Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 552

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Han Jue is interested in controlling Heavenly Dao, but he cannot personally control it.

He doesn't want to be bound with Heavenly Dao.

He needs to support a Sage, monopolize Heavenly Dao's luck, and control Heavenly Dao for him.

Han Jue had another idea and asked: "Can I use Primordial Chaos to enslavish Heavenly Dao Sage and control Heavenly Dao?"

[10 billion will be deducted Years of life-span, do you continue?]


[Heavenly Dao Sage can be enslaved, but he cannot control Heavenly Dao because of this, Heavenly Dao will automatically cut off Sage’s luck]

Han Jue is not surprised about this.

Heavenly Dao is a rule after all. No matter how strong the System is, can it be better than Great Dao?

Great Dao can't swallow Heavenly Dao directly!

Besides, enslaving Heavenly Dao Sage will certainly offend the higher beings.

From what Han Jue has learned so far, Heavenly Dao has more than ten measuring tribulations. During these measuring tribulations, many almighty generations have emerged. Sage has also changed, and those who are detached have left. Heavenly Dao, moved to Divine Realm.

Jade Bodhi can sense the situation of Heavenly Dao, and other detached people can naturally.

To put it bluntly, these Sages are all puppets of Great Dao Sage planted in Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue wants to control Heavenly Dao in the dark!

This is foolproof!


Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

Sage dao field.

Qiu Xilai meditated on the Golden Lotus, his face fluctuates between clear and dark, and wisps of weird and ancient gray air wrapped around him.

He opened his eyes suddenly, furiously shouted, and the dust around him disappeared.

A dark shadow appeared in front of Qiu Xilai.

Qiu Xilai stared at him, said solemnly: "What do you want!"

Shadow opened the mouth and said: "Heavenly Dao is weak, this is your chance , This Palace would like to ask you, what exactly do you want?"

Qiu Xilai was silent.

Shadow continued: "Li Muyi’s Great Thousand Worlds is about to be swallowed by the Dark Lord. The next goal is Heavenly Dao. If you unify Heavenly Dao, you can better meet the Dark Lord’s Attack."

"Who is the Dark Lord?"

"The cause and effect evil spirit born in the dark forbidden zone, he wants to swallow up the Heavenly Dao, so as to surpass the Great Dao , Against the ancient order."

"Why don't you take action?"

"The realm master is here, how do you take action? Heavenly Dao and Great Dao cannot interfere with each other. This is the iron law , Cannot be offended."

Qiu Xilai fell into silence.

Shadow left a sentence and disappeared out of thin air: "Before the next measuring tribulation, Heavenly Dao must be unified, otherwise you will be replaced."

Qiu Xilai's eyes Flashing, extremely dissatisfied in my heart.


Fifty years later.

Han Jue opened his eyes and checked the email.

[Your friend Li Daokong was attacked by a mysterious almighty]

[Your friend Han You was attacked by a Heaven Realm cultivator] x842

[Your apprentice Immortal God Ji suffered a mysterious almighty attack and was seriously injured]

[Your Grand Disciple Fang Liang encountered an ominous evil into its soul]

[Your friend Huang Zuntian entered the Sage dao field]


[Your friend Heavenly Emperor has swallowed an ominous evil, and his luck has changed and turned into an evil Heavenly Emperor]

[Your friend Jiang Dugu enters the Divine Realm]

[Your friend Queen Houtu got a mysterious almighty dream, and the cultivation soared]


Han Jue's brows suddenly frowned.

Heavenly Emperor turned into evil Heavenly Emperor?

Before leaving Immortal World, Heavenly Emperor was conspired by Zhou Yan Jade Emperor, and the second-class strange spirit body possessed its fleshy body. At that time, Han Jue had no absolute purification and was helpless.

Han Jue brings up the relationship and looks at the avatar of the Heavenly Emperor.

Heavenly Emperor’s name already changed to the evil Heavenly Emperor, his face looks very evil, white hair, sword eyebrows red, his eyes turned into heavy pupils, and there is a vertical line between the eyebrows, like one Only closed eyes.

