Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 571

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After listening to the Spirit of Heavenly Dao, Qiu Xilai was expressionless and disdainful in his heart.

When he was a three-year-old child?

So good to cheat?

In Qiu Xilai's eyes, these methods of the Spirit of Heavenly Dao are really ridiculous, and the purpose is too strong to guess.

Heavenly Dao’s spirit said: "The cultivation of the son of Han Jue is getting stronger and stronger, and he can catch up with the Yitian, and it will become a big problem in the future. If you dare not deal with Han Jue, before you get the Dao Ancestor doppelganger , You can think of a way to get rid of the son of Han Jue first."

"I will consider it."

Qiu Xilai closed his eyes and continued to work together.

The Spirit of Heavenly Dao didn't say any more, and disappeared in the temple.


After obtaining the Slaughter Dao order, Han Jue has no waves, nor has he left the Taoist temple to go to sermon, but concentrates on cultivation.

Time flies, and another two thousand years have passed.

On this day, Han Jue checked the mail.

[Your apprentice Zhou Fan returns to Immortal World]

He couldn't help but sighed in relief, but the boss was still stable and saved own Dharma Body reincarnation.

He looked up and saw other emails from Zhou Fan. In addition to the constant fall and resurrection, he still has a chance!

[Your apprentice Zhou Fan is fused with bliss and purgatory luck, and the cultivation rises greatly]

[Your apprentice Zhou Fan understands Great Dao divine ability]

True Dang!

It is indeed a protagonist template!

Han Jue looked up and saw Zhou Fan already returning to Primal Chaos City.

This kid’s cultivation base has already reached the Great Principle Golden Immortal intermediate stage, and because of a blessing in disguise, it has all caught up with Dao Supreme.

Han Jue set his eyes on Dao Supreme.

Since being stimulated by Su Qi, Dao Supreme has been seclusion and cultivation crazily every day, and it is getting closer and closer to the late stage of the Great Principle Golden Immortal.

Han Jue is very satisfied with this. Dao Supreme used to be better than Zhou Fan. Now it is a good thing to have such perseverance.

Han Jue continued to look towards the dísciple under Fusang Tree. He was suddenly moved and immediately got up and disappeared.

He came under Fusang Tree.

When all the dísciples saw him appear, they all got up and saluted.

Han Jue ignores them and sets his sights on Fusang Tree.

Fusang Tree is still so stalwart, it looks calm and nothing unusual, but Han Jue can feel that Fusang Tree is absorbing a strange power, which comes from the hundreds of Time and space vortex.

Han Jue sound transmission asked: "What are you doing?"


Fusang Tree was a little panicked.

Han Jue waved his sleeves, moved all the nearby dísciples far away, put a barrier around him, and asked Fusang Tree alone.

Fusang Tree's move will expose its location to hundreds of Heaven and Earth. The most important thing is that it has not asked Han Jue.

Fusang Tree was frightened, and hurriedly said: "I just feel that the power I can absorb them becomes stronger, so I did this...what's wrong?"

"I am not I said that you must not expose your position?"

"No, I just absorb power."

"Heaven and Earth power is coming to you, almighty cultivator can't catch it To the direction of the surge of power?"


"Why don't you tell me?"

"I want to shape transformation... You seem to I don’t want my shape transformation......"

Han Jue frowned: "It’s not that I don’t want it, you are a Heavenly Dao divine tree, and cannot shape transformation temporarily."

This remark is true, now Dao field Spiritual Qi is abundant, but the role of Fusang Tree is already small.

Fusang Tree grieved: "Then I will stop."

Han Jue probed the sacred thoughts into Fusang Tree and checked the power it absorbed.

It is like luck and merit, which is difficult to distinguish.

This is the first time that Han Jue has encountered such power. It is strong but not fierce, like the endless warm water flowing in Fusang Tree.

"What power is this?"

[Three billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


[Heaven and Earth Source: The power source that can only be born by the rules of Heaven and Earth. If Heaven and Earth Source is exhausted, Heaven and Earth will collapse]

So scary?

Han Jue suddenly felt that Fusang Tree is not a divine tree, but an evil tree!

How many creatures will die if Heaven and Earth collapses by sucking down hundreds of squares like this?

Han Jue said: "If you suck it down again, those Heaven and Earth sentient beings may all have to die."

Fusang Tree said nonchalantly: "I can't suck them all up, Besides, the Spiritual Qi that I exude is also absorbed by creatures. Why can I only be sucked by others, and I can't suck others?"

Han Jue frowned, this remark makes sense, but it feels strange. weird.

Under the divine light of the yin and yang protection birthday month, Fusang Tree couldn't see Han Jue's expression, but Han Jue was very upset when he was silent.

It’s most afraid of Han Jue.

Han Jue couldn't help feeling soft when he saw Fusang Tree trembling slightly and the leaves making the sound of sa sa sa.

Perhaps he was too cautious and too harsh on Fusang Tree.

"Except for Great Thousand Worlds, you can absorb the other powers of Heaven and Earth, but not too much. The longer they exist, the more helpful they will be to you." Han Jue let go.

Great Thousand Worlds has a dark sage, and it is easy to follow the vines to find his dao field.

Fusang Tree Xin happily said: "Don't worry, I can feel where is dangerous, where is not dangerous, I have not absorbed the power of Great Thousand Worlds before."

Han Jue nodded, lift the barrier, turn around and leave.

Back in the Taoist temple, Han Jue was deeply moved.

At the beginning, all the disciplines under his hand have already grown up, with own minds, and own opinions. The years have passed so fast that even a tree has an own opinion.

Han Jue called up the interpersonal relationship to check and confirmed that the favorability of the disciplines had not declined, and he was relieved.

He was about to cultivation, and a reminder appeared in front of him:

[Li Muyi asked you to dream, do you want to continue?]

What does this guy want to do?

Are you asking for help again?

Han Jue wanted to refuse, but after another thought, it was okay to listen to Li Muyi's words.

What if there is important information?

Han Jue chooses to continue, and then he enters the dreamland.

Sage dao field, bright as Immortal Realm.

Li Muyi came to Han Jue and said: "Fellow Daoist Han, long time no see, cultivation is okay?"

Han Jue politely said: "It's okay, I don't know Sage Why are you looking for me?"

"Heavenly Dao gave birth to spiritual wisdom, a sign of Great Dao measuring tribulation."

Li Muyi sighed, eyes full of anxiety.

Han Jue knew about this for a long time and was not surprised.

Li Muyi continued: "Heavenly Dao is the best, because Heavenly Dao is ruthless. In front of it, All living things are equal. Now Heavenly Dao has spiritual wisdom, maybe there will be greed. This is an unprecedented disaster for Heavenly Dao. In the past, Sage can join hands to punish the disaster, but now we can’t deal with Heavenly Dao. The situation is tricky."

Han Jue asked: "That needs me What do you do?"

"You are using strength to prove dao and are not under the control of Heavenly Dao. Is there any way to destroy Heavenly Dao spiritual wisdom without hurting Heavenly Dao?"

" I think too much, Heavenly Dao was created by Pangu Titan, and it was consolidated by Dao Ancestor. Ten thousand are not Heavenly Dao’s opponents."

"Then can you visit Xitian Old Ancestor, Ask him to take action."

"Old Ancestor already back?"


Han Jue hesitated and said: "I have a relationship with Old Ancestor In general, how can I persuade? I'll find someone else for this."

Xitian Old Ancestor is too strong, and Han Jue doesn't want to meet him.

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