Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 564

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"What's going on! Who are you?"

"Why is this!"


Mysterious existed in Han Tuo's mind with a roar of exhaustion and fear.

Han Tuo's pain began to recede quickly, and he couldn't help but wonder.

What's the matter?

He thought he was dead, why did the other party suddenly suffer backlash?

Could it be that evil does not suppress righteousness?

Han Tuo restless waiting.

The screams of mysterious existence became more and more miserable, and Han Tuo's body surface returned to normal at the speed that naked eye could see, and the stone layer faded away.

When Han Tuo is fully restored to normal, the mysterious existence is no longer screaming. He feels that there is one more thing in the depth of one's soul, which he can easily control, like the command of an arm.

He took the thing out, and then, a cloud of black air emerged from his eyes, fell on the ground, and quickly condensed into one silhouette.

This person has an ugly face, his facial features seem to be pieced together, and his body is enveloped in darkness, making it difficult to see his true face.

Han Tuo is not nervous, because he can completely control the silhouette in front of him, this feeling is extremely real, he can determine the life and death of the other party with a single thought.

"Who are you?" Han Tuo asked.

The other party said with trepidation: "I still want to ask who you are!"

Han Tuo didn't answer, staring at him coldly.

silhouette trembled with fright, and quickly said: "You can call me wronged, I am just a collection of countless souls."

"Wrong souls? Where did the wrong souls come from?"

"Wuliang great tribulation......"

Han Tuo eyes shined and asked: "It is said that measuring tribulation just ended tens of thousands of years ago. What is measuring tribulation and what kind of scene is it? "

Cautiously said: "Great tribulation is the most terrifying catastrophe of Heaven and Earth. The last great tribulation overwhelming majority died, causing Heavenly Dao to restart. At that time, Peak almighty almost shuffled. Have you ever seen the mountains and seas where flesh and blood are piled up everywhere? That is the immeasurable great tribulation!"

Han Tuo was fascinated by it.

Is that so scary?

Han Tuo asked: "Is Li Daokong the last almighty of the last immeasurable great tribulation?"

The injustice said: "I have indeed heard of it in the memory I have left. Li Daokong, Li Daokong is the Human Cult Eldest Disciple, supporting Heavenly Court. However, Heavenly Court failed miserably, and Li Daokong did not know if he survived."

Han Tuo couldn't help but sigh.


But he has been expelled by Human Cult.

For Li Daokong, Han Tuo has always been in awe, after all, this is the strongest expert he has encountered, and he has also saved him.

However, Li Daokong doesn't catch a cold to him, he can't even go to a teacher.

Han Tuo asked curiously: "Who is the winner of the last infinite great tribulation? I heard that every measuring tribulation will have a winner, and it soars with luck."

Recall the injustice of the robbery and recall the memory of own.

"It should be the Darkness Forbidden Lord. Many memories in my mind have mentioned the Darkness Forbidden Lord. It is said that the immeasurable great tribulation is caused by the Darkness Forbidden Lord. Until the end of the measuring tribulation, no one knows the Darkness Forbidden Lord. His true identity, but there is a legend in the world."

"When All Heavens falls into darkness, the Darkness Forbidden Lord will come, and this day will definitely come."

The tone of injustice was full of fear.

Measuring tribulation Most of the souls have felt the curse. It was crazy to think about the era when everyone cursed each other.

Han Tuo continued to inquire about the injustice and learn about the entire Immortal World history with the help of the memory of the injustice.


Han Jue withdraws his gaze, the strength of the injustice is very good, already at the level of the Great Principle, with Han Tuo’s cultivation base impossible to suppress the injustice, but the Great Principle is It is impossible to resist Sage.

Han Jue retains own power in Han Tuo. This power does not surpass Quasi-Saint perfection, otherwise he will be rejected by Heavenly Dao.

With Han Jue's cultivation base, it is too easy to control the strength of the force.

Han Tuo can be regarded as a bodyguard of the Great Principle Golden Immortal.

