Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 567

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"Come in."

Hearing Han Jue's voice, Long Hao beamed with joy, immediately got up and walked into the Taoist temple.

He knelt down in front of Han Jue, saluting respectfully.

Now he is the Six Profound Spiritual Essence, very close to the Great Principle Golden Immortal, his natural capital is outstanding, but he has experienced infinite great tribulation, and his luck has been suppressed all the time.

Hao Tian flew out of Long Hao's body and said: "This kid's cultivation base stuck at Liuxuan Shenyuan, I suspect that someone has done something to him, please help me see."

Long Hao raised his head, his eyes full of hope.

Han Jue explored the soul of Long Hao.



This force hides deeply, imprisoning Long Hao's dao fruit.


This is not the spiritual power of the Heavenly Emperor?

Han Jue face doesn't change, I was surprised.

Think about it carefully, the Heavenly Emperor’s attitude towards Long Hao is difficult to judge, saying that he loves Long Hao, but does not pass it to Long Hao, saying that he hates Long Hao, but entrusts Long Hao to Han Jue.

There are so many Child of Heavenly Emperors. After the measuring tribulation is over, only Long Hao is left to survive.

No matter what the Heavenly Emperor thought, since Long Hao came to Han Jue, Han Jue had to take action.

Maybe this power is to protect Long Hao from being possessed by Hao Tian's body, but under Han Jue's eyelids, impossible body possession.

Han Jue thought, and the Heavenly Emperor spiritual power that imprisoned Long Hao dao fruit dissipated directly.

In an instant, Long Hao was relieved.

He looked towards Han Jue in surprise and asked: "Master, you..."

Han Jue replied: "Well, go back and have a good cultivation."

Long Hao kowtows quickly and leaves.

Hao Tian also followed suit.

After leaving the Taoist Temple, Hao Tian said with emotion: "You Master is really powerful, I feel that already surpasses those aloof and remote Sage."

Long Hao said with a smile: "Nonsense , My Master ended the Heavenly Demon disaster, and Sage will obey!" Hao Tian shook his head and laughed, thinking that Long Hao’s luckiest life was to worship Han Jue Master, otherwise he would have been in possession of his body, or he would die. In measuring tribulation.

The other side.

Han Jue just about to continue his cultivation, Heavenly Emperor looked towards his dream.

It should be called the evil Heavenly Emperor now.

Han Jue accepts a dream from the evil Heavenly Emperor. This time, the dream is not a small forest outside Jade Purity Holy Sect, but a barren land full of corpses.

The sky is very high, and the clouds are overcast, extremely depressing.

Han Jue saw the evil Heavenly Emperor, standing on a hill made of bones in front of him.

The evil Heavenly Emperor looked down at Han Jue and said: "Why do you want to get rid of the spiritual power I left for Long Hao?"

Han Jue said: "I don't know Your Majesty has For what purpose, I thought you wanted to protect him. Now that he is safe and sound, I will lift him so that his cultivation is no longer obstructed."

The evil Heavenly Emperor stared coldly at Han Jue.

[Heavenly Emperor's favor for you has declined, and the current favorability is 3 stars]

Han Jue sighed in his heart.

He asked: "You don't like Long Hao? Why do you want me to accept him as a dísciple?"

Heavenly Emperor said: "I don't like Long Hao, I just don't like it. Hao Tian, ​​now the stronger the Long Hao, the stronger the Hao Tian, ​​the two do not distinguish each other."

Han Jue was silent, as expected.

The evil Heavenly Emperor asked: "Look around here, how do you feel?"

Han Jue said: "Heavenly Dao is so good."

"Yes, compared with Heavenly Dao, here is terrifying than World of the Dead. This is Divine Realm."

"Fortunately, I didn't go to Divine Realm."

"No, you should come. Here, you can be stronger. If you stay in Divine Realm, you will stop at Sage and cannot move forward. I have witnessed the battle of Free Sage before. Just a word to change the battle that takes place in the already, that kind of power, you don’t want to get it?"

