Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 563

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Han Jue carefully observed that Han Tuo and Yitian were meditating in front of a stone tablet. There was a trace of Dao Rhyme hidden in the stone tablet.

The rhyme of Great Dao!

The way of cause and effect!

Could it be that Xitian Old Ancestor stayed?

The state of Han Tuo and Yitian is clearly comprehending divine ability.

Han Jue retracted his gaze and asked silently: "Why does Xitian Old Ancestor leave this divine ability?"

[It needs to deduct 160 billion years of life-span, whether to continue ]


Han Jue followed into the illusion of evolution.

If you don’t clarify these things, Han Jue has trouble sleeping and eating, mainly because of those sages, which makes Han Jue feel that the almighty generation has their own ambitions and ambitions.

Han Jue opened his eyes and found himself at the Supreme Ultimate Palace.

Xitian Old Ancestor meditates on the futon, breathless, like a phantom.

A voice sounded: "I am about to leave, this Heavenly Dao will be left to your care."

Hearing this, Old Ancestor opened his eyes, frowned: "Why? It has nothing to do with Heavenly Dao."

"The only one I can trust is you."

The words of mysterious voice silenced Xitian Old Ancestor.

Xitian Old Ancestor said: "I don't want to interfere with Heavenly Dao."

"You can leave some opportunities for the future Heavenly Dao to emerge a new powerhouse, so Multiple measuring tribulations. In the past, the holy place was almost monopolized. Sage was passed down from generation to generation. Many aptitude's superior Heaven's Chosen were killed. This is not a good thing for the development of Heavenly Dao."

"Alright. ."

The illusion of evolution is shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and secretly sighed in relief.

The person communicating with Xitian Old Ancestor should be the mysterious Dao Ancestor. Since it is a good intention, then Han Jue don't have to worry.

Han Jue looked at his son for a while, then continued cultivation.

Heavenly Dao is developing very smoothly. As long as there is no such thing as Heavenly Demon, Han Jue does not need to take action. As for Sage, he dare not target Han Jue on the surface.


In a cave mansion.

Three Purities Saint Ancestor is communicating with Li Muyi.

Li Muyi frowned and said: "Li Daokong should not have ordered you to be Han Jue. This kid has a temperament problem, so ignore him."

Three Purities Saint Ancestor nodded, mentioned Li Daokong, he was very upset.

He is not looking at Li Muyi's face, but Han Jue's face.

Li Muyi hummed: "If I hadn't protected him before, this kid would have fallen a long time ago. Most recently, you can stay here at ease unless you have my order."

" en. ”

Three Purities Saint Ancestor nodded.

Li Muyi stared at Three Purities Saint Ancestor, feeling quite uncomfortable.

For some reason, since he returned after leaving for a while, he felt that Three Purities Saint Ancestor was a little out of control.

However, Three Purities Saint Ancestor is only obedient to him, not under his complete control, nor can he see through Three Purities Saint Ancestor.

If Three Purities Saint Ancestor betrayed him, he could do nothing, because he could not enter the Immortal World, and the Three Purities Saint Ancestor could not leave the range of Heavenly Dao.

In the end, Li Muyi didn't say anything, and the phase disappeared.

Three Purities Saint Ancestor closed his eyes, cave mansion fell into silence.


There are dense clouds, one after another ghost shadow undulating in the sea of ​​clouds, horrified, and desolate land below.

Han Tuo dressed in black cloth sits side by side with Yitian in animal skin robes.

In front of the two of them stood a three zhang high weird stone tablet. On the tablet, there was one by one weird text, which was vivid and flowing like blood.

Yitian opened his eyes and said proudly: "I already learned, how about you?"

Han Tuo glanced at him and said: "Not as good as you."

Where did this guy come from? This is aptitude too terrifying!

However, Han Tuo is not far from learning divine ability.

Yitian stood up and said: "You continue to cultivation, I will go and look around, there is a powerful force hidden around here, I am very interested."

