Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 565

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Through extrapolation, Han Jue discovered that the disaster of Human Race actually originated from within Human Race.

Ten thousand years ago, a juvenile family of Human Race was slaughtered and went through various ordeals. His heart was full of hatred for Human Race. Later, he got a chance somewhere in Danger Land and soared into the sky.

This person's name is Xu Judao, and his teacher is...

Samsara Immortal Emperor!

Han Jue almost forgot to be here, didn't expect is still active in secret.

Xu Judao is already the Divine Realm cultivation base. He has obtained the Divine Realm in ten thousand years. Its speed is extremely exaggerated. However, Han Jue sensed that most of his body is the spiritual power of the Samsara Immortal Emperor.

Samsara Immortal Emperor is Great Principle Golden Immortal!

It is not difficult to achieve Quasi-Saint in the future.

Han Jue no longer paid attention to Wu Daojian (Grasping Principles Sword), turned and left, and returned to the own Taoist Temple.

He asked in the heart: "Why is Samsara Immortal Emperor supporting Xu Judao?"

[2 billion years of life-span needs to be deducted, do you continue?]

2 billion years, not bad, Samsara Immortal Emperor has something.


Han Jue's consciousness fell into the illusion of evolution.

This is a dimly lit space, filled with fog, and Samsara Immortal Emperor meditates in front, with a mysterious image, like an illusory shadow.

At this time, one silhouette fell in front of the Samsara Immortal Emperor.

It is the Xu jealous.

Xu Jeudao is in a coma, dying.

A voice sounded: "Samsara Immortal Emperor, don’t you want to be Sage? Support this kid and let him kill Human Race. Human Race is dead in your own hands. You and I don’t carry the cause and effect. Later, I will find a way to get Primordial Chaos Purple Qi for you."

Han Jue has a strange expression.

This voice...

Great Emperor!

didn't expect Samsara Immortal Emperor Standing behind the Xiao Great Emperor.

Samsara Immortal Emperor opened his eyes, revealing a double pupil, and whispered: "How do I believe you?"

Emperor Dao: "You can only believe in me. I can't look down on you, you are from Samsara again, and Queen Houtu is pressing on your head."

Samsara Immortal Emperor was silent.

The illusion of evolution was shattered, and Han Jue opened his eyes.

Speaking of Samsara Immortal Emperor, Han Jue's feelings for him are very complicated.

The Immortal Emperor inheritance that System arranged for him was from Samsara Immortal Emperor. Samsara Immortal Emperor had also plotted against him before, but it did not harm him. The doppelganger Emperor Supreme White before Samsara Immortal Emperor often helped him.

Tens of thousands of years have passed, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, he is already able to overlook the Samsara Immortal Emperor.

After thinking about it, Han Jue decided to entrust his dream to Samsara Immortal Emperor.

Samsara Immortal Emperor is hidden deep, but can't be considered hidden in Sage's eyes, and it is easy to find.

In a dream.

Samsara Immortal Emperor opened his eyes and saw Han Jue exuding divine light all over his body. He couldn't help frowning and solemnly asked, "Who is your Excellency?"

He was horrified. Being dragged into a dream without defense, even Sage is not so scary.

Han Jue converges the divine light of the yin and yang protection birthday month, revealing his unparalleled beauty.

After seeing Han Jue's face clearly, Samsara Immortal Emperor moved.

Han Jue said: "It's the first time you and I have met, but it's not the first time."

Samsara Immortal Emperor was silent.

Long time.

He sighed: "I saw you right and looked down on you."

For Han Jue, his feelings are equally complicated.

When Han Jue showed aptitude, Samsara Immortal Emperor paid close attention, but didn't expect Han Jue to rise too fast, and it was too late for him to react, Han Jue had already surpassed him.

Han Jue said: "Do you need a backer?"

Samsara Immortal Emperor was stunned, frowned: "What do you mean?"

"I also owe it You cause and effect, work for me, and I will support you."

"Do you know what I want?"

"Isn't it the holy place?"


The Samsara Immortal Emperor was silent again.

