Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 550

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Yu Bodhi doppelganger?

Han Jue's eyelids are jumping wildly. This is a doppelganger, not a Dharma Body, not a reincarnation.

In other words, Jade Bodhi is staring at him from Jade’s perspective?

Han Jue couldn't help but call up the interpersonal relationship and found Jade Bodhi.

[Jade Bodhi: Unknown cultivation base, detached from Daoist, Heavenly Dao’s first Bodhi’s cultivation success Dao, Buddhism ancestor, living in the dark forbidden zone, because you are appreciated by the Old Ancestor of Xitian, and have a good impression of you , The current favorability is 1 star]

After listening to the Dao at Supreme Ultimate Palace, Xitian Old Ancestor, Di Jun, Qidaosheng, and Jade Bodhi had a good impression of him one after another. He thought these four were rubbing Mahjong.

As a detached Daoist, Jade Bodhi must be no weaker than Great Dao Sage.

Han Jue used Simulated Trial to detect the existence of Jie Yu, but he did not turn his attention away.

Jie Yu is a young man, looks delicate, dressed in blue silk and white clothed, not outstanding among the crowd.

Han Jue pretended not to see him, and smiled at Han Tuo and asked: "Do you hate Immortal God?"

Han Tuo replied: "It's not a hatred, I just think I am Human Race There is no need to believe in Immortal God, Human Race is in danger, Immortal God is not helping, Human Race is strong, Immortal God wants Human Race to believe in them, I don’t like Immortal God."

Han Jue sighed secretly.

This kid is still not enough. Like him, his speechlessness is not a good thing.

Too hard-tempered and easy to get into trouble.

Although Han Tuo has not relied on Han Jue in recent years, he still borrowed part of Han Jue's power.

"Why don't you and I find a place to have a good chat?" Han Jue asked with a smile.

Han Tuo hesitated for a moment, but still nodded.

The other party has a mysterious background, and there is no malice. It is not a bad thing to make friends.

Father and son are gone.

Han Jue kept an eye on him, and found that Xie Yu hadn't followed.

The two father and son came to an Inn and began to talk freely, talking about the world, and the relationship kept getting closer.

Unfortunately, two hours later, Xie Yu also came to this Inn and was still at the table next to them.

Han Jue pretended to ignore it.

Father and son continue to talk.

Han Tuo suddenly asked curiously: "Wolong, what is your cultivation base?"

Nine thousand years of cultivation, Han Tuo became the Immortal Emperor, and his knowledge is wide. The smelly monk made him feel profound mystery, and it must be more than one layer realm.

Han Jue said with a smile: "My cultivation base is not important. This friendship is just a fate. If you have nowhere to go, you can visit Heavenly Court or Heavenly Clan and they will accept it. Get down on you."

After that, Han Jue stood up, ready to leave.

Han Tuo hurriedly got up and said: "Are you Immortal God?"

Han Jue dropped a sentence and then disappeared: "Not a fairy, not a god, just a spectator outside the world. ."

A visitor?

Han Tuo is unclear.

At this time.

Jie Yu suddenly got up and walked, said with a smile: "Brother, can I fight with you?"

Han Tuo looked towards him, browses frowned.

Why did one just leave and another one?


Han Jue returned to the Taoist temple and immediately asked silently: "Why did Jade Bodhi send Jieyu closer to my son?"

[Need to deduct one Life-span of 160 billion years, do you continue?


Han Jue followed into the illusion of evolution.

He came to a magnificent and bright palace, where the clouds and mist were lingering and the golden light was shining. He raised his eyes and saw countless Buddhas, some lying on the Lotus Throne, and some leaning against them. The ferocious monster beasts, some are closing their eyes and chanting, and some are crying constantly, each with its own look and posture.

Han Jue's gaze fell on Jade Bodhi.

Jade Bodhi is the only Taoist here, sitting on the seventy second grade white Lotus Throne with aloof attitude.

