Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 558

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Immortal God Ji scared by the sudden golden light, immediately looked up.

South Heaven Gate guarding the Heavenly Soldier vigilant.

Immortal God Ji pinch projections, strange facial expressions.

The other side.

Hundred Mountains Immortal Han Jue Plain also opened in the eyes.

Heavenly Lord distance can not leave already contained one hundred and seven, this time, he has been in cultivation, until it is disturbed by this unit mysterious atmosphere.

"A familiar atmosphere ......"

Han Jue muttered, pinch projections.

He considered there was a golden light to connect Heaven and Earth Immortal World in the West, this road golden light from an island volcano shot into the sky, overwhelming, from a distance, like a Divine Vestige.

golden light at the bottom there is one silhouette squatting among the lava, and watch his silhouette, should be a teenager.

a turn Immortal Emperor!

Han Jue squinting.

newborn is the Immortal Emperor cultivation base?


Han Jue found that he was not thoroughly considered the golden light teenager origin.

He had to use the function to calculate the evolution.

[need to deduct five billion-year life-span, whether to continue]


five billion years?

It also awesome than the Heavenly Dao Sage!

Han Jue to the interest, choose to continue.

[days: a turn Immortal Emperor, Heavenly Dao's son, Chaos Demon God, Heavenly Dao Imperial big Destined Person, burdened with unified Immortal World destiny task]

Heavenly Dao's son !

Chaos Demon God!

so powerful?

Han Jue to the interest.

He noted that there are many cultivator being moved towards the island where the day flew, even the doppelganger Great Emperor Xiao Chen Great Emperor.

Han Jue thought, sound Li Daokong transmission is a way back.

He let go Li Daokong exploration days, if more experienced, to see Li Daokong mood.

As for Korea secluded, quiet Luo continue with one thousand return.

Han Jue thought, and sound transmission to the Three Purities Saint Ancestor, let go days ago Three Purities Saint Ancestor.

About Three Purities Saint Ancestor allegiance to Han Jue, he had not reported the matter to Li Daokong, two individual actions, their luck elsewhere.

Li Muyi so far been no unusual Three Purities Saint Ancestor, and came back he did not even go through the Three Purities Saint Ancestor.

According to Three Purities Saint Ancestor saying, Li Muyi completely take him as a magical treasure use, usually will not ask him.

Han Jue now is good and bad Sage, one of the Great Influence of the Lord, I can not do everything myself.

After that, Han Jue closed his eyes and continued the cultivation.

Heavenly Dao's son, and how?

If my enemy, still destroy it!


boundless expanse of water, a seat on the sea dotted with islands.

a cultivator coming from all directions, all with a flying island.

It was the birth of the Son of Heavenly Dao island, mysterious golden light already dissipated.

on the island, volcanic crater.

a naked boy climb out, he bit thin, white hair, eye pupil like a snake, like a knife with a pair of horns on his forehead.

juvenile confused looked towards all around.

"born both Immortal Emperor, good good."

a gentle laughter came, teenager turned and looked, I saw the edge of a cliff Chen Great Emperor standing, smiling, looking him.

teenager vigilance, although not speak, but the face of the unknown, his instinct conflict.

In this case, a almighty cultivator falls mountains above.

"This is what race?"

"a no, I can see his golden light at Fifth Layer days, its aptitude definitely not simple."

"Quasi-Saint came, it seems this child can not Wudeng received."

"who do not have a big background? Senior Brother of my father's uncles or family day Immortal god, I say it? "

" look at, this child seems to be wrong. "

public cultivator discuss spiritedly.

is such a crowd, white-haired teenager was very nervous, eyes four raids, it seems to be looking to escape the void.

In this case, a sky shed blossoming Golden Lotus, spectacular aesthetic.

"this child and I never meant to, gentlemen, to disperse it."

Three Purities Saint Ancestor voice sounded, grand and magnificent, shocking the world.

Everyone turned around and looked and saw Three Purities Saint Ancestor along the clouds go down, as if an invisible foot of the ladder.

see Three Purities Saint Ancestor, many cultivator moved.

Three Purities Saint Ancestor although I do not know who he is, but the body tyrannical and profound mystery of imposing manner sufficiently alarming.

"this child Buddhism affinity with me, hope of you give a face!"

a domineering voice, looked down the sound, a ten thousand zhang Golden Buddha crossing and come, unstoppable.

"divine might Buddha Ancestor!"

Some people cry out in surprise, voice full of awe.

Buddhism in the first, experienced a peak almighty measuring tribulation, and when the world lives Ninety percent said it had heard Old Ancestor!

divine might Buddha Ancestor and Three Purities Saint Ancestor coming confrontation!

between Heaven and Earth's atmosphere became deadlocked.


Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

Buddhism dao field.

Qiu Xilai gloomy face, I do not know what to think.

In front of him a suspended light, Heavenly Dao is the Spirit.

"You say you want my support, but now it has come to the Heavenly Dao son, what do you mean?" Qiu Xilai solemnly asked.

see the day coming out, he was almost mad.

even though Sage, temperament can not afford.

Heavenly Dao Spirit said: "I had no alternative but to leave when leaving this Chaos Demon God but Dao Ancestor, Heavenly Demon of the robbery led to Heavenly Dao air transport recession, this Chaos Demon God wake up, I had to turn it into a son of Heavenly Dao, so as to control. "

Qiu Xilai frown, still unhappy.

Heavenly Dao hide him so many things, he suddenly felt that Heavenly Dao pieces.

Now out of a child Heavenly Dao, the next it?

When will he charge Heavenly Dao, Dao Ancestor become the same person?

Heavenly Dao spirit: "The latest Hidden Sect gas transport rose rapidly, Group days days all focused on gas transport head ancestors, and the days and Han Jue ancestors have cause and effect, presumably already Join Hidden Sect, you have to be careful "

Qiu Xilai calmly said:". I know of, but Han Jue too, with the battle, can not come out with "

. Heavenly Dao spirit disappears.

Qiu Xilai right hand wave, a light curtain rose before him.

Among the screens Three Purities Saint Ancestor is almighty battle with dozens, among which is included Li Daokong, divine might Buddha Ancestor.

Even alone, Three Purities Saint Ancestor still prevail, extremely powerful.

Qiu Xilai see a formation eye heat.

If he had Three Purities Saint Ancestor, which Immortal World would not he have the final say?


years later.

Han Jue eyes open, pinch projections.

His expression became strange.

Heavenly Dao's son who told no one, but dominate the party island alone, self-reliance is king.

Li Daokong even wrap Three Purities Saint Ancestor, has been chasing Three Purities Saint Ancestor fight.

Three Purities Saint Ancestor know he's Hidden Sect person, has been turn on the water, there are Han Jue's command, he tells the truth not only accompany Li Daokong fight.

Han Jue silent.

He knew Li Daokong axis, did not expect such a shaft.

He had to sound transmission to Li Daokong, let it give up.

"Nothing, Sect Master, I have to beat him!"

Li Daokong in the heart replied, rolling his eyes angry Han Jue.

That's it.

let this tussle, anyway, he had beaten impossible Three Purities Saint Ancestor.

Li Daokong although strong, are not exceeded even Shi Dudao.

Han Jue was about to turn a blind eye to continue cultivation.

Dao Supreme came to visit Han Jue.

Hidden Sect Today, the removal Han Jue, Li Daokong, guards, Dao Supreme strongest dísciple, cultivation base already reached Great Principle Golden Immortal environment intermediate stage, late stage close distance.

"Master, Primal Chaos Domain rookie again, you do not look?" Dao asked the Supreme into view.

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