Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 562

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For Serene Race, Han Jue originally wanted to stay in the dao field and occasionally send out tasks to execute.

But as time went on, he found that the situation was a little uncomfortable.

Negative cultivation attitudes began to appear inside Serene Race.

There is no deadly enemy, no goal, and the boring cultivation has caused many Youluo and dísciples to slack off, and even have no desire to improve.

This is also the case in direct disciple, Hei Yuji, Chaos Heavenly Dog, Zhou Mingyue and so on.

There are very few dísciples that are not slacking off. In the entire Hidden Sect, except for Han Jue, only Li Yao has been seclusion cultivation. Others occasionally stop cultivation and relax.

Han Jue got up and left, thinking along the way.

Are you right?

Not everyone is eager to pursue cultivation.

In terms of vision, other dísciples are inferior to Han Jue. From their point of view, Hidden Sect is already invincible, and there is Han Jue on the head, so cultivation is not that important.

Besides, if you don’t like cultivation, who can keep practicing?

Just like reading in a previous life, everyone knows that reading is good and can change their destiny, but how many people really persist in reading?

Han Jue is still thinking about this issue after returning to Taoist temple.

Ten years later, all dísciples have awakened from the state of enlightenment.

Han Jue’s voice suddenly resounded throughout the Hidden Sect:

"Immortal World chasing the holy throne, I naturally have to pursue Hidden Sect. Heavenly Dao has nine Heavenly Dao Sage seats. But I have more than nine Hidden Sects. If you are ambitious and cultivate well, as long as you reach Quasi-Saint perfection, I can help you become holy. How many sages Hidden Sect has depends on your efforts!"

As soon as this statement came out, the entire Hidden Sect was in an uproar.


Millions of dísciples are all excited.

If other Sages said this, they might snort disdainfully, but from Han Jue, they all believed it.

For a while, Hidden Sect was all about discussing this matter, and many dísciples started to seclusion directly.

Han Jue secretly sighed in relief.

This wave of chicken blood is only temporary. After a period of time, the passion will definitely decline.

But that is also the future.


Spring goes to autumn.

A thousand years are fleeting.

Perhaps because there was nothing wrong, Han Jue felt that it was faster than ever in this thousand years, as if he had had a vague dream.

Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, there are no winds and waves, and there are no contradictions.

Although Immortal World is constantly fighting, it has not spread to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain. Most of the Hidden Sect dísciple can feel the peacefulness of the years.

Why are most of them?

Just because there are still many dísciples who want to leave, they feel that they are already strong enough, or they can’t take a step forward, so they don’t want to cultivation.

This day.

Han Jue summoned Han Duotian and asked him to screen the honorary disciple whose cultivation base could not grow, and send it to the Celestial Clan.

Han Jue originally wanted to support Heavenly Court, but felt unnecessary.

Heavenly Emperor already created a new Heavenly Court. What is the use of the old Heavenly Court?

If Heavenly Court and Heavenly Clan are supported, and the two forces fought again, wouldn’t it be the Three Purities civil strife?

A few days later, five thousand honorary disciple left, one third is Immortal Emperor, and the rest is supreme unity Golden Immortal.

Han Jue entrusted the dream to Fang Liang and Immortal God Ji, pulling the two into the dream at the same time.

The dream is in the small woods near Jade Purity Holy Sect. When they saw Han Jue, they immediately bowed down and saluted.

Han Jue opened the mouth and said: "from now on, the deputy chief of the Celestial Clan is Fang Liang. You two support each other, dominate the Celestial Clan, and compete for Heavenly Dao luck."

hearing this, Fang Liang was stunned. He had already guessed that Hidden Sect was supporting Immortal God Ji, but Immortal God Ji didn't explain it, and he couldn't be sure.

Now hearing what Han Jue said, his heart is still very complicated.

Why don't you support me Heavenly Court?

After this idea came out, I couldn't wave it away.

Immortal God Ji said with a smile: "Of course, the burden on my body can finally be lightened."

Han Jue calmly said: "Fang Liang, don't be Heavenly Court Fettered, the former Heavenly Emperor was still alive, and a new Heavenly Court was established. Be careful of being harmed. The new era requires a new face. The patriarch of the Heavenly Clan is not the end of your class. I have higher expectations of you. This is just your experience. Don’t let me down."

hearing this, Immortal God Ji and Fang Liang were stunned.

Higher expectations?

Could it be Sage?

Their heartbeat is quickening, and they all already know that Han Jue is Sage, and it is unusual Heavenly Dao Sage.

Han Jue has the method of own proving Dao!

Immortal God Ji has fiery eyes and asks: "But Sage?"

Han Jue said: "Heavenly Dao is not everything in my eyes, I hope you can keep up with me , Do you ever know where the previous generation of Sage went?"

The two shook their heads, their faces curious.

Han Jue directly waved his sleeves to relieve the dream.

The rest is left to the two to mediate.

Han Jue continued his cultivation. He is only now in the Great Principle Golden Immortal Intermediate stage, which is far away from Free Sage, let alone Great Dao Sage.

There is a long way to go!

First set a goal and reach the realm of Great Dao Sage before the next measuring tribulation arrives!


Three hundred years later.

"I, Qiu Xilai, at Thirty Three Layer Heaven sermon after a thousand years, this time sermon will select Sage candidates, who will succeed me in the future!"

Qiu Xilai’s The sound resounded through All Heavens and Myriad Realms, which caused an uproar among all beings.

Holy place!

This time is different from the past, Qiu Xilai clearly gave way!

Han Jue who is cultivation opened his eyes with a strange expression.

Qiu Xilai wants to abdicate?

He is only at Heavenly Dao Sage late stage, but he is not perfect, how can he abdicate?

Han Jue feels that this guy is going to be cheating again.

He suddenly had a bold idea.

"I want to know what Heavenly Dao Sage is when the next measuring tribulation is started."

[10 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, whether to continue]

Go on!

Han Jue has nine forms in his mind.

Qiu Xilai, Li Muyi, Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, Li Daokong, Yitian, Huang Zuntian, Fuxitian, Dasantian, Jinshen, and two unknown Sages.

Han Jue’s message appeared in front of him:

[Da San Tian: Heavenly Dao Sage, Immeasurable Great Emperor]

[Jin Shen: Heavenly Dao Sage , The lord of the ancient measuring tribulation】

Han Jue has a strange expression.

Heaven's Severing Cult Master and the Great Emperor are gone, and I don't know if it is detachment or fall, Li Muyi has returned to the seat of Heavenly Dao Sage.

Li Daokong's sanctification is not surprising. Although the sacred heaven is quickly sanctified, it is normal because he is the son of Heavenly Dao.

Huang Zuntian ……

Han Jue can only say two words.

fucking awesome!

Han Jue has been stocking Huang Zuntian all the time. Huang Zuntian is able to survive today and is entirely dependent on the hard work of his own.

"Landscape became a saint, how did Han Tuo fall?"

Han Jue thought silently and continued to evolve: "I want to know that Han Tuo will start in the next measuring tribulation What is the cultivation base?"

[Involving its own cause and effect and unknown cause and effect, must not evolve]

Han Jue frowned.

What is the unknown cause and effect?

It seems that I will pay more attention to Han Tuo in the future.

Han Jue immediately looked around. He unexpectedly discovered that Han Tuo and Yitian had left overseas and came to Immortal World Central Region, where they were in a Mysterious Land cultivation full of ancient restrictions.

Here are the stumps of the last measuring tribulation almighty, which were all thrown down by the Great Emperor. I don't know who piled them up here.

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