Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 555

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Beyond Pangu, Dao Ancestor?

It is much stronger?

Han Jue can not imagine, achieve BI Great Principle Golden Immortal territory, just Great Dao Sage, he could not imagine what its power source, not to mention a higher existence.

No matter what, Heavenly Lord patron can not be kept in the ancient shortage, that Han Jue do not have to be afraid of.

Han Jue eyes fell again unable palace. After

Li Muyi end of World War II, not Heavenly Lord continue to recruit dísciple, prepared sermon.

Han Jue count to the own son also dao field.

That's it.

Let unable Heavenly Lord sermon, and then clean up after the finish.

Let Heavenly Dao beings just like to take this opportunity to become strong, to face the future Heavenly Demon of the robbery can be more calm.

Probably the last decade.

Palace can not be shut down, unable to Heavenly Lord began sermon.

Han Jue quietly figured, can not enter the palace of more than tens of billions of creatures.

This is not mine Heavenly Lord really big.

After the sermon, he directly ten billion dísciple, how can these dísciple in the selection of some aptitude peak of dísciple.

It's a pity.

unable Heavenly Lord, you laugh until the last.

You can see live how long can you tell how long the road.

Han Jue secretly ridicule.

In the past year.

blink of an eye, a hundred years in the past.

can not utero.

if one here Heaven and Earth, ground water, white sky day, countless creatures meditation on the water, a century sermon, so that the overwhelming majority creatures already shape transformation.

Han Tuo and Xie Yu nearest.

Xie Yu eyes looked towards him, smiled and asked: "How to harvest?"

Han Tuo said with a smile: "? Good, How about you"

more than just good!


Heavenly Lord can not speak of him even within the Great Dao easy to understand, in addition to soaring cultivation base, and also the birth of his mind many thoughts, so he was very excited.

Xie Yu smiling and said: "okay, but not as good as you feel, you're always my surprise."

Han Tuo laughed, if not followed.

their relationship is good, but have their own secret, never overstepped each other, and this is the reason they get along very uncomfortable.

At this time, unable to Heavenly Lord's voice:

"can not teach first sermon ended, from now on, are all Haier can not teach dísciple, regardless of Haier from before he taught, must be abandoned, happiness and lead you to prosperity, I is the most powerful Sage! "

his tone was very tough, but also full of confidence.

this remark let overwhelming majority creatures whom worship.

Only a few dísciple from the other sect is very ill, but did not dare to stand up and not touch the mold head Heavenly Lord.

"Heavenly Demon shortly after the end of the robbery, Haier should be able to feel, the previous Sage is too weak, so Heavenly Demon rampant for so long, if I lead the Heavenly Dao, there will never be as badly , believe I, following my, this will be the Haier greatest of our lifetime opportunity! "

" I wild hope, unity All Heavens and Myriad Realms, sole power Heavenly Dao, led the Heavenly Dao beings beyond the Great Dao, beyond the past and present, stand at the end of River of Destiny, overlooking all the ups and downs. "

Heavenly Lord can not be getting more and more arrogant.

Han Tuo slightly frowned.

I do not know why, he could not resist the instinct of the Heavenly Lord.

"Sage and how?"

His heart suddenly emerge so a single thought, that he was shocked.

Logically speaking, listening unable Heavenly Lord sermon, he should be worshiped, not in awe Heavenly Lord, can not hear the Heavenly Lord arrogant, his inexplicable bad mood.

Xie Yu's voice floated: "Do not contradict him, testing him."

He used the sound transmission.


Han Tuo shocked, and quickly extinguish flames bother heart.

At the same time, he has been wary of Xie Yu.

This kid not simple ah.

Sage is able to see through even means?

Think about it, so far, he did not see Xie Yu embarrassed look, no matter what the face of powerful enemies, are calm.

Xie Yu Han Tuo felt eyes, smiling, laughing eyes narrowed in two meniscus.

Heavenly Lord is still unable to speak.

At the same time.

Han Jue already can not come before the House, he did not immediately go broke, but stood at the door waiting for a supreme treasure is already open, yin and yang, nursing birthday month of divine light obscured his stature .

"Han Jue, what you want to do?"

Qiu Xilai voice incoming Han Jue ears.

not only Qiu Xilai, other Sage have also sound transmission inquiry.

Han Jue did not answer.

The reason does not immediately take action, for fear of hurting to hear Daoist.

The reason, the worry is not prepared to listen Daoist Heavenly Lord engage in small means.

can not feel Heavenly Lord appeared Han Jue, he finished speaking, so that ten billion dísciple withdraw.


Unable to open the palace gates, in front of a beam of light rising.

"outside of the formation can be sent back at Haier, exceedingly cultivation, waiting for the next sermon at my."

can not be sounded Heavenly Lord's voice, Han Jue can be heard .

dísciple after another out of the house can not, when they saw Han Jue, are all stunned for a moment, but no one dared come near.

Han Jue's very imposing manner, let them daunting.

a dísciple entered into the beam, to form a queue, and the connection can not house the internal beam.

Unable to Heavenly Lord did not directly come out, it is estimated also awaiting listen Daoist who leave.

The other side.

Qiu Xilai Saints gathered in the palace.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord excitement asked: "Han Jue To not Heavenly Lord hands?"

Heaven's Severing Cult Master laments: "It is estimated that, he can not initiative to visit, once appeared, must be to hands-on "

Great Emperor Xiao smile, said:". Han Jue act so I admire, this is the cultivator, which, like Li Muyi, only sly in the curse! "

Fuxi day has come, but Li Muyi did not come.

Li Muyi by their exclusion, and even the Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, Heaven's Severing Cult Master no dealings with him.

"Before I also suspect that Han Jue is Darkness Forbidden Lord, it is a shame." Heaven's Severing Cult Master sighed.

Han Jue where such acts like Darkness Forbidden Lord?

They began to look forward to what will happen next.

Each can not leave a house dísciple will glanced at Han Jue one, and then did not dare to look at more.

They thought Han Jue is not under the command of the Heavenly almighty Lord.

Han Tuo Xie Yu chatting with Palace unable to get out the door, two men exchange ideas.

In this case, Han Tuo sudden glimpse of Han Jue.

This one let him in amazement.

I do not know why, Han Jue's stature made him a trance, inexplicable feel close.

"Who is he?"

Han Tuo frown thought, his eyes riveted on Han Jue.

Xie Yu opened the mouth and said: ". Evil"

Han Tuo woke up, quickly look back.

After, Han Tuo did not dare to look at Han Jue, angered almighty fear of the mysterious.

But in his heart, Han Jue's silhouette can not erase, make him curious.

Who is this person?

Han Jue noted that cultivation base Han Tuo growth is good, not only that, it even contains a hint of fleshy body bloodline Dao Rhyme.

Atta boy!

worthy of my son!

Han Jue silently think, most of the attention or the Heavenly Lord who can not, can not prevent the departure Heavenly Lord.

Han Tuo follow the team into the light beam, the inside of the moment, he could not help but look back.

shining divine light of Han Jue quietly at the side door of the Palace can not, motionless, as if the gods forever remain in the river years, exudes boundless atmosphere, lonely bleak.

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