After that, he took a step forward.

Han Tuo frowned: "Be careful, this is the forbidden area."

"It's okay, don't worry!"

Yi Tian raised his hand, very It will soon disappear at the end of the horizon.

Han Tuo closed his eyes and continued to feel divine ability.

A few months later.

Han Tuo has successfully mastered this divine ability and his expression is excited.

"Good overbearing divine ability, my strength is stronger. Although the cultivation base does not reach Divine Realm, it shouldn't be difficult to deal with a powerful enemy who is new to Divine Realm."

Han Tuo thought confidently, he suddenly noticed something was wrong.

Why hasn't Yitian returned yet?

Han Tuo stood up, ready to go to find the dead heaven.

At this moment, a huge crack appeared in the sky suddenly, bursts of golden light emerged from it, illuminating Heaven and Earth.

a A silhouette wearing a silver armor rushed in, headed by the Heavenly Divine General.

Heavenly Divine General glanced at Heaven and Earth, opened the mouth and said: "All Immortal God orders, distributed according to plan, find where the Great Dao divine ability is!"

Immortal God immediately dispersed.

Han Tuo looked from a distance and was shocked by the spirit of Heavenly Divine General.

really strong!

"The Celestial Clan?"

Han Tuo immediately cast his escape technique to leave.

Heavenly Divine General glanced in the direction where Han Tuo was leaving, and his eyes fell on the stone tablet.


What is that?

Heavenly Divine General flew over immediately.

In the next period of time, Han Tuo did not leave the forbidden area, but searched for the forbidden area. He found that more and more forces entered the forbidden area, and even war broke out.

After eight years of searching, Han Tuo finally found the dead heaven in a crypt.

It's just that the remains of the sky have been petrified, and there are many stone statues around, with different postures, and they all seem to be sealed without precautions.

Han Tuo was shocked and looked towards the surroundings cautiously.

The cavern is dark and filled with weird mist, just like Primal Chaos Abyss.

Han Tuo suddenly heard a faintly discernable gasp.

He is even more nervous.

The divine sense covers the surroundings, and he didn't notice anything wrong.

What's the matter?

Han Tuo immediately picked up the stone statue of Yitian and prepared to escape from here.

At this time, a horrible murderous intention enveloped Han Tuo, shocking him to stop.

"The very powerful fleshy body has blood, Heavenly Dao's luck is still very weak, boy, you are very suitable to be the body of my body possession."

A cold voice sounded. , Ghost Fire suddenly ignited on Han Tuo's body, shocked his body suddenly, dispelling Ghost Fire.

Han Tuo raised his arms, and one after another the blood pattern similar to the previous stone tablet climbed onto his body.

"Just so, let you test my new divine ability!"

Han Tuo shouted in a deep voice, his eyes were a little excited.


Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, inside the Taoist Temple.

The last evolution, already in the past forty years.

Han Jue suddenly sensed something, opened his eyes and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Huh? Who dares to take body possession of my son? You can touch my bloodline?"

Han Jue muttered to himself with a strange expression.

Courting death!

He calculated silently and found that the origin of the existence of Han Tuo who wanted to body possession Han Tuo was weird and extremely complicated.

It seems to be a condensed existence of countless souls in the last measuring tribulation!

Somewhat similar to the feeling of second-class strange spirit.

It's a pity to kill this guy directly. It's better to let him be a slave for Han Tuo, which can also be regarded as enhancing Han Tuo's survivability.

Han Jue casts the spell immediately.


In the cave.

Han Tuo was petrified like the surrounding stone statues, unable to move even a little bit, continuously black energy penetrated into his body.

Unprecedented pain makes Han Tuo desperate.

He can clearly feel that his control of the fleshy body is being alienated, and his soul is in severe pain.

The mysterious being is still laughing wildly, as if about to get the body of Han Tuo.

Just then!

"Ahhhh ——"

Mysterious screams of sudden horror.

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