Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 570

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After choosing to continue, Han Jue enters the illusion of evolution.

He opened his eyes and came to an extremely dim mysterious space. In front of him, there was a red light group that changed from light to dark.

He saw Zhou Fan.

Zhou Fan was in the red light ball. He was entangled by one after another spiked black tentacles, leaving only the soul body.

Here is...

Han Jue frowned and raised his eyes. This red light group is very vast, like a Star Domain, filled with scarlet air, and there is no life or Dead soul.

He turned his gaze on Zhou Fan. Those black tentacles did not look like entities, more like illusions, but they did absorb the power of Zhou Fan's divine soul.

Just when Han Jue wondered where this is, a line of words appeared in front of him:

【Elysium Purgatory: Chaos Danger Land, which is transformed by the will of the ancient Chaos Demon God, enter The consciousness of the person will be immersed in the illusion of bliss, unable to extricate itself until it is transformed by the Devouring Soul and the fleshy body]

Ancient Chaos Demon God?

Han Jue frowned tighter.

The illusion of evolution shattered. He opened his eyes and asked: "Who is plotting against Zhou Fan into the Purgatory of Bliss?"

[10 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, Do you want to continue?


Han Jue has a form in his mind.

The Dark Lord!

It really is him!

Recently, the chaotic powerhouse that has been coveting Heavenly Dao is also the Dark Lord!

This fellow courting death.

Zhou Fan is transformed by the Dharma Body of the Seven Dao Saints. Isn’t this the Seven Dao Saints?

From the life-span consumed by evolution, the Dark Lord is impossible to be the opponent of the Seven Ways.

Han Jue put aside his distracting thoughts and continued cultivation.

It is really dangerous to leave Heavenly Dao. Anyway, Zhou Fan has the backing of Seven Dao Saints, so he doesn't need to bother him to take action himself.


Decades later.

[It has been detected that you are at least sixty thousand years old, and you have taken another step forward in your life. You have the following options]

[1, immediately leave customs, preach All Heavens, and snatch Heavenly Dao luck , Get a Great Dao fragment]

[2, low-key cultivation, self-contained, away from cause and effect, can get a Great Dao fragment, a supreme treasure, and a Heavenly Dao spirit stones】

Han Jue opened his eyes and couldn't help feeling that time passed so fast.

Fifty thousand years old seems to have been yesterday.

System is honest and didn't let Han Jue fall into a dilemma.

It's just that this reward is too shivering.

Han Jue silently chooses the second option.

[You choose a low-key cultivation and get a Great Dao fragment, a supreme treasure, and a Heavenly Dao spirit stones]

[Congratulations on obtaining a free supreme treasure-Slaughter Dao Order]

[Slaughter Dao Order: Freely kill supreme treasure, sacrifice life-span, air luck can kill the enemy, speak the law, cannot execute the creature without cause and effect, not in a combat situation Not available]

Han Jue raises his eyebrows.

Looks awesome!

Han Jue immediately took out the Slaughter Dao order. This order was different from what he had imagined. It was more like an unopened sword, three chi long, blood red, with a trace of fluorescence flowing, holding it At this order, a terrifying murderous aura assaults the senses to him, blowing his black hair into a flutter.


Han Jue began to recognize it as Master.

For the past six months, he successfully surrendered the Slaughter Dao order.

This is the first time he has worked so hard. If it weren't from System, he might not be able to surrender this treasure at all, and even be swallowed by this treasure.

Han Jue immediately enters the Simulated Trial and starts to display this treasure.

The consumption of life-span in Simulated Trial is all fake, so he can splurge freely.

Faced with the inability of the Heavenly Lord, he sacrificed a trillion-year life-span, spit out a word of punishment, and was unable to turn the Heavenly Lord into fly ashes on the spot.

So domineering!

Han Jue's heartbeat increases.

To deal with the ordinary Sage, he does not even need to sacrifice life-span, directly instakill.

