Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 561

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How did the Dark Lord attack Han Tuo?

Han Tuo pinched and calculated, but couldn't figure it out. Maybe the Dark Lord did not enter Heavenly Dao.

He had to use the evolution function.

[10 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


Han Jue followed into the illusion of evolution.

Opening his eyes again, Han Jue sees Han Tuo.

This is a piece of Dusky World, the sky is intertwined with weird thunder and lightning, the land is desolate, and the swamps of different sizes exude a stench. Looking up, there are bones everywhere.

Han Tuo walked very carefully, vigilant.

A cloud of black air suddenly appeared in front of him, which expanded rapidly and surged violently, and a pair of eyes appeared in the black air.

These eyes are evil and cold, looking down at Han Tuo.

The Dark Lord!

"Human Race ants, do you dare to come here?"

Han Tuo is a little nervous, but he doesn't lose one's head out of fear, just listen to him opened the mouth and said: "It is heard that the secret realm can resurrect the dead, it only needs to pay a certain price."

Han Jue was surprised.

The Dark Lord has a stronghold in Immortal World?

He has been paying attention to Han Tuo, this kid has not left Immortal World.

Departure secret realm......

What a gimmick!

The Dark Lord’s Way: "The cost of death is not small, the closer the person is, the greater the cost, and the cause and effect are irreversible."

Han Tuo took a deep breath, said : "I want to resurrect my wife!"

Han Jue cursed secretly.

smelly brat!

Why not resurrect your parents?

Sure enough, she was abducted by a woman when she grew up.

The Dark Lord was silent for a moment, and said: "You need to dedicate half of your life-span to resurrect your wife, are you willing?"

Han Tuo asked: "Then if it is to be resurrected again What about my parents?"

"You also need to pay half of your life-span."

"In other words, I can only choose one or the other? Can't have both?"

"Departing life is a matter of great rebellion, how can it go as you wish?"

Han Tuo fell silent.

He took a deep breath and said: "In that case, no matter who you choose, my heart will be guilty. I will come back when I am stronger. One day, I will go as I wish!"

Han Tuo bends down to salute the Dark Lord, then turns and leaves.

"When you go back to the secret realm, why don't you come and leave if you want?"

"Since you are here, leave your luck!"

The Dark Lord turned into a majestic black mist and directly submerged Han Tuo. The speed was so fast that Han Tuo had no time to react.

Immediately afterwards, a Space-Time Crack appeared beside the black fog, and Han Tuo, covered in blood, was spit out and thrown into the Space-Time Crack.

This is the end of the illusion of evolution.

Han Jue opened his eyes, lost in thought.

He observed Immortal World and found the location of the secret realm. In the peripheral zone of Immortal World, he was hidden in a separate hourly sky. Barren mountains near the entrance were unremarkable.

Han Jue thought for a while, cast a dark nightmare, and entrusted the dream to Qiu Xilai.

In the dream, Qiu Xilai was a little surprised, and the dream came too suddenly.

Han Jue directly talked about the origin of the Dark Lord, and talked about the secret realm of his death.

The terrifying existence of Qiu Xilai's movement, which can make Li Muyi stumble, is definitely not the enemy of Heavenly Dao Sage.

"Departing secret realm, there are already three measuring tribulations appearing in this secret realm. The Dark Lord seems to have been eyeing Heavenly Dao a long time ago." Qiu Xilai frowned and muttered to himself.

Han Jue said: "This matter is left to you. I have to continue the cultivation to prevent the Dark Lord from coming."

Qiu Xilai nodded, there is no comment.

Han Jue's greatest effect on all saints is his strength.

Han Jue is willing to seclusion all the time, which is also a good thing. As for other Sages, they already don’t need cultivation. The cultivation base is difficult to grow. If you want to become stronger, you have to start with Heavenly Dao's luck.

The stronger Heavenly Dao, the stronger Heavenly Dao Sage!