Han Jue frowned.

What is here?


Buddhism with a higher level than Immortal World?

Beside the jade Bodhi, there is a stalwart silhouette, which emits strong light, and only the outline of its figure can be seen, a giant Buddha with a slightly thin figure.

The weight-loss giant Buddha opened the mouth and said: "Recently, Heavenly Dao's luck has decayed and Heavenly Demon is in chaos. Although the danger has been relieved, there is already a sign of Great Dao measuring tribulation. What do you think? "

As soon as this statement came out, Qunfo began to answer.

"Why bother to Heavenly Dao, it's all illusion."

"Heavenly Dao has more than one side, we don't have to think about it."

"Heavenly Dao is The starting point of everything is the cornerstone of Great Dao. We must investigate clearly."

"Does the so-called Primordial Chaos Demon God really exist?"

There have been several Chaos Demon Gods, and Era of the Great Conflict is coming soon. It is not a good thing for us to pay attention to Heavenly Dao at this time."


The Buddhas hold their own words, although You said a word to me, but it didn't make a noise, but it was inexplicably calming, as if they were all in sermon.

Jade Bodhi slowly opened the mouth and said: "Leave this to me, you don't have to care about it."

The Buddhas followed and quieted down.

The illusion shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and browsed tightly knit.

The ancient wasteland is in the Divine Realm of Guixu, which means that the batch of Buddhas just came from the Divine Realm of Guixu.

So Jieyu came to investigate Great Dao measuring tribulation?

"Fortunately, I suppressed Han Tuo's bloodline and didn't fully release it." Han Jue thought silently.

He started observing Han Tuo and Xie Yu.

The two sat at a table and started talking.

In the future, the relationship between the two gets better and better, and they even meet to break into Immortal World together.

Han Jue didn't dare to act rashly, so he could only watch it quietly.

Three years later.

Xie Yu and Han Tuo are separated. The two are already confidants, but Xie Yu has something to do, so he bids farewell to Han Tuo.

Han Jue asked in his heart: "Does Xieyu think Han Tuo is Primordial Chaos Demon God?"

[10 million years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


[Not currently available]

Han Jue sighed in relief.

As long as you don’t suspect Han Tuo, that’s fine.

As for Han Jue, he is not afraid of hiding in the dao field.

Han Jue adjusted his mentality and continued his cultivation.

Anyway, it’s still early to Great Dao measuring tribulation.


Since Sage announced that he would choose a new saint, the entire Immortal World has fallen into a frenzy.

For the sake of great merit, almost all almighty came out to establish Sect, preach, establish order, create divine ability, etc. Immortal World flourished, which greatly promoted the process of Heavenly Dao.

The Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain is still calm. They don't care about the Holy Position, and they can't get out anyway.

Hundred years passed quickly.

Heaven heard a loud noise, deafening.

Han Jue opened his eyes and saw a huge Three Legged Golden Crow leading countless Demon Soldier Monster Generals to kill ten Third Layer days.

Monster Race!

Han Jue raised his eyebrows, is this Three Legged Golden Crow stupid?

Challenge the Heavenly Dao race directly!

Han Jue pinched his fingers, and his expression became weird.

Immortal God Ji and his subordinates who are not in the heavens, the Immortal God who guards the ten Third Layer days comes from other luck sects.

Is it possible that Immortal God Ji and Monster Race colluded, murder a person with a borrowed knife?


Han Jue found that this Monster Race is already in scale, and the number of Demon Soldiers exceeds 10 million. Although most of the cultivation base is weak, at least the momentum is very impressive.

This battle lasted for decades, and finally Monster Race and the Celestial race both sides suffered.

For a time, Monster Race became famous!

In the eyes of all beings, the Celestial Clan is the most powerful force!

Han Jue saw that the water released by the Celestial Clan was about to become a sea. After the start of the war, all the existence above Divine Realm retreated.

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