Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 572

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When Han Jue refused, Li Muyi was not impatient. He had anticipated it a long time ago, but he continued to persuade him to say: "I have a bold plan. If you join hands with me In the future, Human Cult and Hidden Sect will evenly divide Heavenly Dao, and you and I are in charge of the Heavenly Dao rules."

Han Jue said: "I don't have that big ambition."

"This Not ambition, this is to save Heavenly Dao, save All Heavens sentient beings!"

"I don't have that great ability."

"You and I join forces, it must be possible!"

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Han Jue cursed secretly, it's really a shame.

Han Jue said: "Then what do you want to do?"

Li Muyi said: "Qiu Xilai is in harmony, although he is hiding very deep, but I can feel that, I intend to support Hidden Sect to occupy Heavenly Dao's air luck. Even if Qiu Xilai is in harmony, Hidden Sect is at your disposal. You can dissolve Hidden Sect directly when the battle begins. Of course, it is a fake dissolution. Eliminate Hidden Sect's air luck, Heavenly Dao is in turmoil and disorder. Qiu Xilai’s cultivation will surely plummet, and one blow will eradicate him and the Spirit of Heavenly Dao in his body."

Han Jue hehe smiled, it’s a good plot against.

kill two birds with one stone.

Han Jue almost asked you when I was nasty?

He must be squeezed, how can Sage be vulgar, and said: "Excuse me, what does Sage do in this? Is it just to support Hidden Sect?"

Hidden Sect still needs Li Muyi's support?


"I asked Human Cult to join Hidden Sect directly, and when I dealt with Qiu Xilai, I also participated in the battle, how?" Li Muyi responded calmly.

This is very sincere. Whether it is true or not, if Human Cult is classified as Hidden Sect, its reputation will be able to suppress all Sage sect.

Unfortunately, Han Jue does not want to accept Human Cult, even very repellent.

Human Cult background is really strong, and its establishment time is incalculable. It is older than Immortal World, even more how Divine Realm has the ancient Human Cult.

Immortal World’s Human Cult is more like Human Cult’s Outer Sect.

Han Jue said: "I will consider this matter."

Li Muyi frowned: "You said to consider is to refuse, what is your dissatisfaction? Don't want to go to Old Ancestor , I don’t want to cooperate with me. Then you can say a way. Heavenly Dao is alive. If it is spread out, all beings will be panicked."

"From now on, it’s no longer the situation where Sage is holding each other up, and It is the dictatorship of Heavenly Dao. Your existence is definitely a thorn in the eyes of Heavenly Dao, even if you have saved Heavenly Dao."

Han Jue said: "I just don't want to be the target of public criticism. You can find another Sage. "

The voice fell, and Han Jue left the dream directly.

Thirty Three Layer Heaven, Human Cult dao field.

Li Muyi opened his eyes and browsed tightly knit.

"This guy really doesn't come in. I don't believe you are really unambitious."

Li Muyi muttered to himself, feeling very upset.

This is already not the first time he asked Han Jue, Han Jue always don't give face.

Since Han Jue refuses to agree, he can only find another Sage.


In the Taoist temple.

Han Jue snorted, muttered: "Want to cheat me again, except for the spirit of Heavenly Dao, do you need you?"

He already has a plan.

When Qiu Xilai succeeds in joining the Dao, he will arrest Qiu Xilai and take it to the Primordial Chaos Sky Prison. After that, there will be an absolute purification to eradicate Qiu Xilai’s Spirit of Heavenly Dao.

I have to say that Primordial Chaos Heaven Prison plus absolute purification is too great.

Han Jue even began to look forward to the success of Qiu Xilai.

Continue cultivation!

Early breakthrough!

Han Jue can already fight against Free Sage. When he breaks through again, he will definitely be able to execute some weaker Free Sage.

Think about it, Han Jue closes his eyes and concentrates on cultivation.

The years continue to pass.

Life is like a dream, an almighty cultivator has a dream of three thousand, the dynasty of the world changes, and the mountains and rivers move.

When the heroes of Immortal World came out in large numbers, the mortal world under Immortal World also began to exert strength, ascensioners appeared one after another, and they smashed into Immortal World to show off their edge.