After the dream is over, Han Jue will look towards Han Tuo.

Han Tuo and Yitian, the son of Heavenly Dao, have a very good relationship. They are talking and laughing on an island.

Han Jue slightly frowned.

The breath of Han Tuo is somewhat similar to that of Yitian, plus Yitian's identity, presumably all saints will be aware of Han Tuo.

That's it.

It's normal if you can't hide it, after all, Han Tuo is also getting stronger.

Although Han Tuo has not completely become Primordial Chaos Demon God, it is also different from all beings. When Han Jue transformed into Primordial Chaos Demon God, he also entered the Primal Chaos Domain, perhaps Chaos and Primordial Chaos, There is a close relationship in itself.

"tsk tsk, the son of Heavenly Dao really thinks, how many years he was born? Almost Divine Realm!"

Han Jue muttered to himself, he found the dead heaven full of body It's a treasure. He obviously has no apprenticeship, but he has a powerful divine ability, at least the Saint Realm divine ability.

Hey, Heavenly Dao!

If you don’t see the rules, just hang up your son!

Han Jue raised his right hand and cast the spell again.

He wants to loosen Han Tuo's bloodline seal again, half of this time is released directly, and I don't know whether he can compete with the son of Heavenly Dao.

The other side.

On a vast island, Han Tuo and Yitian are fighting fiercely.

The two did not display the magecraft divine ability, they were fighting fleshy bodies.

Han Tuo relied on fleshly body strength before the rise of Han Tuo. The widow is Chaos Demon God, whose fleshy body aptitude is even stronger than the Witch Ancestor of the year.


Han Tuo was hit by Yitian again with a punch and fell on the hillside with dust flying up.

Yitian was suspended in the air, with his hands on his hips, and laughed triumphantly: "Han Tuo, you can’t do it, you’ll fall down before I’m really serious! I want to be my big brother, you give me It’s almost the same as my younger brother!"

Han Tuo climbed up hard and spits out mouthful of blood.

At this moment, he suddenly felt something burrow into his body, and then he felt relieved and relieved.

This feeling...

Han Tuo gets excited, he knows this feeling too!

In the past years, he has encountered many times, and every time he feels this way, his cultivation base will leap forward.

He thinks that this is a breakthrough of the bloodline limit!

Human is the spirit of all things, every mortal has unlimited potential, but can't find a way to break through!

Han Tuo thinks so. His ability to constantly break through the shackles must be related to his perseverance.

Han Tuo meditates on the spot.

Heavenly Fox looked towards him suspiciously.

"He seems to be getting stronger...Sure enough, he is the same as me..."

Heavenly Eye flickers, and his heart is full of excitement.

Before he met Han Tuo, he was extremely lonely. Even though he had countless subordinates, he was lonely inside, and he felt a sense of desolation that Heaven and Earth had nowhere to return.


The years are long.

Five hundred years have passed.

In the past five hundred years, Immortal World has changed a lot. The Celestial Clan supported by Hidden Sect began to fight everywhere. In addition to the various clans of Immortal World, they also wanted to govern the mortal world, just like the Heavenly Court in the past. getting bigger.

It’s Heavenly Court. Nothing happened. People who didn’t know thought Heavenly Court had already dissolved.

There have been many powerhouses in Immortal World, name shakes the whole world, Yitian is one of them, and he claims to be Qitian Great Sage.

This name comes from the story Han Tuo told him. This story of Han Tuo was heard from father when he was a child.

Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

Han Jue just finished his sermon, his gaze looked towards Serene Race.

Han You and Yi Qian You Luo came back long ago, but Li Daokong is still pestering Three Purities Saint Ancestor outside, just like a fly.

Nowadays, the cultivation base of 10,000 Serene Races is mostly concentrated in the Three Profound Gods. It is estimated that there will be tens of thousands of years, or even longer, for all cultivation to the realm of Great Principle.

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