"Yes, but I have not reached the peak of Sage, so I don’t have to take risks for the time being."


The evil Heavenly Emperor was so honestly blocked by Han Jue that there was nothing to say.

Han Jue is nervous.

Speaking is the law?

Can you change what happened in the past?

Is this shuttle time, or is it a direct destiny?

Divine Realm is really dangerous!

Han Jue watched the evil Heavenly Emperor and did not speak, he couldn't help but ask: "How is Your Majesty?"

"It's okay, I hope you don't go too far with Hao Tian Near, if possible, I hope you can destroy Hao Tian." The evil Heavenly Emperor shook his head.

Han Jue said: "I will consider it. If Your Majesty is in trouble, if I can help you, please feel free to speak."


The dream is over.

Han Jue opened his eyes and browsed tightly knit.

The state of the evil Heavenly Emperor is getting more and more wrong, even if it is not sanctified, it makes Han Jue a little uneasy.

It seems that the inferior strange spirit and the ominous evil have a great influence on him.

As for destroying Hao Tian, ​​Han Jue is not good at taking action for the time being.

The teacher is unknown, and Hao Tian has a high degree of favorability to him.

Han Jue can only wait for Hao Tian to make a mistake, and then help Heavenly Emperor destroy this servant.

Anyway, he is closer to the Heavenly Emperor in his heart.

If Hao Tian has always been loyal, there is no way.

What do you think about killing Hao Tian for no reason, Hidden Sect and other dísciples?

Han Jue no longer thinks about it, concentrate on cultivation.


Spring is gone, and autumn is coming, and the stars are turning around.

Three thousand years have passed.

Han Jue has obsessive-compulsive disorder, deliberately stuck with integer seclusion.

He opened his eyes and started to check his emails. There were attacks, chances, mysterious curses, and other encounters.

An email caught Han Jue's attention.

[Your good friend Xiao Great Emperor left Heavenly Dao]

[Your good friend Xiao Great Emperor got the guidance of mysterious almighty and began to leave Heavenly Dao luck]

Han Jue called up the avatar of the Great Emperor Xiao to view it, and found that the cultivation base of this servant did not drop.

In other words, he is not being weakened, but to become stronger.

Could he emulate Li Muyi and jump out of the identity of Heavenly Dao Sage?

No way.

Mysterious almighty should be more powerful existence.

Han Jue frowned, feeling that he needed to do a calculation to prevent being calculated.

"I want to know who is instructing the Great Emperor."

[It takes 70 billion years of life-span, whether to continue]


Han Jue has a form in his mind, and a line of words pops out in front of him:

【Luo Hui: Sage perfection, ancestor of Demon Race, Immeasurable Great Emperor, son of Heavenly Dao, Dao Ancestor Body]

Han Jue's expression has become weird.

He has heard of Luo Hu, whose name is spread in the world, but the label of luck behind this is very problematic.

Demon Ancestor Luo Hu turned out to be the son of Heavenly Dao, or the demon body of Dao Ancestor!

All beings know that Dao Ancestor stands out because it steps on the upper position of Demon Ancestor, which is also Heavenly Dao's first measuring tribulation, Dispute of Dao and Demon.

Could it be that Dao Ancestor directed and acted all of this?

Or is Dao Ancestor conquering Luo Hu?

Han Jue wants to continue to calculate the relationship between Luo Huo and Dao Ancestor.

[It involves existence beyond the limits of System, unable to evolve]

Han Jue had to refocus his attention on Luo Huo.

He always felt that Luo Huo would return in a swirl of dust.

These Heavenly Dao Sages have a big background behind them. Fortunately, Han Jue did not directly kill them.

That's it.

Even if something goes wrong, let them bite the dog, Han Jue doesn't have to charge into the battle.

Han Jue stood up and decided to go out to sermon to get rid of distractions.

At the same time.

Immortal World Land of Extreme North, the boundless ice land suddenly produced densely packed cracks, which expanded rapidly, and strands of terrifying black gas rose from below.

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