Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 566

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proving Dao qualifications!

When Han Tuo heard this, his breathing suddenly rose.

Although proving Dao is far away from him, he knows that proving Dao is extremely difficult. Many young supreme talents died at the threshold of Quasi-Saint, let alone the higher proving Dao.

Han Tuo said: "Thanks Senior, kid understands!"

He immediately got up and left.

He just woke up after leaving Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

He laughed at himself.

Where is the opportunity to give him, I can't look down on him at all.

That's it!

I Han Tuo walked between Heaven and Earth, when did I lean on sect?

Han Tuo's eyes became firm again. Since Hidden Sect doesn't want him, why bother with him.

A million years?


Han Tuo's eyes became firm and he stopped thinking about it.

Perhaps he was born a free man, unfettered, soaring in the sky.

Han Jue watched Han Tuo leave. He could feel the frustration and dissatisfaction of this kid, which is not bad.

My son, the reason why I stock you for my father is that I have absolute certainty to protect you.

Han Jue said with emotion.

After all, he grew up watching Han Tuo. He hopes that Han Tuo can become an absolutely confident person, not someone who absolutely trusts father.

He is still very satisfied with Han Tuo's current experience.

Be aware of current affairs, but not afraid of powerful enemies!


In the Primal Chaos Domain.

The five silhouettes gathered, and neither of them could see each other's faces clearly.

Zhou Fan proudly said with a smile: "I recently got great fortune in Primal Chaos City, I won’t accept the young supreme talent as a kid."

Dao Supreme hummed:" Don’t forget the cultivation."

"How is it possible!"

Zhou Fan turned his head and looked towards Yitian, and said: "little fellow, your fame is so great that it has spread to Come to Primal Chaos City, don’t mess with Monster Race, I recommend you to Hidden Sect or Primal Chaos City, you can get Supreme cultivation resources."

Heavenly Dao: "Che, I don’t need any resources, Still the same sentence, my talent is the best in the world!"

"That's because you didn't stand in front of Lao Tzu, otherwise a palm would make you kneel down!"

" I have been cultivation for tens of thousands of years? I will be holy in the future, you, at most Quasi-Saint!"

"Hehe, why do you become holy?"

Zhou Fan, Yitian began to bicker.

Zhao Xuanyuan looked towards Han Tuo and asked: "Why didn't you come to Hidden Sect?"

Han Tuo said: "The Lord of Hidden Sect will let me go again in a million years , I need to be certified Quasi-Saint."

Neither Dao Supreme had revealed the identity of Han Jue, including the name. After all, Han Jue did not reveal his identity when he was in Primal Chaos Domain.

Dao Supreme shook his head and said: "You also surnamed Han, and thought that the Master could move the compass. It's a pity."

Han Jue does have rules. You can’t go out unless you reach Quasi-Saint. Now this The rules are reversed, and it is normal.

Han Tuo asked curiously: "What is the name of Hidden Sect, Han?"

Zhou Fan glared at Dao Supreme and cursed: "Don’t talk nonsense, what’s the name of Sage? I can reveal!"

Dao Supreme knew he had made a mistake and couldn't help but shook his head.

Zhao Xuanyuan said with a smile: "Don't ask, there are so many Han surnames, so can't all the children of the Han surname recognize our Master as the ancestor, right? The relationship can't be chaotic."

Han Tuo nodded.

Yitian hummed: "What about Sage, sooner or later I will be holy, several brothers, recently someone pretended to be Primal Chaos Body, but didn't enter here. Would you like to fix it together? Clan!"

Zhao Xuanyuan said ill-humoredly: "You are really a loyal dog of Monster Race, take this opportunity to let us deal with the Celestial race? Don’t know that Hidden Sect is behind the Celestial race?"

Yi Tian was stunned and asked in amazement: "Hidden Sect supports the heavens? Why don't I know?"

Han Tuo helplessly said: "I know, you fight all day long. The people around you are flattering you, how can you know the real Heaven and Earth?"