At this time, Immortal World sentient beings realized that besides Immortal World, there are other Heaven and Earth very difficult to deal with. At the same time, they also think that mortal world is suitable for living and cultivation.

In just three thousand years, more than tens of millions of creatures have come from the mortal world ascension, and the number of Immortal World creatures has reached a considerable level, just like the Immortal World before measuring tribulation.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

His distance to breakthrough is already very close.


Han Jue already can't wait for a breakthrough, but Han Duotian has been asking to see him a dozen times.

Han Jue has not been interviewed for a whole year in order to get the card. Now the opportunity is here.

He let Han Duotian in.

Even if Han Duotian hasn't spoken yet, Han Jue knows what he wants to say.

It's nothing more than sending talents outside, or absorbing new dísciple.

Sure enough, the cultivation base of another ten thousand honorary disciple has reached its limit and cannot be improved.

Han Jue allowed them to leave and go to the Celestial Clan to serve.

"Ancestral Master, do you want to recruit a batch of dísciples? There are quite a few cities established near the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain. I remember that the three regions nearby were divided into us by the Celestial Clan for a long time, and now they are divided by others. It is really uncomfortable to occupy race and sect." Han Duotian asked expectantly.

Han Jue calmly said: "We will not accept dísciple for the time being, Hidden Sect strives for refinement but not more. As for the outside territory, it is insignificant."


"It's nothing, go ahead. Your cultivation makes me dissatisfied. Within ten thousand years, you must reach Divine Realm, otherwise you don't want to go out in the future."

"Ten thousand years? I..."


"According to orders..."

Han Duotian left in panic.

This kid had already obtained the Emperor Realm not long ago, but he made him reach the Divine Realm by crossing the nine-turn Immortal Emperor within ten thousand years. He thought it was almost impossible.

A few days later, Han Jue gave out 10,000 honorary disciple arranged by Han Duotian.

these all are Immortal Emperor!

Ten thousand Immortal Emperor left the dao field and suddenly attracted heavenly thunder.

Han Jue clearly felt Heavenly Dao's luck is changing.

An Immortal Emperor is nothing, but the number of ten thousand is really an exaggeration.

Ten thousand Hidden Sect honorary disciple looked up at the rolling heavenly thunder, all smiles proudly.

Ten thousand years of hard work, just waiting for the birth today!

"Let's go to the Celestial Clan!"

A honorary disciple headed by loudly shouted, 10,000 dísciple is like a breakthrough thundercloud with a sharp arrow.

At the same time.

Thirty Three Layer Heaven, Buddhism dao field.

Qiu Xilai opens his eyes, browses tightly knit, muttered: "It is another 10,000 Immortal Emperor, how many Immortal Emperors are hidden in Hidden Sect?"

He remembers the Divine of Hidden Sect The number of Realm dísciple is also exaggerated.

Why does the seemingly low-key Hidden Sect have so many powerful dísciples?

He has been observing the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain. He hasn't recruited dísciples for tens of thousands of years. Are these dísciples all the innate creatures that Han Jue randomly recruited back then?

This is also impossible.

Even if it is an innate creature, aptitude has strengths and weaknesses. It has become the Immortal Emperor for tens of thousands of years and is already the capital of Heaven's Chosen.

At this time, the Spirit of Heavenly Dao appeared, saying: "Heavenly Dao's luck has changed again. Because of Hidden Sect 10,000 Immortal Emperor, Heavenly Dao's overall luck has increased a lot, and he wants to deal with Hidden Sect. Don’t force it, Heavenly Dao rules have begun to get closer to Hidden Sect."

Qiu Xilai said ill-humoredly: "You can’t control Heavenly Dao, and you call yourself Heavenly Dao. I doubt if you’re really Heavenly. Dao spirit."

"Why am I not?"

Heavenly Dao spirit flustered and exasperated, Qiu Xilai sighed.

For some reason, he has recently felt that the spirit of Heavenly Dao is wrong and has become more and more vulgar. Without the detachment of Heavenly Dao, he is more like a mortal.

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