Is this the supreme treasure?

Han Jue's heartbeat speeds up, equivalent to Alternative Book of Misfortune!

However, the Book of Misfortune is a continuous route, and the Slaughter Dao order is a domineering route.

Book of Misfortune is more versatile and can kill people invisible, but the Slaughter Dao order must be used in battle. Han Jue cannot hide in the Taoist temple and use the Slaughter Dao order to conspiracy against the enemy.

Han Jue began to challenge Xitian Old Ancestor. Even with Slaughter Dao's order, he was also brutally instakilled. This was when he did not evade at first.

"I will directly sacrifice the life-span of three quadrillion years!"

Han Jue silently thought of performing the Simulated Trial again and directly sacrifice the life-span.


Han Jue waved his command, Slaughter Dao shook his hand, and red light burst out.

The aloof and remote Xitian Old Ancestor suddenly turned into fly ash.

Han Jue is pleasantly surprised.


I can finally wrestle with Great Dao Sage?

At this moment, Han Jue saw Xitian's Old Ancestor's figure reuniting, and then uttered a word: "Zhu."

Han Jue died on the spot.

There is no resistance at all!

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked scared.

"You must not provoke Xitian Old Ancestor, otherwise even if you use the free supreme treasure and sacrifice all life-span, you will not be able to kill him."

Han Jue's mentality is restrained.

Almost swelled.

He couldn't help being grateful to Xitian Old Ancestor.

Although Old Ancestor didn't know it, he kept motivating and beating Han Jue.

Really Sage!

Han Jue took out Heavenly Dao spirit stones, and he suddenly had a bold idea.

How about not upgrading Book of Misfortune this time, but upgrading Slaughter Dao order?

He tried immediately.

[Do not upgrade the Slaughter Dao order, once this treasure is upgraded to Great Dao level, it will backlash you and give birth to the spirit of Great Dao]

Seeing the words that suddenly jump out of this line, Han Jue stopped in fright.

Almost overturned!

Can magical treasure become a spirit?

Han Jue had to upgrade Book of Misfortune obediently and honestly.

Finally, Book of Misfortune was upgraded from Heavenly Dao supreme treasure to free spirit treasure.

Holding the Book of Misfortune, Han Jue can clearly feel the qi of misfortune, which is very strong.

Unconsciously, he cultivated an extremely terrifying evil.

"Would you like to curse a Sage to add fun?"

Han Jue has a single thought again.

Forget it.

So as not to cause immeasurable great tribulation again, it's good now, Sages don't provoke him, they can maintain Heavenly Dao order and protect Immortal World.

Without Sages managing Heavenly Dao, how could Han Jue feel at ease in cultivation.

Whether it is an enemy or a friend is not a simple judgment.

Han Jue collects the Book of Misfortune, refreshes his spirit, and continues cultivation.

He is getting closer and closer to Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal late stage!

He is sure of a breakthrough in ten thousand years!

After that, you will reach the Great Principle Golden Immortal perfection within one hundred thousand years!

Such a cultivation speed is okay!


Thirty Three Layer Heaven, Buddhism dao field.

In the hall, Qiu Xilai meditates on the Lotus Throne, surrounded by golden light, forming a beam of light, sacred and solemn.

A light and shadow appeared in front of Qiu Xilai.

"I can feel Han Jue getting stronger again."

Heavenly Dao spirit said solemnly, his tone full of anxiety.

Qiu Xilai didn't open his eyes and said: "It's no surprise that his aptitude is outrageous, and I can't deal with him now. I'll talk about it after I get along."

Heavenly Dao Spiritual Path: "Even if you are in harmony, you may not be his opponent unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Unless you get Dao Ancestor's Power."

"Dao Ancestor has been missing for a long time, do you know where he is?"

"I don't know, but I know his three-corpse doppelganger. If you can get one of them, You can easily execute Han Jue."

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