Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 560

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"I dare not have extravagant hopes, but I listen to Sage's arrangement."

Huang Zuntian said solemnly, his head lowered.

Heaven's Severing Cult Master stared at Huang Zuntian without speaking.

The great hall fell silent.

Long time.

Heaven's Severing Cult Master faintly said: "Huang Zuntian, do you want to be holy?"

Huang Zuntian's eyelids jumped wildly and said: "Naturally think, but I want to protect the Section even more. Cult, without Section Cult, there would be no my today."

Heaven's Severing Cult Master said: "All parties will compete for the seat of the new sect. Only you are the most qualified in Section Cult. I will To pave the way for you, all you have to do is to grow Section Cult and increase Section Cult luck."

Huang Zuntian frowned and asked: "Where is Jing Tiangong?"

Heaven's Severing Cult Master He hummed: "He has long since rebelled, and his heart follows the Darkness Forbidden Lord, otherwise why did he pass on to you?"

Huang Zuntian was silent.

"This is the case. In ten thousand years, I want Section Cult dísciple to exceed 100 million, and Divine Realm to exceed 500!" Heaven's Severing Cult Master hummed.

Huang Zuntian cursed secretly, it's really a lion's mouth open.

Divine Realm is not so good to cultivate!

But facing Sage, Huang Zuntian dare not say a word.

After leaving the Sage dao field, Huang Zuntian flew down to Thirty Three Layer Heaven, he couldn't help thinking of Hidden Sect.


When will the master summon me back?

Hidden Sect is already so strong, why do I have to dormant?

Could he have greater ambitions?

Huang Zuntian didn't dare to think about it any more, I'm afraid Sage will notice if he thinks about it any more.

Forget about it first!


The years are long.

More than eight hundred years have passed.

[It has been detected that you are already fifty thousand years old, and you have taken another step forward in your life. You have the following options]

[1, immediately exit the level, dominate Heavenly Dao, and get a divine ability inheritance, a piece of Great Dao fragment, a piece of supreme treasure]

[2, low-key cultivation, pursuit of surpassing Heavenly Dao, can get a piece of Great Dao fragment, a quasi-Saint Level dao field guard]

Han Jue opened his eyes and smiled.


Han Jue chooses the second option directly.

[You choose a low-key cultivation, pursue surpassing Heavenly Dao, and obtain a piece of Great Dao fragment and a quasi-Saint Level dao field guard]

Han Jue’s Great Dao fragment is finally full, Up to nine yuan.

The quasi-Saint Level dao field guard is also very good.

This time, Han Jue intends to copy Three Purities Saint Ancestor.

Three Purities Saint Ancestor already took refuge in him, plus Simulated Trial has his data, so there is no problem in choosing him.

[Start copying the dao field guard]

Han Jue took out nine Great Dao fragments and merged them.

Han Jue has already planned for the new Great Dao insight.

He wants to create the Great Dao divine ability that can completely integrate the Dharma Body with ease.

After the nine Great Dao fragments were fused, a bright light burst out, flooding Han Jue's figure, and he followed into Great Dao's perception.


Immortal World, an island.

A gray-haired young man sits on the top of the mountain, facing the east sun, surrounded by the strong wind visible from naked eye.

It is the sky.

a ray of magnificent light fell from the sky and landed in front of the sky.

Tian opened one eye and saw an old Taoist man appearing with a childlike face.

The old Taoist said with a smile: "God, if you want cultivation, you have to ask, why not worship my Master?"

Tian replied: "I already have a full name, named Yitian, as for apprenticeship, I don’t need it."


The old Taoist pondered for a while, but didn't understand the meaning of the name.

"If you don't apprehend a teacher, you can only use instinct cultivation, when can you get out of the boundless ocean?"

"Who said I rely on instinct cultivation?"

Yitian face revealed the color of disdain.

Rather than waiting for the old Daoist to continue to inquire, Yitian said impatiently: "Quickly leave, if you come again, don't blame me you are welcome!"

