Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 554

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Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

In front of the gate of the Palace of Inability, a creatures appeared one after another, mostly with surprise expressions, and then stepped into the gate shining brightly.

An endless stream!


The space inside the Palace of Impotence seems to be infinite, and it can contain the sentient beings of the entire Immortal World.

Han Tuo suddenly appeared out of thin air in front of the Palace of Inability, he raised his eyes, his eyes filled with excitement, expectation, and a hint of anxiety.

"Han Tuo brother, you are here too."

A familiar voice came. Han Tuo turned his head to look, and happily said, "Brother Jade, you too. That's it!"

Xie Yu squeezed through the crowd and walked in front of Han Tuo.

Reunited after a long absence, the two are very happy.

After chatting for a long time, they both stepped into the imperial palace together.

Such miniatures are staged one after another in front of the Palace of Inability. Many cultivators have reunited because they came to listen to the sermons. Of course, there are also enemies who met each other. They were extremely jealous, but they didn't dare to make them again in front of the Sage dao field.

The other side.

All Saints gather in the dao field of Qiu Xilai.

"This fellow is too impudent! What does he want to do? Directly accept Heavenly Dao all beings as dísciple and hold Heavenly Dao alone?" Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord angrily said, shaking with anger.

Heaven's Severing Cult Master's eyes flashed with cold light, and said: "It's really too much. It doesn't put us in the eyes."

Qiu Xilai was also furious and couldn't help Heavenly Lord. How long have you been here?

The Great Emperor Xiao was also in anger, and he began to think about countermeasures.

Just then.

"Everyone, why does Heavenly Dao have an extra Sage?"

A voice came in, and Li Muyi appeared out of thin air in the hall.

Seeing him appear, the faces of all the saints instantly darkened.

Li Muyi looked a little tired. He noticed that the atmosphere was not right, and asked: "Is it because you supported it?"

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord mystifying: "Oh, this is not Human Cult Sage, your Great Thousand Worlds is already released?"

Li Muyi frowned and said: "No, I am going to abandon Great Thousand Worlds."

"You follow Let me talk about that new saint, why are so many creatures going to his dao field?"

All saints looked at each other in blank dismay, and finally Heaven's Severing Cult Master told Li Muyi about this. The reason.

Li Muyi was furious after hearing this, and said: "Impossible, I will go and find the Heavenly Lord myself!"

All the saints did not stop him, watching him leave.


Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, inside the Taoist Temple.

Han Jue, who was cultivation, felt something and suddenly looked up.

His gaze penetrated Thirty Three Layer Heaven, he saw Li Muyi who did not know when he came back and the Heavenly Lord was fighting.

The divine ability of the two saints is boundless, and the spiritual power is immense. The Primal Chaos Qi, which shook 30 Third Layer, surged violently, and the creatures in front of the palace no longer increased.

From the perspective of the battle, Li Muyi was crushed and beaten by the Heavenly Lord.


Han Jue thought for a while, took out the Book of Misfortune, and began to curse the inability of the Heavenly Lord, at least to make the Heavenly Lord unable to cultivation at ease.

In the battle of Sage, it is difficult to tell the winner, unless you master the power of Great Dao like Han Jue.

5 days later.

Han Jue began to curse with life-span.

He tried his best, and the life-span value jumped quickly.

He couldn't fight Heavenly Lord complexion greatly changed, he waved his sleeves and scattered countless blue ice crystals, moved towards all directions and shot them, along the Tearing Space, forcing Li Muyi to be unable to approach.

"Power of curse, what divine ability do you use?"

Can’t Heavenly Lord solemnly asked, the previous curse is not painful or itchy, but the power of curse just now suddenly strengthened.

He guessed that Li Muyi had performed some kind of divine ability.

Li Muyi ignored his inquiry and continued to fight.

He also burst into anger, not wanting to lose face in front of other Heavenly Dao Sage.

At the same time.

The faces of other Sage who were watching the game became subtle, and they exchanged divine thoughts.

"Sure enough, it is him!"

"We have not cursed the Heavenly Lord, that can only be Li Muyi."

"Will it be Han Jue?"

"Han Jue is unnecessary, and it is Li Muyi that the Heavenly Lord cannot question, indicating that Li Muyi is performing divine ability that we can't see."

"It's really a damn, I was hypocritical to save me before!"

If Li Muyi had a System, he would surely receive several hate reminders at this moment.

The battle continues.

Thirty Three Layer Heaven began to collapse, with densely packed Space Cracks everywhere, Chaos Divine Thunder intertwined between Space Cracks.

Unable to Heavenly Lord is the strongest Heavenly Dao Sage at present, Li Muyi has already separated from Heavenly Dao, and the battle between the two caused the order of Heavenly Dao to collapse.


A horrible purple thunder fell from a height without knowing its length, as if dividing the entire Primal Chaos Space outside Thirty Three Layer Heaven into two.

Li Muyi and the Heavenly Lord were scared to avoid immediately.

Their spiritual power is endless, and they can fight for hundreds of millions of years, so the state is very stable.

Unable to Heavenly Lord coldly snorted and said: "Since Heavenly Dao intervenes, why bother to fight again? You can't defeat me at all!"

He was very upset, if he hadn't sacrificed himself to become Heavenly Dao Sage , He killed Li Muyi long ago!

He became Heavenly Dao Sage not a promotion, but a decline.

Li Muyi's face was ugly, and said: "Fellow Daoist, this is Heavenly Dao Immortal World. You did it like this when you first arrived, don't you think it's too much?"

Can't Heavenly Lord sarcastically said:" I preach to sentient beings, it is great merit, where is too much? If you are not convinced, you can ask sentient beings, so dare you to ask?"

Li Muyi was silent.

From the perspective of life, it is naturally a great opportunity.

But from Sage's point of view, this is not a good thing. Their orthodoxy will be shaken. Not only that, the rapid growth of sentient beings will make Heavenly Dao unbearable, and once again cause infinite great tribulation.

I couldn’t leave Heavenly Lord with his sleeves, and left a sentence: "Heavenly Dao is a game of chess, let’s rely on his own means."

Li Muyi complexion ashen did not catch up in the end. .


Han Jue touched the chin thinking.

Can't Heavenly Lord be so arrogant, who is standing behind?

It should not be Dao Ancestor, Heavenly Dao itself is Dao Ancestor, and all the saints are promoted only with the consent of Dao Ancestor.

"I want to know who instigated the Heavenly Lord?" Han Jue thought silently.

[160 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


Han Jue had a form in his mind, it was a black-clothed youth.

[Tongtian Cult Master: Great Dao Sage, Immeasurable Great Emperor, the ancestor of Section Cult]

Brows tightly knit of Han Jue.

How is Tongtian Cult Master?

Tongtian Cult Master is still alive, it is normal, after all, Nuwa and Di Jun are still there.

It's just Tongtian Cult Master, why not support Heaven's Severing Cult Master, but support other Sages to enter?

"If I stay in Heavenly Dao, Cult Master why not execute me?"

[Need to deduct 160 billion years of life-span, do you continue?]



The Heavenly Lord couldn't have hatred for Han Jue when he first came, indicating that Tongtian Cult Master is also difficult to associate with him, so Han Jue asked ingeniously.

[Heavenly Dao is independent, Great Dao cannot intervene, Tongtian Cult Master himself is still imprisoned in the ancient wilderness, losing his freedom]

Han Jue suddenly realized that this servant was locked up .

He followed up and asked: "Is it right that the existence beyond Heavenly Dao can't directly take action on the creatures in Heavenly Dao?"

[Not necessarily, unless the cultivation base surpasses Pangu and Dao? Ancestor 】

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