Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 569

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After Hei Yuji informed Su Qi about what is Simulated Trial, Su Qi readily accepted its proposal. When he left Han Jue's Taoist temple, Han Jue already granted permission for him.

Soon, the direct disciple pulled Su Qi into the Simulated Trial.

They also want to know how strong Su Qi can end infinite great tribulation!

Su Qi did not fight back, but apart from Dao Supreme, no one could hurt Su Qi.

Dao Supreme cannot execute Su Qi either.

"How is it possible!"

Dao Supreme is shocked, he is Great Principle Golden Immortal!

Su Qi was better than him right after he was resurrected?


Su Qi was also surprised. Dao Supreme's imposing manner reminded him of the Great Principle Golden Immortal he had encountered before. He didn't expect to face such powerhouses, but he didn't even die.

Su Qi already transformed into Demon God beyond Heavenly Dao creatures, he is not Primal Chaos Body, but Chaos Demon God not just in name only, but also in reality, life essence is like opening the sky The previous Pangu was just not as strong as Pangu.

Even Dao Supreme cannot execute Su Qi!

This incident shocked all direct disciple, and Li Yao and Zhao Xuanyuan also participated in the war.

Su Qi was not excited, but rather embarrassed.

He knows that Hei Yuji's proposal is to eliminate his grievances with other dísciples, but now this situation has exacerbated the conflict?

What should I do?

He can't self-destruct. He is the Demon God of death. He is a symbol of death and cannot let himself die.

Han Jue witnessed this battle in the Taoist Temple. He could watch the battle when the disciplines were in the Simulated Trial.

Su Qi's performance made him very satisfied.

Worthy of Chaos Demon God.

He has met a Chaos Demon God before, that is the Jade Emperor Zhou Yan, don’t look at the Jade Emperor Zhou Yan being killed by him. At that time, there was no one in the Immortal World who was the Jade Emperor Zhou Yan. The opponent is extremely tyrannical.

Han Jue was also aware of the mentality changes of other dísciples, but he did not intervene. Some hatreds could not be changed by him with a single word, which just spurred other dísciples to work hard for cultivation.

A hundred years later.

Han Jue called Dao Supreme.

Since discussing with Su Qi, Dao Supreme has started to seclusion frantically and the state is not right.

Dao Supreme enters the Taoist temple and salutes Han Jue.

Han Jue did not greet him, but each minding their own business talked about Su Qi's past.

Dao Supreme frowned, not daring to be rude, so he could only listen patiently.

Han Jue started talking about Su Qi when he knew Su Qi and kept talking about Su Qi being plot against by Ming Ji Sage.

Dao Supreme felt very complicated after listening to it.

He has to admit that Su Qi is indeed pitiful. He has been unable to control his own fate and has always been treated as a pawn.

"Su Qi has been carrying bad luck since he was born, except Hidden Sect, he has no friends, no relatives, and has been experiencing pain. The reason why he is better than you is not that his aptitude is better than you, but the Master He was given a fleshy body that surpassed all living beings. In fact, he was regarded as a master's test product, fluke." Han Jue slowly said.

The fleshy body that transcends all living beings?

Dao Supreme couldn't help but ask: "What fleshy body is that?"

He feels that Su Qi is better than his Primal Chaos Body!

He once thought that Primal Chaos Body was the most powerful physique, but now it seems to be just a joke.

Han Jue said: "When you cultivation to Quasi-Saint, the Master will reward you. As for Su Qi, I hope you don’t blame it anymore. After all, no one can stop Sage’s plot against. The real The culprit was Ming Ji Sage."

Dao Supreme took a deep breath, nodded.

Han Jue continued: “Don’t tell other dísciples about this, especially Su Qi’s fleshy body.”

“dísciple understands.”

Dao After Supreme left, Han Jue sighed secretly.

I don't know if this kid can listen.

If you really annoy Han Jue, throw them all into the Primordial Chaos jail, and then absolutely obey him.

