Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 553

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New Sage?

Can’t Heavenly Lord?

Han Jue immediately checked the email, and as expected, he saw an email.

[Your enemy Jinan Sage encountered all the saints cut off his luck, body dies and dao disappears]

Jinan Sage's avatar has disappeared.

It's so cruel.

Han Jue thought silently: "I want to know the information about the inability of Heavenly Lord."

[Need to deduct four billion years of life-span, do you continue?]


[Heavenly Lord: Heavenly Dao Sage perfection, Immeasurable Great Emperor, Dao Ancestor disciple]

Heavenly Dao Sage perfection!


[Heavenly Lord cannot produce hatred against you, the current Hatred Value is 3 stars]

Han Jue frowned.

Hate him when he first came?

come with ill-intent!

Han Jue hesitates whether to curse the Heavenly Lord, on the other side, a magnificent huge palace appears outside Thirty Three Layer Heaven, the atmosphere is boundless, the seven colors light rises to a hundred ten thousand zhang high, from a distance Looking at it, this palace is like an Immemorial giant dragon entrenched here.

Qiu Xilai, Fu Xitian, Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, Heaven's Severing Cult Master, Xiao Great Emperor, Queen Houtu appeared, all looked towards this new palace with complex expressions.

On the gate of the palace stood a plaque with three large characters.

Can't Palace!

"From today, I will lead you and others to grow Heavenly Dao, without the Heavenly Demon robbery, all you have to do is to obey my arrangements."

Can’t Heavenly Lord The voice floated out, and his tone couldn't be refuted.

When all the saints heard this, their expressions didn't look good for an instant.

Too arrogant!

For a newcomer, the Palace of Inability does not even open the door, which is rude.

All Saints can only retreat and come to Qiu Xilai's dao field.

"The Heavenly Lord cannot be, but Dao Ancestor disciple, cultivation base deep and unmeasurable. Even if we get the Heavenly Dao Sage, we are probably not the opponent, and there is Great Dao Sage behind it. "Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord said with an ugly face.

The Great Emperor frowned and asked: "Does Dao Sect Three Cults also have Great Dao Sage?"

Heaven's Severing Cult Master sighed and said: "Frankly, I have already broken contact. Otherwise, I won’t rely on Xitian Old Ancestor."

The brows of Great Emperor and Queen Houtu frowned even more.

Qiu Xilai took a deep breath and said: "An external force began to infiltrate Heavenly Dao. We must join forces. Not long ago, Great Dao Sage threatened me. As for who it is, I can’t say for the time being, lest Cause trouble."

All the saints fluctuates between clear and dark.

Emperor Dao: "It is necessary to tell Han Jue about this matter. It is no longer possible to rely on us. We must rely on the power of Han Jue."

Other Sages have nodded and recognized this remark. .

After experiencing the disaster of Heavenly Demon, they all recognized Han Jue.

No matter how the Heavenly Dao struggles internally, it must be consistent externally.


Forty years later.

Chen Great Emperor came to visit Han Jue.

Han Jue moved him into the Taoist Temple, which not only gave the Great Emperor Xiao the face, but also did not give the Great Emperor Chen the opportunity to observe the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

Chen Great Emperor directly stated his intentions. He explained that he could not be the Heavenly Lord.

Han Jue said: "I know, I will consider this matter. Before that, all the saints can watch the changes. Even if Heavenly Dao changes hands, it will not be in a short time. We have to first Know your opponents before making plans. As for me, I am definitely more inclined to you."

Just kidding!

Heavenly Lord cannot hate Han Jue when he first came, already is the enemy!

Han Jue will definitely find a way to kill the Heavenly Lord, but he can’t tell.

Chen Great Emperor smiled and said: "It's enough to have Fellow Daoist, I will tell it to all the saints."

The two said a few more polite words, Han Jue sent Chen Great Emperor out.

After Chen Great Emperor left, Han Jue began to think about how to deal with the inability to Heavenly Lord.

know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.

"I want to know if Heavenly Lord can execute me?"