Old Daoist Priest frowned, "Why are you so stubborn as a baby?"

Yi Tian stood up, his face quickly became ugly, his white hair was elongated, turned into thousands of poisonous snakes, and his thin body began to appear. Bulging muscles, the imposing manner suddenly changed, the fiendish aura soaring caused the sky to change, and the thunder cloud suddenly gathered.

Old Daoist Priest moved and disappeared immediately.

Yitian's face eased, and then changed back to its original appearance, looking harmless to humans and animals.

This already is not the first great cultivator who was driven away by him.

He is so annoying, why is there always someone to accept him as a disciple?

He is born with cultivation methods and divine ability, so he doesn't need to be a teacher!

Since his birth, thousands of years have passed. His cultivation base has already reached the Immortal Emperor of Rank Nine, and hundreds of islands in the radius have acknowledged allegiance to him.

He enjoys this kind of life very much, and does not want to leave this ocean.

At this time, a three-headed giant eagle flew up and landed in front of him, and respectfully said: "My lord, there is a man in the north, floating on the sea. He has a strong aura and is unconscious, our men Biting him, I can't bite at all."

hearing this, Yitian came to be interested, immediately jumped and flew over to check.

In addition to several tens of thousands of li, there are countless birds circling in the ocean, and there are still many unshape-transformed marine creatures jumping out of the sea.

In the middle of them there is a man covered in blood floating.

It is Han Tuo impressively.

Han Tuo was seriously injured, and dense bones can be seen in the joints.

Yitian rushed in quickly, scaring the surrounding creatures to avoid it.

His eyes fell on Han Tuo, browsing slightly wrinkle.

For some reason, Han Tuo's breath made him inexplicably close.

He has a sense of surprise when he meets the same kind.

He raised hand and beckoned, Han Tuo got out of the sea and landed on his hand.

He hugged Han Tuo and turned away, disappearing into the sky in the blink of an eye.


Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, inside the Taoist Temple.

Han Jue opened his eyes abruptly, his eyes were full of excitement, and the imposing manner was pressing.

"This divine ability is called Primordial Chaos God Wrath, it combines the power of many Demon God, Full Mastery, the formation of the strong divine ability, one blow to destroy the enemy!"

Han Jue muttered to himself, and a line of words appeared in front of him:

[Congratulations on your creation of the Great Dao divine ability-Primordial Chaos God's Fury]

Han Jue called up the Attribute List to view , Even already the past 49 years.

Seven seven 49, mysteriously and inexorably, seven has its own definite number.

Han Jue starts the Simulated Trial, try Primordial Chaos.

Play Li Muyi, instakill!

Play Qiu Xilai, instakill!

Play Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, instakill!

Play Ming Ji Sage, instakill!

Unable to fight Heavenly Lord, there is no instakill, but Han Jue is no longer passive, but has the upper hand.

Han Jue challenges Xitian Old Ancestor.

Primordial Chaos scraped Gua Sha on Xitian Old Ancestor without causing any damage.

In the Simulated Trial, Han Jue became more proficient in the use of Primordial Chaos God's Wrath.

In the realm of Sage, no one can see Primordial Chaos God Wrath!

Even though it is Heavenly Dao Sage, Primordial Chaos God Fury can cut Heavenly Dao's luck with one blow and send him to death!

Han Jue is very satisfied.

During this period of time, Dao Field Guard has already copied successfully, and stayed in the corner of Taoist Temple, waiting for Han Jue's instructions.

"From now on, your name is Cao Cao, go outside for cultivation."

Han Jue opened the mouth and said.

Cao Cao immediately saluted and left respectfully.

Han Jue's three-nation army once again expanded by one General.

He was in a good mood, so he called up the email to check.

Soon, his brows wrinkled, just because of an email:

[Your son Han Tuo was attacked by the Dark Lord and was seriously injured]

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