Although selfish, it works!


Outside the Thirty Three Layer Heaven, in the boundless chaos, a majestic city is hidden in the fog, like an Immemorial ominous beast entrenched here.

Primal Chaos City!

Zhou Fan was standing on a platform at the top of a high tower, looking into the distance, following his gaze, Primal Chaos Abyss had a red light cluster that changed from light to dark, exuding an ominous and strange atmosphere.

This natural phenomenon has been around for more than 5,000 years and has not changed for the time being, but for some reason, Zhou Fan always feels that something extremely dangerous is hidden in the natural phenomenon.

It hasn't been long since the disaster of Heavenly Demon, and the entire Primal Chaos City has not been taken lightly.

At this time, a form appeared beside Zhou Fan. This person was wearing a dark gray dao robe with a handsome face and a jade sword inlaid on his waist.

"Zhou Fan, change me, go to cultivation." Dao robe man opened the mouth and said.

Zhou Fan kept his eyes on, and said: "Don’t you think something is wrong?"

The dao robe man asked in surprise: "What’s wrong?"

"It seems It's getting bigger."

When the dao robe man heard this, he couldn't help but look towards the red light ball of Primal Chaos Abyss, his brows frowned.

It is indeed getting bigger, although it is very faint, but it can be distinguished by careful observation of their cultivation base.

"Do you want to notify the City Lord?" Dao Robe man asked.

Zhou Fan nodded.

The Dao Robe man immediately disappeared in place.

Zhou Fan was still staring at Primal Chaos Abyss, and a voice suddenly rang in his ears: "Zhou Fan, come here, I'm waiting for you."

This voice is very bewitching Power, Zhou Fan was in a trance for a moment.

He shook his head, trying to stay awake, but the mysterious voice sounded again.

Soon, Zhou Fan fell into a sluggishness.

He jumped up, moved towards red, and the light group flew away, very fast, and quickly disappeared in Primal Chaos Abyss.


Time flies, seven hundred years have passed.

Han Jue pinched a whole number of years to end the seclusion, he got up to move his muscles and bones, and the sacred thoughts scanned the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

Su Qi and Dao Supreme are both in their own cultivation, which is fairly harmonious.

Currently, Su Qi lives near Fusang Tree and has built a simple Taoist temple.

Han Jue took back the sacred thoughts and began to check the mail.

[Your apprentice Zhou Fan was attacked by an ominous evil] x283

[Your apprentice Zhou Fan received the protection of your friend from the Seven Paths, and his injuries recovered]

[Your friend, Heavenly Emperor Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart, gains the Great Dao merit]

[Your friend Qiu Xilai starts to join the road and merges with Heavenly Dao]

[Your Your friend Shi Dudao was attacked by your friend Li Daokong]

[Your friend Pan Xin was crushed by the lord of the ancient measuring tribulation and was seriously injured]

[Your friend Empress Nuwa created Great Dao illusion, cultivation soaring]

[Your apprentice Zhou Fan is attacked by a mysterious existence, body dies and dao disappears]

[Your apprentice Zhou Fan wins your friend Qidaosheng Help, reunite Fleshy body divine soul】



What happened to Zhou Fan?

Han Jue can't help but be moved by pinching his fingers.

Zhou Fan is no longer outside Thirty Three Layer Heaven, nor within the scope of Heavenly Dao.

When did he leave Heavenly Dao?

Han Jue turned up the email and found that Zhou Fan had already left Heavenly Dao seven hundred years ago.

In these years, he has been devastated, constantly dying, and constantly resurrected.

I have to say that the Seven Paths of Saints are really powerful. Divine Realm can resurrect Zhou Fan remotely in the Divine Realm, which is far less divine ability Han Jue.

Han Jue asked silently: "Where is Zhou Fan?"

[Three billion years of life-span need to be deducted, whether to continue]

Sage’s worth, It is estimated to be related to Zhou Fan's environment.

Han Jue choose to continue!

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