Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 568

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Looking from a high place, the boundless glacier looks like a broken mirror, and countless cracks expand the great accomplishment. The vast expanse of whiteness.

The earth began to shake violently, as if something giant was about to break through the surface.

At this time.

The cloud and mist were pierced by one after another golden light. After the cloud and mist disperse, a silhouette emitting dazzling rays of light appeared above the clouds. It was the Immortal God of the heavenly race.

The leader is Fang Liang, standing beside him is Heavenly Divine General and Great Divine General.

Fang Liang looked down and asked: "Did you see the clue?"

Great Divine General frowned: "It looks like a magic but not a magic, more like the last measuring tribulation Asura Race of extinction."

Heavenly Divine General nodded and said: "Yes, it should be Asura Race. It is said that when the blood Netherworld River fell, a mysterious divine ability was cast and wanted to return in a swirl of dust."

Fang Liang fell into thinking.

A glacier with a radius of tens of millions of miles suddenly collapsed, and the rising ice mist pushed straight toward the sky, which was spectacular and shocking.

A terrifying silhouette can be vaguely seen in the majestic fog, and it is difficult to distinguish its true body.

Fang Liang waved his hand and said: "Grab this evil thing!"

Great Divine General and Heavenly Divine General rushed down immediately, and other Immortal Gods followed.


In the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, Han Jue has just started sermon for less than a year.

He suddenly felt a vast aura coming from the extreme north, at least Quasi-Saint, already not inferior to Shi Dudao.

Han Jue did not stop sermon, while talking, looking into the distance.

Fang Liang led the team and was strongly suppressed by the mysterious existence, and the situation was critical.

Han Jue does not mean to take action. Fang Liang is not his son. Since he is out there, he will pay the price.

Han Jue can't protect every dísciple of Hidden Sect, and Fang Liang has never come back. If it weren't for the decline in popularity, he suspected that Fang Liang had already rebelled.

It didn't take long for Li Daokong to rush to support from Ten Third Layer days, and a shocking battle took revenge.

Thousands of years have passed, Li Daokong has become a lot stronger, and his understanding of the Wanshengjian has become deeper and deeper, and the mysterious existence is both equally excellent.

Since there is a tie, Li Daokong will not lose.

Han Jue began to concentrate on sermon.

This talk is a hundred years past.

For centuries of sermon, most dísciples have made progress, but the cultivation base of direct disciples has not increased significantly.

Han Jue talked about Great Dao already no less than ten times. What should be comprehended is already comprehended, and it is difficult to comprehend forcibly no matter how much you talk about it.

Mysteriously and inexorably, aptitude and perception are like Heavenly Dao's shackles suppressing Hidden Sect dísciple.

Divine Realm has not yet appeared in the honorary disciple, and the strongest is only seven-turn Immortal Emperor.

According to this trend, it is difficult for a million honorary disciple to produce a Quasi-Saint.

Han Jue returned to the Taoist temple while thinking.

He sat on the 36-Leafed Samsara World-Extinguishing Black Lotus and began to check his mail.

At this moment, he suddenly felt something and closed his eyes.

In the world of Primordial Chaos, Su Qi is calling Han Jue.

Han Jue's voice sounded: "What's the matter?"

Becoming Chaos Demon God already For a while, Su Qi's fleshy body is already solid, no different from beings.

"Master, when can I go out? Primal Chaos Qi here already cannot promote me." Su Qi hastily replied, in a nervous tone.

After all, he has died before, and he is worried that Han Jue will not let him out anymore.

Han Jue really thinks so.

"Can you control the doom now?"


Han Jue feels carefully, Su Qi does converge very well, and there is no leakage .

He began to ponder.

Su Qi was in panic, for fear that Han Jue would not agree.

He looked back on the wrong things he had done, even less confident.

If he is Han Jue, he will not let him out.

Not being born again, you can wash away your sins!


Su Qi only felt that his eyes shook, his feet suddenly landed, and the surrounding scene turned into a Taoist temple, and the divine light of the yin and yang guarding birthday made him squint.


Su Qi knelt down with excitement, his voice trembling.

For many years, he finally saw Han Jue with his own eyes.

This long-lost reunion is not the first world, but a Heavenly Dao era.

Han Jue said: "From now on, stay in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain. Don’t leave. Go out and find a place to live."

Su Qi nodded, so excited. What to say.

It's good to be able to see the sky again, naturally he doesn't dare to dream of complete freedom anymore.

After walking out of Taoist Temple, Su Qi looked at the dazzling sunlight, and he cried.

"I'm alive again...this time, I won't be a pawn again!"

Su Qi clenched his fists, his shoulders trembling with emotion.

Zhang Jiao, Cao Cao, and Crimson Fox opened their eyes and looked towards him, with strange eyes.

Su Qi noticed their presence, smiled at them, and then went up to communicate.

Zhang Jiao and Cao Cao ignored him at all, but the red fox was very enthusiastic.

The crimson fox is a little monster that Han Jue accepted during his experience in the world. He came to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain. It has been peacefully cultivation, and only recently broke through to the Supreme Unity True Immortal realm.

After chatting for a while, Su Qi left and went to visit other dísciples of Hidden Sect.

Soon, direct disciple learned of the resurrection of Su Qi, and all direct disciple were shocked.

How is it possible!

Isn't Su Qi dead?

They know that Su Qi ended the last immeasurable great tribulation.

Even Li Xuanao came to see Su Qi.

All direct disciple gathered under Fusang Tree, they surrounded Su Qi, and everyone talking at once asked.

"Master resurrected you?"

"Do you remember what you did?"

"How did you destroy all beings, too strong Come on!"

"How did you escape Heavenly Dao's extinction after using Dao Extinction divine ability?"

"It is indeed unreasonable..."

The dísciple was surprised, Hei Yuji even thought he just had the appearance of Su Qi.

Su Qi said with emotion: "I don't know why. After my death, I have been in a deep sleep until I wake up. When I hear the voice of the Master, the Master must have saved me."

Li Xuanao clicking one's tongue in wonder said: "Even Heavenly Dao fated tribulation can be reversed. Sect Master is really Dao Ancestor manifestation?"

He has been listening to Hei Yuji saying that Han Jue is Dao Ancestor reincarnation, he still doesn't believe it, but it really makes sense after thinking about it.

The rise of Han Jue was too coincidental after the disappearance of Dao Ancestor.

Su Qi said: "from now on, I will stay here for cultivation and will not go out again. As for everything in the past, I hope you will stop teasing me. I am not honored."

He sighed.

If he hadn't been driven to a dead end and was bewitched by Sage, how could he do that?

Looking back now, he is full of guilt.

Dao Supreme hummed: "I hope you really feel guilty."

The faces of Zhao Xuanyuan and Long Hao are also very ugly, they have not spoken.

In the last measuring tribulation, many of their relatives and friends fell. Su Qi was the culprit. Even if they were bewitched by Sage, the three of them could not completely forget.

Hei Yuji exclaimed: "Su Qi, entering the Simulated Trial made me wait a hundred times for torture, you have to fight back, just as we vent our spirits for the last measuring tribulation!"

Su Qi curiously asked: "What is Simulated Trial?"

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