Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 551

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The end of the war between Monster Race and the Celestial Race has made Monster Race more and more famous, and all living beings know that the Celestial Race is not invincible and not invincible.

Samsara started, Monster Race will rise again.

After Demon Race, it is indeed Witch Race. Before Heavenly Dao restarts, Monster Race is also ranked after Demon Race. It is not so coincidental, it must be days.

Although there is war, the development of Immortal World is indeed getting better and better. The wind of cultivation pervades All Heavens and Myriad Realms. In addition to Ancient Race, Monster Race, and Celestial Clan, many races have risen. There is a tendency for a hundred flowers to bloom.

Not only that, Han Jue also observed that Immortal World is getting bigger!

The eight Fang Tianya is moving towards the dark forbidden area continues to stretch, the land stretches rapidly, it is very magical.

Han Jue took a closer look and found that there was a breath of Sage in the Immortal World, it turned out to be Sage's work.

The reason is not difficult to imagine. The previous Heavenly Demon disaster almost wiped out the Immortal World sentient beings, making Sages aware of the weakness of sentient beings.

Han Jue waited and watched for a while, then continued cultivation.

Jade Bodhi and the Seven Dao Sages have brought pressure to Han Jue and can relax occasionally, but the main theme of life must be cultivation.

Even if the talent is unparalleled, it takes a long time to compare Great Dao.

Like Di Jun, how many measuring tribulations does the cultivation have?


Unable to calculate!

Han Jue's current goal is to be at ease Sage!

Although it is only an intermediate stage, ambition is a must!


Two hundred and thirty years later.

Han Jue who was cultivation was interrupted by Li Yao, and Li Yao came to visit Han Jue.

Han Jue let her watch.

Li Yao came to Han Jue and bowed and saluted, and said: "Sect Master, after stepping into the Great Principle, my cultivation base has been improved very slowly, I always feel something is wrong."


Han Jue said: "Did you experience it?"

Li Yao has the same temperament as him. He did not go out after coming to Hidden Sect. Unlike him, Li Yao does not have a system.

Great Principle already is the limit of living beings. If there is no reason, it is difficult to improve.

As for Quasi-Saint, which one is not the peerless Heaven's Chosen and peerless powerhouse that astounded an era?

Li Yao frowned, and said: "I don't want to go out to experience, can the greatest opportunity in the world be comparable to you?"

Han Jue asked: "Then you feel bad What?"

Li Yao took a deep breath and said: "I have experienced before joining Hidden Sect. I don’t know how many killings I have experienced along the way in Immortal World. Looking back on my life, the only thing that might be worse is the couple. ."


Han Jue frowned.

He understood the subtext.

Han Jue looked at Li Yao, and I have to say that Li Yao is also among the best in terms of appearance, and his temperament also makes him appreciate it.

Li Yao has never had a clear identity in Hidden Sect, not the dísciple of Han Jue, but the same status as the second-generation dísciple.

Han Jue fell into silence.

Li Yao plucked up the courage and stared at Han Jue closely.

She has been holding back these words for a long time.

Since Han Jue rescued her and guided her to Hidden Sect, the love has long been buried.

Long time.

Li Yao stood up and walked towards Han Jue.

Fusang Tree.

Hei Yuji looked towards Han Jue's Taoist temple, whispered: "How do I feel that woman wants to eat chicken?"

Tu Ling'er suddenly opened his eyes, secretly annoyed .


One step late!

But she doesn't have the guts, after all, she is already the apprentice of Han Jue, and her status as master and disciple is like a mountain that keeps her from crossing the boundary.

Wu Daojian (Grasping Principles Sword) curiously asked: "Eating chicken? She wants to eat you?"

Hei Yuji gave her a white look and said: "You don't understand, stupid Grass, you know cultivation, you should have been near the water platform, but unfortunately, you are too stupid."

It has a hate iron for not becoming steel tone, which makes Wu Daojian (Grasping Principles Sword) stand up and draw the sword. .