Yitian didn't say a word.

Anyone who said he would retort, but Han Tuo, he would not retort.

In addition to friendship, Han Tuo also saved his life.


The millennium is fleeting.

Han Jue found that since he was unable to conquer the Heavenly Lord, there was no trouble and no trouble. For him, time passed quickly.

Han Jue’s cultivation base has been growing, and it is getting closer and closer to the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal late stage.

"It's beautiful, if it can be like this forever, how good would it be?"

Han Jue opened his eyes and thought with joy.

Peace should last until he is invincible!

Han Jue check the mail, the nearest circle of friends don’t know what to do.

[Your friend Samsara Immortal Emperor suffered a mysterious curse]

[Your friend Xie Heavenly Emperor returned to Immortal World, and was expelled by your friend Qiu Xilai and was seriously injured]


[Your apprentice Zhou Fan was attacked by the Section Cult cultivator] x12309

[Your Grand Disciple Fang Liang was attacked by the Celestial Immortal God] x63

[Your My friend Qiu Xilai encounters a mysterious curse]

[Your friend Xiao Great Emperor has a heart disorder due to too many curses]

[Your friend Shi Dudao is attacked by your friend Li Daokong 】

[Your apprentice Immortal God Ji encounters a mysterious curse]


The Great Emperor is forced to……

Even so Pretend to be the Darkness Forbidden Lord and curse people everywhere!

Isn't this giving Lao Tzu a scapegoat?

Han Jue is secretly upset.

Sages will think of the Darkness Forbidden Lord when they mentioned the curse. Although no one guessed that he was the Darkness Forbidden Lord, it was unhappy.

After all, Darkness Forbidden Lord is the sockpuppet of Han Jue.

Fortunately, this fellow suffers retribution!

Han Jue looked at it for a while, the disturbances continued, but it had nothing to do with him.

Han Tuo has begun to take risks, but there is a grievance, Han Jue does not worry about him.

After one hour, Han Jue asked Qiu Xilai about the secret realm of his death.

In a dream.

Qiu Xilai replied: "I can't find the Dark Lord, this man is too cautious."

Han Jue asked: "Why not ruin the secret realm?"


"No, this secret realm was once the family land of the Heavenly Dao race Dragon Race. The luck remains. If it is ruined, Heavenly Dao is crippled, and forces other than Heavenly Dao will come in."

"so that's how it is, then you must watch this place strictly, the Dark Lord will come sooner or later."

"Well, I asked Li Muyi, the Dark Lord is indeed powerful. If he hadn't relied on the Heavenly Dao luck of Great Thousand Worlds, he would have died in the hands of the Dark Lord."

"I will cultivation well and fight against him in the future. Until then, you can't neglect."

"Don't worry."

Han Jue relieves the dream.

For some reason, Qiu Xilai's attitude makes him feel very unnatural.

Qiu Xilai is very submissive to him, but feels a little perfunctory.

Recently, Qiu Xilai is very honest, and I don't know what he is doing.

Han Jue spent four billion years of life-span, and he was relieved after he was sure that Qiu Xilai could not kill him.

"I want to know when the Dark Lord attacked Immortal World?"

[50 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]

Continue !

[About five billion years]

So long?

That's it!

Han Jue is not yet 100 million years old.

Five billion years, how can I reach the Great Dao Sage realm?

"What I have to do now is not to curse the Dark Lord, lest this dog jumps over the wall and forcibly attack Heavenly Dao in advance, just like the formidable persons of the measuring tribulation before."

Han Jue decided to himself.

Book of Misfortune cannot be used casually in the future.

Han Jue no longer thinks too much, but looked towards the Taoist temple, a dísciple has been kneeling for a long time.

Long Hao!

Since returning to Hidden Sect again, Long Hao's temperament has changed, he has become calm, and he has not talked as much as before.

This is the first time he has looked for Han Jue alone since he returned.

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