Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 556

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After Daoist left the palace, Han Jue turned and walked into the palace.

Can't Heavenly Lord nor use formation to block Han Jue.

Han Jue walks forward, but each step can span a very long distance, quite the profound mystery of Shrinking the Earth into an Inch.

Soon, he saw that he could not Heavenly Lord.

I can’t meditate on a high tower by the Heavenly Lord, aloof and remote, and behold Han Jue.

Han Jue obviously felt mysterious power surging around him.

This fellow is urging the formation, wanting to isolate the inability from inside and outside the palace.

Han Jue stopped, took a deep breath, and said: "Heavenly Lord, I come here this time, I want to worship you for the Lord."

hearing this, I can’t Heavenly Lord squinted his eyes and asked, "Really?"

He thought Han Jue was here for trouble.

He didn't fully trust Han Jue's words.

Han Jue offset his palm before, indicating that his strength is not weak.

Han Jue said: "I use strength to prove dao and don’t want to join Heavenly Dao fated tribulation. If Heavenly Lord can unify Heavenly Dao, it’s a good thing for me, so I can cultivate without being disturbed. "

Can’t Heavenly Lord ask: "Really?"


"Then you kneel down."

Han Jue secretly cursed, dog stuff, really will take advantage of somebody's weakness.

His legs began to bend, making a tendency to kneel down.

Just after the turn, he took action abruptly.

A Demon God Dharma Body suddenly emerges from the top of Han Jue's head, moving like a thunder, and rushing towards the Heavenly Lord like a hungry tiger.

Heavenly Lord couldn't lift his palm and hit him, but the Demon God Dharma Body moved faster and quickly drowned him.

Contain Demon God!

This is one of Han Jue's latest sudden enlightenment's Demon God Dharma Body, which can imprison World's All Living Things, even Heavenly Dao and Great Dao.

The spiritual power of the Heavenly Lord cannot be hit on the imprisoned Demon God, and it doesn't work at all.

His complexion greatly changed and immediately took out a white light long sword. At this time, Han Jue rushed in.

Behind Han Jue is a Demon God Dharma Body, all gathered on the forefront Heavenly Astral Demon God, Han Jue punched out, Heavenly Astral Demon God followed.

A terrifying murderous intention struck, and Heavenly Lord couldn't open his eyes and wave his sword to resist.


The silhouette of the imprisoned Demon God began to expand, as if a balloon was quickly injected with gas, and then exploded. The strong wind raged into the palace, and the day-like sky was torn apart , The surface of the water at the bottom looks like a broken mirror.

From the outside, I can’t see the palace trembling, one after another seven colors light continuously shoots out from the palace, bright and shining, bright and chaotic.

All the saints in the Buddhism dao field wait nervously.

Although I know that Han Jue is very strong, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Cannot be in the palace.

The imprisonment of Demon God has dissipated, the strong wind circulates in the hall, naked eyes are visible, and densely packed Space Cracks appear in the daytime sky, which makes people palpitate.

Han Jue stood on a high platform, holding the holy soul of the Heavenly Lord in his hands.

The Heavenly Lord cannot be suppressed by the power of many Demon Gods such as the imprisoned Demon God, the void Demon God, and the prison law Demon God.

He looked towards Han Jue in horror and asked: "Who are you anyway?"

He has never encountered a battle like just now. Where did the Dharma Body come from? ?

Han Jue calmly said: "I just want to protect the Heavenly Dao order left by Dao Ancestor."

Dao Ancestor?

Unable to change Heavenly Lord's face drastically.

He gritted his teeth and said: "I am Heavenly Dao Sage, you can't kill me, there is almighty behind me, I advise you to give up!"

Han Jue asked: "You The almighty behind is stronger than Dao Ancestor?"

The Heavenly Lord could not be silent.

Han Jue stopped and disappeared into the temple.