Han Jue is not in a hurry and waits patiently.

Samsara Immortal Emperor raised his eyes and asked: "Why do you trust me?"

Han Jue stared at him closely and said: "There is cause and effect, Heavenly Dao cause and effect I have a certain number. I know your situation is not good. To work for me, I just need to put down my body. You should understand my temperament. No one in Hidden Sect is uncomfortable. I will only give you this opportunity once. You betrayed me after you promised. Believe me, not only Xiao Great Emperor, no Sage can save you."

Samsara Immortal Emperor's face was expressionless, but his heart trembled again.

Han Jue mentioned the Great Emperor, could it be...

Samsara Immortal Emperor took a deep breath and suddenly knelt in front of Han Jue.

This kneel, he relaxes.

He cares more about his future than dignity.

He really wants to be sanctified!

"Subordinates participate in Sect Master!"

Samsara Immortal Emperor said solemnly, utterly loudly.

[Samsara Immortal Emperor's favor on you has increased, and the current favorability is 4.5 stars]

Han Jue said: "Don’t interfere with Xu’s jealousy, and cut off the relationship as soon as possible. Great Emperor Don’t recite the cause and effect, but you are Xu Jealous’s Master, you have to recite, otherwise why does Sage need you in the middle?"

Samsara Immortal Emperor said with a bitter smile: "Actually I know, but I don't have to choose."

Han Jue said: "I will teach you a Great Dao, good cultivation, without my instructions in the future, don't do anything for Sage, you are too weak now, and I don't need you. What do you do."

After finishing talking, he stopped talking, and began to teach the Great Dao to the Samsara Immortal Emperor.

This dream lasted for ten years.

After the dream was over, the favorability of the Samsara Immortal Emperor to Han Jue rose to 5.5 stars.

Great Dao of Great Dao contains proving Dao's ****** return to Immortal Emperor to be shocked, and fortunate at the same time.

Fortunately, he promised to play for Han Jue, otherwise he would miss this opportunity.

Just thinking about it, he was deeply moved.

didn't expect The backer he had been waiting for turned out to be cultivated by himself.

The cause and effect is really amazing.


Supporting the Samsara Immortal Emperor was just a whim of Han Jue, he did not expect Samsara Immortal Emperor.

Even if Samsara Immortal Emperor betrayed him, he could destroy it by flipping his hand.

Besides, as long as Samsara Immortal Emperor cultivation Great Dao, don't want to betray him.

If something happens to Han Jue, everyone on this Great Dao will suffer.

Sage may resist the attraction of Great Dao, but who can resist under Sage?

He believes that Samsara Immortal Emperor has already begun to study Great Dao.

Han Jue is in a good mood, walks out of the Taoist temple, summons all dísciples, and starts sermon.

This sermon lasts for a hundred years.

A hundred years later.

After Han Jue sermon is over, he returns to the Taoist temple.

His gaze looked towards beyond the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

A dozen years ago, a Daoist was greeted outside the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, and he bowed down to this day.

This person is Han Tuo.

My son comes to ask for help!

To be honest, Han Jue does not want to accept Han Tuo for the time being. He hopes that Han Tuo will take a different path from own.

Once Han Tuo comes in, the other dísciple must guess his identity with Han Jue. After the truth is revealed, Han Tuo's mentality will change.

The own father turned out to be Sage!

No matter whether the mentality changes for the better or for the worse, it will not work.

Han Jue hopes that Han Tuo can take a path of own proving Dao. Anyway, among Heavenly Dao, as long as he is there, no one can kill Han Tuo.

Han Tuo, who was begging for help, suddenly heard a voice: "Let’s go."

Han Tuo opened his eyes and said: "I was caught by Hidden Sect dísciple Dao Supreme, Zhou Fan , Zhao Xuanyuan invited here."

It turns out that the two newcomers to Primal Chaos Domain are Yitian and Han Tuo.

Han Jue once again sound transmission said: "Within a million years, if you can achieve Quasi-Saint on your own, I, the lord of Hidden Sect, will directly accept you as a dísciple and give you the qualification of proving Dao."

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