It's just that he still doesn't know the cultivation base of the injustice, and the injustice is not so honest. He only says that he is better than Han Tuo and is proficient in the divine ability of the soul.

"Continue with the cultivation, the Dark Lord is already eyeing Immortal World. Maybe it will come, I can't be careless."

Han Jue silently thought of the protection of Heavenly Dao Although strong, what if Heavenly Dao is gone?

This is not impossible!

The sense of security comes from himself, Han Jue will never put the sense of security on Heavenly Dao, even more how this Heavenly Dao still wants to plot against him!

Han Jue closed his eyes, and the years passed.

Three thousand years have passed!

This is the longest time Han Jue seclusion, he didn't even have a sermon for three thousand years, and no one bothered him.

During this period of time, the Immortal World changeable situation, Qiu Xilai sermon ended, and a was appointed as the cultivator of Dasantian as the heir to the holy throne.

This incident alarmed All Heavens and Myriad Realms!

The great scattered sky is not simple. After Heavenly Dao restarts, the almighty cultivator of the mortal world is first developed!

After that, Da San Tian opened up Qi Luck sect in Immortal World, San Tian Sect, whose Direct Disciple already exceeded ten million, with the spirit of Section Cult back then.

Besides, Monster Race is gaining momentum.

Qitian Great Sage Yitian joined Monster Race and became one of the ten Great Monster Sages under the command of Golden Crow Monster Sovereign. There are countless Demon Soldiers under him, and he dominates one side.

In contrast to Human Race, in the most difficult period, all races can feed on Human Race. After losing the status of Heavenly Dao race, only Human Cult among Sage sects will favor Human Race, but it is not a strong support. Just take action occasionally.

The other side.

The Celestial Clan has become completely powerful and powerful, and the entire Immortal World has no power to compare with it.

There are too many Immortal Emperors of the Celestial Clan, and there are very few Divine Realm, but there is still an almighty on top of it!

Immortal World's first Sword Immortal, Li Daokong!

Li Daokong joined the Celestial Clan thousands of years ago. With his strong reputation, he has attracted many almighty for the Celestial Clan.

There is a cultivator jokingly that the next measuring tribulation is the dispute of Heavenly Demon!

This day.

Han Jue opened his eyes, stood up, twisted his waist.


The cultivation without distraction is really cool!

No wonder Immemorial almighty seclusion once, the world has passed three thousand years.

Three thousand years of seclusion has made Han Jue's cultivation base grow a lot, and he can feel that he is getting stronger.

Han Jue checked the email first and made sure that there was no major event recently and his circle of friends was safe before he walked out of Taoism.

Cao Cao, Zhang Jiao, and the red fox immediately got up and saluted Han Jue.

Han Jue slightly nodded, and then came to Fusang Tree.

The disciplines under the tree stood up and saluted.

Hei Yuji exclaimed: "I haven't seen it for thousands of years, and the owner looks good again. The cultivation base must already surpass Sage!"

This flattery must be a bit of a slap in the face.

Han Jue was about to scold Hei Yuji when Wu Daojian (Grasping Principles Sword) suddenly walked over.

"Master, I am looking for you." Wu Daojian (Grasping Principles Sword) said anxiously.

Han Jue asked: "What's the matter?"

Wu Daojian (Grasping Principles Sword) looked around and sent sound transmission to Han Jue, saying: "Grand Plainness Heaven entrusts me with a dream She said that Human Race is difficult, and I hope Hidden Sect can take action to save them. She said Empress Nuwa promised you that you will never break your promise. What you want is hidden in Human Race."


Nuwa hid own Primordial Chaos Purple Qi in Human Race?

Han Jue does not have a cold.

He doesn't need Primordial Chaos Purple Qi, besides, with so many Human Races, does he want to protect them all?

In his opinion, as long as the Human Race of Rolling World is alive, Immortal World Human Race is dead, what to do with him?

But then again, what is the disaster for Human Race?

Han Jue pinched his fingers, and his expression became weird.

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