Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 557

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For Heavenly Dao’s abandonment of the Heavenly Lord, Han Jue felt that it was Heavenly Dao’s self-defense.

He began to check the attributes of the Heavenly Lord.

[Heavenly Lord: Free Primordial Chaos Realm Initial Stage, Immeasurable Great Emperor, Dao Ancestor disciple, because you have been enslaved by the Primordial Chaos Heavenly Lord, your favorability reaches full stars]

Free Primordial Chaos Realm Initial Stage!

Free Sage?

Han Jue has a strange expression.

Can't Heavenly Lord is meditating, motionless.

Han Jue asked in his heart: "His cultivation base is far beyond me, will he backlash me?"

[No, unless he exceeds the system limit]

dao field already can block Great Dao's supreme spy, and the limit is naturally far beyond the free Sage.

Han Jue sighed in relief, suddenly happy.

In this way, he picked up a bargain.

In order to master Heavenly Dao, Heavenly Lord had to become Heavenly Dao Sage. The cultivation base became weak, and Han Jue was given a chance.

Han Jue opened the mouth and said: "I can't. Kneel down."

Hearing this, the Heavenly Lord suddenly opened his eyes and got up and knelt down.

Dog stuff!

Let me kneel before!

You can kneel for a while!

Han Jue asked: "Who sent you to Heavenly Dao?"

Unable to Heavenly Lord replied: "Tongtian Cult Master."

"His What is the purpose?"

"Let me master Heavenly Dao, and then absorb my luck and break free from Dao Ancestor's suppression of his Great Dao formation."

"Why is Tongtian Cult Master Suppressed by Dao Ancestor?"

"After Tongtian Cult Master achieved Great Dao Sage, he launched the battle of Sage and angered Dao Ancestor."

Han Jue couldn't help but think of Investiture of the Gods. In the Battle of Investiture of the Gods, Tongtian Cult Master also triggered the battle of Sage. If this myth is true, then Tongtian Cult Master is truly a thief.

However, he felt that the Investment of the Gods war might not be true. It should be the Heavenly Dao projection. It just happened to put a piece of mythological history projection into the minds of mortals, blurring the process, and having similar myths.

No matter what, Tongtian Cult Master cannot escape temporarily, so don't bother with Han Jue.

Han Jue continued: "Tell me about Divine Realm, in detail."

Heavenly Lord replied: "Divine Realm is huge, boundless, diffuse. With the Great Dao restriction, even Sage can’t communicate instantly. The creatures below Emperor Realm cannot survive in Divine Realm. Divine Realm is desolate. There is a kind of existence called Dao demon wandering. The most powerful Dao demon can even It devours ordinary Sage, so the races of Divine Realm in Guixu are very cautiously."

"Buddhism, Dao Sect Three Cults, Demon Race, Monster Race, Dragon Race, etc., are all distributed in Divine Realm, Guixu, Do not disturb each other, not only that, because Divine Realm is located in the dark forbidden area, so the ominous evil spirits in the dark forbidden area can sneak in freely and attack creatures."

"At present, the most powerful of Divine Realm in Guixu is The Seven Dao Saints created the Great Dao Tower. There are not many dísciples, but they are all elite."

Han Jue listened carefully, and the more I listened, the more grateful I became.

In this way, Heavenly Dao is the safest!

Neither the ominous evil or the Dao demon can sneak into Heavenly Dao.

It’s just to reach the realm of Sage. If there is no System, if you want to go up a layer, you really have to go to the Divine Realm of Guixu. From being unable to Heavenly Lord’s mouth, Han Jue learned that Divine Realm of Guixu except for the scary Daoist , There are also various forms of Great Dao.

There is even Great Dao spirit transformation, walking back to the Divine Realm, spreading Great Dao, and talking about chance, it is by no means comparable to Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue suspected that the Great Dao Spiritual God was the result of Great Dao.

Until Heavenly Lord finished speaking, Han Jue curiously asked: "Dao Demon can kill even Sage, how can ordinary creatures survive?"

Heavenly Emperor can all be in Divine Realm takes root!

Can’t replied Heavenly Lord: "The Dao Demon has a mysterious origin. They don’t have independent thinking. They only hunt for creatures of the same realm, speaking of which, Blade Dao Demon is very similar to Heavenly Demon, but Heavenly Demon has spiritual wisdom, Dao Demon is stronger."

so that's how it is.