The most important thing is that the cultivation base of the evil Heavenly Emperor has already reached the Quasi-Saint late stage!

This cultivation base is growing fast!

Han Jue hesitated for a moment and decided to give the Heavenly Emperor a dream.

When the dark nightmare is displayed, the Heavenly Emperor can't resist it at all.

Dreamland is a small forest near Jade Purity Holy Sect more than 40,000 years ago. It is also a memorial place for Han Jue and Heavenly Emperor.

Goodbye Heavenly Emperor, things have remained the same, but people have changed.

Heavenly Emperor wears a black robe with a dragon horn and a Purple Gold crown inlaid with jade. There are three fan-shaped sword shadows suspended behind it, with different sword shapes.

Seeing Han Jue, the Heavenly Emperor was stunned.

The two stared at each other and fell silent.

After counting the interest.

Heavenly Emperor said with emotion: "You are more powerful than I expected, you have proven Dao?"

Han Jue said: "I am not Heavenly Dao Sage yet, Your Majesty recently How are you doing?"

Heavenly Emperor said with a smile: "Very good, I have never felt so free, Han Jue, if you can't stay in Immortal World, you can come back to Divine Realm and join me. I have established a new Heavenly Court."

"How is Divine Realm compared to Immortal World?"

"It is more dangerous and desolate, but also full of opportunities."


Han Jue was stunned.


He has always thought that Divine Realm is more prosperous than Immortal World, the equivalent to high level version of Immortal World, according to Heavenly Emperor, this is not the case.

Heavenly Emperor said with emotion: "The Divine Realm was born before Immortal World. It was the first side world of Heavenly Dao. It was shattered by the battle of Sage. Dao Ancestor will The fragments of Divine Realm put together the Immortal Ascension world, and Divine Realm itself is full of cause and effect, resentment, and karmic power. It has long been abandoned and is now regarded as the road to the ancient wilderness. There are too many almighty fights on this path. , The fall, the opportunity left is incalculable."

Han Jue couldn't help but think of the Sage battle in the investment of the Gods. Could it be that the birth of Immortal World was related to this?

He followed up and asked: "Where is the ancient wilderness?"

Heavenly Emperor shook his head and said: "The ancient wilderness, that is Mysterious Land, even if someone comes out of it alive, it won’t I don’t know the truth about it."

Han Jue looked thoughtful.

Heavenly Emperor stared scorchingly at Han Jue and said: "Han Jue, come on, join me, I will call you the Heavenly Emperor, in the Heavenly Court, under one person above ten thousand people, You and I join forces to fight the dark forbidden zone, sweep the All Heavens Great World, and create an unprecedented great cause!"

Han Jue was silent.

For some reason, he always felt that the Heavenly Emperor had changed.

Besides ambition, it has also become more aggressive.

"What about Immortal World, what are your plans for Immortal World now?" Han Jue asked.

Heavenly Emperor proudly said: "I will come back sooner or later, all Sage will pay the price! I will sweep the Immortal World, but anyone who doesn't follow it will be destroyed!"

Staring at Han Jue again, he said: "Han Jue, join hands with me, clean up everything, imitate the Pangu in the ancient myth, and we will recreate everything!" Han Jue said: "I will consider it. "


The two continued to chat for a while.

After the dream is over, Han Jue opened his eyes and browsed tightly knit.

Heavenly Emperor is really blackened!

In addition to strength, he is now a standard villain!

Of course, from the standpoint of the Heavenly Emperor, his changes are also justifiable.

"Heavenly Emperor can make a splash in Divine Realm, maybe Divine Realm is not as scary as I thought, but there must be someone better than me."

Han Jue Think of it silently, and then continue to plunge into the cultivation.

Five hundred years later.

Heavenly Dao has changed dramatically.

"I can’t be the Heavenly Lord, I’m the new Sage of Heavenly Dao, and I’m in charge of Heavenly Dao’s killing order, and I can’t teach!"

A domineering voice resounded through Heavenly Dao All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

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