds of them in the world.

After that, Han Jue entered Simulated Trial.

He takes Heavenly Demon first.

As his understanding of Great Dao deepens, he feels that he can integrate the Dharma Body which is too easy and it doesn’t have to be a group fight.

If you can gather all the power of the Demon God Dharma Body and crush the enemy in one fell swoop, it would be even better!

Han Jue first summoned one hundred and twenty Four Venerables Demon God Dharma Body, attacking Heavenly Demon in an absolutely violent manner.

Heavenly Demon only insisted on ten breaths time.

Han Jue began to try to integrate the power of 120 Four Venerables Chaos Demon God in the battle. This process is very difficult, because the power of Great Dao is both equally excellent, neither can tolerate each other.

In this way, Han Jue is immersed in Simulated Trial.

After six months of bullying Heavenly Demon, Han Jue can easily instakill Heavenly Demon.

He began to challenge Di Jun.


I was blown up.

He was not convinced and continued to challenge Di Jun.

After challenging hundreds of times, Han Jue almost shut himself down.

He changed another opponent, Xitian Old Ancestor.

Completely autistic.

These two are really great.

Han Jue started to set up the Simulated Trial, setting Qiu Xilai, Li Muyi, Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, Heaven's Severing Cult Master, Jinan Sage, Fu Xitian, Xiao Great Emperor, Ming Ji Sage all as opponents.

One against eight!

Good risk!

Suppress easily!

The Eight Saints teamed up with each other in a tacit understanding, but Han Jue’s Demon God Dharma Body was more numerous, and they were all blown up before ten breaths.

Han Jue's Demon God Dharma Body already can cut Heavenly Dao's luck!

In addition to the increase in the number of Demon God Dharma Body, it is also related to his own cultivation base. Although it is only a breakthrough one layer realm, it has a difference of heaven and earth.

Going up from Saint Realm, each realm of one layer is enough to determine the strength!

Han Jue finally found a way to instakill the eight sages through nearly a hundred Simulated Trial.


This time, Han Jue can finally despise Sage.

In the future, whoever dares to speak loudly and coldly with Sage's eyebrows is just looking for a pounding!

Han Jue is in a happy mood.

He decided to go out and show off.

At present, under Heavenly Dao, he is already invincible, so he can indulge a little.

Han Jue decided to visit his own son.

Primordial Chaos hides the vastness of Heavenly Dao merits. As long as the fleshy body is wrapped, it can resist Heavenly Dao's rejection. Of course, if he uses Sage's power, Heavenly Dao will still force him out.

Other Heavenly Dao Sages cannot do this even if they have Heavenly Dao merits, because they themselves rely on Heavenly Dao's air luck. If they enter Immortal World without permission, Heavenly Dao inside and outside will be more uncomfortable.


Nantun domain, Human Race, Moon Heart City.

Han Tuo is watching the battle under a battle arena.

Moon Heart City occupies several thousands li, which is considered to be one of the largest cities of Human Race in this domain. It has a strong cultivation atmosphere, and there are more than one battle arena like this.

The two cultivators fighting on the stage are the supreme unity Earth Immortal cultivation base. Even though there is a restriction to isolate their spiritual power, the nearby people and cultivators are still exclaiming again and again.

"Do you find it interesting to see their fighting skills based on your cultivation base?"

A voice suddenly came from the side, Han Tuo turned his head and saw only one extremely ugly one The monk smiled at him.

It is Han Jue, who came to see his son in the ugly posture of Xun Chang'an before.

Han Tuo frowned and asked: "Who is your Excellency?"

He just passed the Immortal Emperor not long ago, and the entire Moon Heart City could not find a rival to him. But the ugly monk in front of him made him unable to see through.

Han Ming once told him that he must be careful about Buddha cultivation.

Han Jue said with a smile: "I see your extraordinary luck, so I want to get acquainted with you. Under the dragon, I am called the phoenix young bird. You can also call me the dragon Phoenix young, how about you, my friend? ?"

Lying Dragon Phoenix young bird?

Han Tuo frowned, and had never heard of the name.

But since the other party is not malicious, he can't reach out and hit the smiley.

"Here is Han Tuo."

"My cultivation base does not worship sect?"

"No religion, no school, Immortal World is all in a dust ."

"Oh? Would you like me to introduce you to Great Influence?"

"How old are you?"

"How old do you want to be?"


"Have you heard of Li Daokong?"

Han Jue blinked and said, "I know, you want to join Human Cult?"

Han Tuo Shaking his head: "I want to join Hidden Sect. I would like to worship the divine might Heavenly Saint Master. No, I can be an Ancestral Master. Unfortunately, my cultivation base is too weak. It is said that Hidden Sect’s Immortal Emperors are countless."

A woman next to her looked surprised towards Han Jue father and son.

Good bragging!

Immortal Emperor one bite!

I also talked about divine might Heavenly Saint with immeasurable merit.

The woman's eyes showed contempt.

Han Jue said: "Hidden Sect is too difficult. I really can't do it. How about the Celestial Clan?"

Han Tuo was surprised. Does this ugly monk really have a way?

He shook the head and said: "The Celestial Clan is Immortal God, I don't want to enter."

Han Jue is interested, this kid hates Immortal God?

When he was about to ask, a line suddenly popped out before his eyes:

[Detected Innate Destined Person, whether to check its origin]

Han Jue froze Stunned.

It’s been a long time since such a reminder appeared. Since proving Dao, even if it is Sage reincarnation, it may not be able to enter the system's eyes.

He immediately chose to view it.

[Jade solution: supreme unity Golden Immortal Realm Initial Stage, one of the doppelganger beyond Daoist Jade Bodhi]

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