Han Jue squinted his eyes and said: "In other words, Divine Realm in Guixu has not formed a civilization, let alone unified, like a wild?"

Can’t be Heavenly Lord nodded, and said with emotion: "Stay in the Divine Realm of Guixu, apart from relying on almighty, you can only continue to fight and chase Great Dao. The Divine Realm of the Guixu is like the chaos before the opening of the sky. Three thousand Chaos Demon Gods are fighting. There is no peace at all."

Han Jue asked: "What about the ancient wilderness, how much do you know?"

Can't Heavenly Lord shook his head and said: "I haven't entered the ancient wilderness, maybe I've been, but I can't remember. The ancient wilderness is extremely mysterious, and it is the largest forbidden area in Divine Realm."

Han Jue was lost in thought.

The Heavenly Lord cannot say: "If you want to surpass Hunyuan dao fruit, you still have to go to the Divine Realm to chase your Great Dao. Heavenly Dao can give birth to innate qi at most. After stepping into Saint Realm, it is very It’s difficult to cultivation. I feel Great Dao in Heavenly Dao. It’s hard to succeed because of the distance."

Han Jue nodded, continue to ask, but Heavenly Lord can’t answer truthfully.

A few days later.

Unable to leave Heavenly Lord, return to Thirty Three Layer Heaven, and sit in the Palace of Inability again.

His return shocked the saints. Could it be that Han Jue was defeated?

Han Jue started the Simulated Trial to fight the current Heavenly Lord.

Two hours have passed.

Han Jue opens his eyes and browses tightly knit.

His current strength is really struggling against Sage.

Fighting fiercely for two hours, he did not win.

Fortunately, Heavenly Lord is now his subordinate and cannot threaten him.

"It's better to comprehend Great Dao."

Han Jue muttered to himself. Through the communication with the Heavenly Lord, Han Jue knew that he was still weak.

But one thing is good, no matter who comes to Heavenly Dao, you have to take it!

Unless better than Dao Ancestor!

Han Jue suddenly thought of Xitian Old Ancestor, Xitian Old Ancestor is obviously better than other Heavenly Dao Sage, why not be influenced by Heavenly Dao?

Could it be because Xitian Old Ancestor does not take action?

Anyway, as long as you stay in Heavenly Dao, Han Jue is invincible.


At this time, Qiu Xilai asked Han Jue to dream.

Han Jue accepted the dream. As he guessed, Qiu Xilai asked about the inability to Heavenly Lord.

Han Jue said that he reached an agreement with the Heavenly Lord that he could not compete for luck in the future, and he would follow the rules and no longer be chaotic like before.

He didn't directly say that the Heavenly Lord could not be subdued by himself, so he used this to restrain other Sages.

Qiu Xilai sighed in relief, and then tell other Sages about it.

Heavenly Dao once again returned to calm.


Since the inability to teach and was broken up, a large number of sects have emerged in Immortal World.

Unable to be a hundred-year sermon of Heavenly Lord, tens of billions of dísciple can be conquered. Many creatures have ambitions and want to fight for themselves.

Immortal World Hundred Schools of Thought Contend, there are cultivator battles everywhere, it seems a little messy, but Heavenly Dao's overall luck is getting stronger.

The other side.

Ten Third Layer days, South Heaven Gate.

Li Daokong and Han You stand side by side, and a thousand You Luo waits in the sky.

Immortal God Ji asked: "Are you really going to wait?"

Li Daokong shook his head and said: "We should go back and return to life. After so many years, the heavens are all yours. In control, you only need to be careful of the Heavenly Divine General. This person has a very deep city and has not been replaced by a Young Master."

Immortal God Ji nodded.

Li Daokong stopped talking nonsense and left with Han You.

Immortal God Ji looked at Li Daokong's back, eyes full of envy.

Li Daokong has become the person he wants to be. The cultivation base is strong, unfettered, and his own way.

I don't know when, Immortal God Ji became greedy for power, even he didn't know it.

At this moment, a golden light shot from below, pierced through the clouds, shot through the South Heaven Gate plaque, and the golden light soared up, submerged in ten Fourth Layer days.

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