Han Jue asked in his heart.

[10 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


[It's definitely possible]

It's definitely possible!

Han Jue stood up and activated the supreme treasure all over, he jumped directly to Thirty Three Layer Heaven and quickly captured the palace where the Heavenly Lord could not be reached.

He jumped to the Palace of Inability, immediately copied the cultivation base of the Heavenly Lord, and jumped away.

Almost instantly!

Han Jue felt a terrifying murderous intention locking himself.

"Where to escape?"

The voice of unable to Heavenly Lord sounded, time seemed to stand still, Han Jue felt a terrifying palm force fall on him, but was treasured by the supreme on him offset.

Han Jue then jumped back to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

Heavenly Lord cannot show his figure, browse tightly knit.

He wore black dao robe, he was burly, with short hair, and the golden Dao Mark printed on his face, which was obscure and incomprehensible, with the breath of old age.

He looked towards own right palm, muttered: "How can he have a very powerful magical treasure? Does he have other backgrounds?"

On the other side.

In Taoist Temple, Han Jue sits on 36-Leafed Samsara World-Extinguishing Black Lotus.

[Heavenly Lord’s hatred against you cannot be increased, the current Hatred Value is 4.5 stars]

Han Jue sighed in relief, he can’t get a palm from Heavenly Lord, he doesn’t feel anything.

A supreme treasure is the strongest one to withstand a blow from the free Sage, but the Heavenly Lord is only Heavenly Dao Sage, how can he hurt him?

Han Jue started the Simulated Trial and challenged the inability to Heavenly Lord.

After one hour.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

He is slightly frowned.

The first time he fought, he was mainly to find out the bottom line, and he could not test the capabilities of the Heavenly Lord.

Heavenly Lord is even stronger than Li Muyi. Although it is also Heavenly Dao Sage, the divine ability he has mastered already has the artistic conception of Great Dao divine ability.

Han Jue won, but not happy.

He continues to challenge.

After a cup of tea time, Han Jue successfully executed the Heavenly Lord.

Not enough!

Once the fighting time is prolonged, the enemy will easily escape.

Han Jue started Simulated Trial again and again.

After hundreds of times, the battle duration is shortened to one minute.

Thousands of times later.

Han Jue finally found a way for Instakill to be unable to Heavenly Lord, he could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

He opened his eyes, a confident smile on his face.

This is it?

Han Jue began to despise the inability to Heavenly Lord, of course, he could only despise it behind his back. If he really wants to fight, he must show weakness first, and take advantage of the inability of Heavenly Lord to relax and then take it in one fell swoop.

Life and Death Battle, how can there be so much fairness.

Han Jue will always only believe in dead enemies.

He raised his eyes and looked towards Ten Third Layer Heaven, where Li Daokong and Thousand You Luo temporarily live in the Heavenly Clan.

In these years, Han Jue cultivation will look up, Immortal God Ji like the fox which exploits the tiger's might, through the power of Hidden Sect, began to clear the heavens, many Immortal Gods have been expelled Leaving the Celestial Clan.

"I, I can't Heavenly Lord, I can't afford sermon outside Thirty Three Layer Heaven, Heavenly Dao all living beings can come to the Godless Palace to listen to the Dao and become unable to teach dísciple by shouting my name."

The voice of unable to Heavenly Lord suddenly sounded.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows, this guy has something.

In the past, Sage sermon needed to listen to Daoist to go to Thirty Three Layer Heaven by himself. This process was enough to screen out those creatures with insufficient cultivation base.

It's different from being unable to the Heavenly Lord. You only need to speak his holy name and he will be moved into the Heavenly Dao, the palace of the invisible. Invisible, he will capture the goodwill of all beings.

In this short period of time, Han Jue saw that thousands of creatures were moved to Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

After a period of time, the dísciple that cannot be taught will reach an extremely terrifying point.

Han Jue does not believe in evil, and secretly said: "You have a way to move the entire Immortal World sentient beings to your dao field!"

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