He came directly to the dao field of the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain and would not be able to throw the Heavenly Lord into the Primordial Chaos jail.

In order to prevent the Heavenly Lord from being unable to take advantage of the opportunity, Han Jue plans not to be cultivated and has been staring at the Heavenly Lord!

Unable to be suppressed by the Heavenly Lord, he yelled: "Why? Do you want to lock me up? You lock me up for a while, I'll be locked up for a lifetime?"

Han Jue ignored him.

Everything is left to time to answer.


Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

All Saints came to the Palace of Inability, and Li Muyi also came.

Li Muyi frowned: "There is a smell of fighting, why not see him?"

No one answered.

All Saints began to check around.

Li Muyi is darkly annoyed and extremely unhappy.

Since he came back, the Sages have rejected him, but when he thinks that he really didn't do anything in the disaster of Heavenly Demon, he can understand it, so he has tolerated it all the time.

All Saints strolled around for a while, and after confirming that Han Jue and Heavenly Lord were not there, they had to give up.

Decades later, Qiu Xilai asked Han Jue to dream.

Han Jue ignored it.

Qiu Xilai did not dare to continue to dream. He thought that Han Jue was still fighting the Heavenly Lord, and did not dare to interrupt.

In this way, time flies.

After the end of Sermon of the Unable Palace, the unable to teach the forces expanded rapidly. In less than a thousand years, the unable to teach believers spread all over All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

Sages did not dare to mess around without knowing that the Heavenly Lord could not live or die.

A blink of an eye.

Two thousand years have passed, Han Jue and the Heavenly Lord already disappeared for two thousand years. The Sages began to be bolder and arranged for disciplines to enter the world, aiming at the inability to teach.

Unable to teach the dragon without a leader without the Heavenly Lord showing up, he was disbanded in less than a hundred years.

In a deep mountain.

Han Tuo meditates on the cultivation in the cave mansion. Since the end of the inability to hear the doctrine, he has been hiding here for the cultivation, and the cultivation base has skyrocketed to make him.

Jie Yu suddenly walked in from the entrance of the cave and said: "I can't teach it to disperse. It seems that there is something wrong with Heavenly Lord."

hearing this, Han Tuo opened his eyes.

He couldn't help thinking of the divine light silhouette he saw that day.

Could it be that the disappearance of the Heavenly Lord is related to that person?

Han Tuo jokingly said: "You want to join the unteachable plan to fail, what's next?"

Xie Yu found a place to sit down, shrugged and said, "I'm going Leaving Immortal World."

"Where to go?"

"Unknown land, see you if you have fate in the future."

Han Tuo was silent.

He doesn't have many friends, and Xie Yu is considered his confidant. Although he can't understand Xie Yu, Xie Yu has really helped him a lot. The two have experienced life and death together.

Jie Yu said meaningfully: "Han Tuo, you are not simple, but the road to cultivation is still very long. I hope that next time you meet, you are already a pivotal figure under Heavenly Dao."

Han Tuo frowned and asked: "I must leave?"

"Yes, my mission is already over."

"Where are you from? "

"Can't say, let's still discuss dao, this is the last time discussing dao."


Han Tuo is not hypocritical. He is no longer the immature boy of the year.

A few years later, Xie Yu left.

Han Tuo also left one after another, changing to a cave mansion seclusion.


In the Taoist temple.

Han Jue suddenly jumped out a line before his eyes:

[Primordial Chaos Sky Prison enslavement success]

[Heavenly Lord could not have a good impression on you, the current favorability is full Star]

Han Jue sighed in relief.

It took three thousand years to enslavement the Heavenly Lord, and he had no cultivation for three thousand years.

He has never wasted such a long time, which caused him to suffer and feel extremely uncomfortable.

Han Jue called up the email to check, and as expected, he saw an email.

[Your friend could not be the Heavenly Lord and was abandoned by Heavenly Dao, and lost the Heavenly Dao Sage status]

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