Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 573

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Hidden Sect sent 10,000 Immortal Emperors to support the Celestial Clan. The news spread throughout the Immortal World in just a hundred years, and all influence was shocked.

How many almighty cultivators are hidden in Hidden Sect?

The happiest thing is naturally Immortal God Ji. Almighty above Divine Realm usually have to be busy with cultivation, so Immortal Emperor is the backbone. Hidden Sect gave thousands of Immortal Emperors before, such as today’s clan. The number of Immortal Emperors exceeds 20,000, which is the best in Immortal World.

Immortal God Ji did not disappoint the 10,000 Hidden Sect Immortal Emperor. After arranging them, the war started.

Hidden Sect Immortal Emperor has worked hard for tens of thousands of years in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, and finally came out. Naturally, they don't want to continue cultivation. They want to pursue other things and enrich themselves.

Isn't cultivation just to be better than others?

It is best to realize the value of own strength in war!

For a time, the Celestial Clan fought everywhere, and more and more forces bowed their heads.

A thousand years later.

The Celestial Crow officially declared war on Monster Race. Golden Crow Monster Sovereign is very spine and brazenly fearless in the challenge.

The battle between the two clans is definitely the fiercest battle since the restart of Heavenly Dao, covering dozens of regions.

On a hill.

Han Tuo and Yitian stand side by side, looking at the horizon, they can see a huge Immortal God, who is like a giant mountain, is killing the demon.

Han Tuo sighed and said: "Why bother, you are not a demon yourself, why do you work hard for Monster Race?"

Said with a smile: "I am not Monster Race is desperate, just fighting for luck in their name. If I were singlehanded, I am afraid I would make countless enemies. Now following Monster Race, the Celestial Clan still wants to recruit me."

Han Tuo gave him a blank look and said. : "Do you really want to learn Qitian Great Sage, and give that Immortal God as Bi Mawen?"

Yitian said while staring: "What is meant by Immortal God being Bi Mawen, I am the real Lord of Immortal God! There are mysteriously and inexorably days!"

"Hehe, it makes you seem like the son of Heavenly Dao."

"I told you earlier, you Don’t believe me."

"If you are the son of Heavenly Dao, why do you occasionally need me to take action to save me?"

"Torture is necessary, you are the brother, you don’t save me, Who will save? When I become the lord of Heavenly Dao, I will let you sit on an equal footing with me!"

"It sounds good, I don't have that big ambition."

"Seriously Yes, why are you cultivation?"

Faced with the question of Yitian, Han Tuo fell into silence.

Any creature cultivation has its own purpose. Looking back on himself, Han Tuo found it difficult to answer.

He couldn't help but think of the conversation he had with father many years ago. He almost couldn't remember the appearance of father, but father taught him a lot that night.

Han Tuo took a deep breath and said: "I just want to cultivation. If I am strong, I will definitely lend a hand to Human Race, but what I want most is the strongest!"

Thinking of his rejection by the lord of Hidden Sect, thinking of his wife's death, thinking of the expectations of his parents in the past, his eyes became firm.

"As expected, it is my brother. Just like what I want, you can leave first. Don't worry, I won't die here. The Celestial Clan can't kill me, and won't kill me." Said with a smile on Han Tuo's shoulder.

Han Tuo frowned, hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded.

He turned and left and flew quickly to the sky.

A voice rang in his ears: "This kid may really be the son of Heavenly Dao. His fate is so strange that I can't see through it."


Since surrendering the grievances, Han Tuo has repeatedly turned peril into safety by retributing the grievances. The cultivation base of the Great Principle Golden Immortal is definitely Peak powerhouse in the current Immortal World, even Quasi-Saint is impossible. instakill Great Principle Golden Immortal.

Han Tuo asked in his heart: "Where shall we go next?"

He said: "I think you need to get rid of the knot, otherwise you will have difficulty entering Divine Realm." ."

"How to break it?"

"Go to the mortal world."


"hehe, go You will understand."


Han Jue opened his eyes and smiled.

He has seclusion for 1,300 years.

Finally ushered in a breakthrough!

He didn't start the breakthrough immediately, but checked the email and cared about his own friends.

Well, not bad, no one has fallen.

Han Jue sees an email.

[Your son Han Tuo descend to mortal world]

Why did this kid go to mortal world?

Han Jue immediately observes Han Tuo and browses slightly raise.

Han Tuo actually married a wife and had children in the mortal world, and gave birth to a son and a daughter. He is four years old.

A good boy, even imitating his father.

Han Tuo’s bloodline itself is sealed, combined with mortals, and passed on to the next generation. Although aptitude is better than mortals, it is not so heaven shaking, earth shattering.

Han Jue did not have any interest in own grandson and granddaughter. He waited and watched one hour and then began to seclusion breakthrough.

After 490 years, Han Jue breakthrough succeeded.

This breakthrough took longer than before. This is normal. After all, this is Saint Realm.

Han Jue brings up the own Attribute List to view.

【Full Name :Han Jue 】

【life-span :667909820,9000,9999,9999,9999,9999】

【race :Primordial Chaos Demon God (Immeasurable Great Emperor)]

[cultivation base: Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal late stage (Perfect Sage)]

[cultivation technique: Primordial Chaos Samsara Great Dao ( Great Dao level), weekly body tempering method]

[Great Dao: Great Dao of Life and Death, cause and effect Great Dao, Jiyuan Great Dao]


Life-span refreshed, almost tripled!

More than 20,000 years have passed since the last breakthrough.

Unconsciously, Han Jue is already a sixty thousand-year-old old monster.

After the breakthrough, the spiritual power of Han Jue skyrocketed, and it took twenty years to consolidate the cultivation base.

It took him several months to improve the Sword Dao divine ability to the limit.

Han Jue is about to cultivation too easy to live in Dharma Body, an old fairy welcomes outside the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

The old fairy wore a white robe, divine poise and sagelike features, and held a whisk in his hand. He moved towards Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain as a salute, saying: "In the Xiatian clan Venus Taixian, Fengtian ancestor I came here to invite Hidden Sect to participate in the first Peach of Immortality Gathering of the Celestial Clan."

His words were heard by all the dísciples in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

For the Celestial Clan, they are not unfamiliar. The dísciples who left before are all going to support the Celestial Ancestor, so in their opinion, the Celestial Clan is a subsidiary force of Hidden Sect.

Han Jue’s voice sounded: "When?"

"A hundred years from now, ten Third Layer days."

"Well, I already know."

"The heavenly clan welcomes the immeasurable merits divine might Heavenly Saint."

Venus's too immortal posture is very low, giving Han Jue a lot of face.

Don't look at him like this, his status in the Celestial Clan is not low.

After waiting for a while, after confirming that Han Jue hadn't ordered, Jin Xing Taixian left.

Han Jue called Li Xuanao.

Li Xuanao is also the cultivation base of the Great Principle Golden Immortal Realm Initial Stage, which is close to the intermediate stage already.

"Peach of Immortality Gathering a hundred years later, you bring two dísciples, and you will be back after the conference." Han Jue instructed.

Li Xuanao nodded, said: "Choose whatever you want? Or choose from direct disciple?"

"Choose from honorary disciple."

"Understand Now."

Li Xuanao retired.

The reason why Han Jue picked from the honorary disciple is to retain the power of Hidden Sect. The direct disciple will be the face of Hidden Sect in the future and cannot be exposed in advance.

After Li Xuanao left, Han Jue set his sights on the mortal world.

Han Tuo still lives in that mortal world. His children have been passed down from generation to generation and have become an aristocratic family. However, Han Tuo is very low-key and Han Family is not very strong.

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