Chaos Heavenly Dog came to persuade him to fight, but suffered.

For a while, the Fusang Tree jumped down, and it hasn't been so lively for a long time.


Seven years later.

In the Taoist Temple, Li Yao meditated beside Han Jue, his clothes neat and tidy, but his face was slightly red.

Han Jue whispered: "Not bad, spiritual power blends together, you should be able to break through."

Li Yao nodded, said: "many thanks Sect Master, you The spiritual power guides me a lot, more than ten thousand years of hard practice."

Han Jue shook his head and said: "Not so exaggerated."


The two fell silent again.

Li Yao got up, saluted Han Jue, and then turned and left.

Han Jue suddenly stopped her and said: "From now on, you count as my dao companion, the same as Xing Hongxuan and Xuan Qingjun. Remember, take Xing Hongxuan as the leader and don't create contradictions."

Li Yao raised his brows when he heard it, and immediately turned back to respond.

A few days later.

Xing Hongxuan came to visit, and she didn't say anything, just pestering Han Jue and leaving after a full year.

Han Jue could not help but looked towards other women, Xuan Qingjun, Xi Xuan Fairy Maiden, Chang Yue'er are still cultivation.

The three women are normally very low-key, mainly because aptitude is not good and can only take time.

Perhaps there is a big gap in the cultivation base. They are a little cautious when facing Han Jue. Han Jue doesn't really force them to do anything, and everything goes with the flow.

For women, Han Jue's desire is not great. He is already Sage, so he can't take the initiative to lower his posture.

Of course, the other dísciples are very smart, and they dare not make mistakes in the face of the three girls.

"In fact, occasionally the yin and yang merge, it is not absurd."

Han Jue thought of it silently, and then continued the cultivation.

In the next hundred years, Li Yao broke through to the Great Principle Golden Immortal Intermediate stage, and once again reached the top three in the hundred years of great Competition. This performance shocked other dísciples. I wonder if Han Jue taught her. what.

But if you want to become a dao companion of Han Jue, the threshold is too high. Gender alone is enough to make other dísciples give up.

In a blink of an eye, six hundred years have passed.

There are more and more Immortal Emperors in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, and all Serene Races have entered the Divine Realm, which is still far from the Great Principle, but 10,000 Divine Realm is enough to subvert all forces in the world.

This day.

Li Daokong came back and Han Jue moved him into the Taoist temple.

In the past few years, Li Daokong has consulted Shi Dudao from time to time, and already cannot see the seriously injured emails.

"Sect Master, I met Immortal God Ji, the patriarch of the Celestial Clan. He is in danger and hopes Hidden Sect can take action. Not only him, Fang Liang is also trapped." Li Daokong opened the mouth and said.

Han Jue asked: "Who is trapped?"

"Dasantian, this person created the first mortal world, and his supreme unity Golden Immortal is over a thousand, and he himself It is also the cultivation base of the quasi-Saint Realm late stage, with strong divine ability." Li Daokong replied.

He hesitated for a moment, and said: "Behind the great scattered sky is Enlightenment Cult. All the saints show good wishes to you. Now I don’t know whether Immortal God Ji and Fang Liang are Hidden Sect dísciple, so there is no take. action."

Han Jue is not dissatisfied with this, on the contrary, he is very satisfied.

Li Daokong is not as impulsive as he expected. He is thoughtful.

Han Jue said: "You go to Han You, order Yi Qian You Luo to rescue Immortal God Ji and Fang Liang, and send them to Heaven safely."

Compete for Heavenly Dao luck!

In Immortal World, Han Jue does not need to take action himself.

Li Daokong is secretly surprised, such a big handwriting?

He asked cautiously: "Then Sage?"

"Don't care."


Li Daokong immediately Go ahead and arrange.

After one hour, Han Jue moved Li Daokong and Qianyouluo out of the dao field.

Han Jue closed his eyes for cultivation, he is not worried about Enlightenment Cult Sage's opinion at all.

A big fist is the truth!

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