Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 574

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Today’s Han Family has hundreds of children and thousands of servants. Apart from Han Tuo, the strongest cultivation base is also Nascent Soul Realm.

Han Family seems to be ignorant of Han Tuo’s cultivation base, and is still in conflict with other families in the same city.

Han Jue retracted his gaze and continued the cultivation.

For this Han Family, he does not approve, and it is even more impossible to lend a helping hand to them.

Even though there is a bloodline relationship, the relationship between the two parties is close to strangers.

Han Jue only wants to protect Han Tuo. As for the Han Family, it depends on whether Han Tuo is willing to shelter.

Although the cultivation is boring, Han Jue doesn't want to trouble himself.

Han Jue began to look forward to which Chaos Demon God Dharma Body he could cultivate this time.

Ten years later.

Han Jue trained ten Four Venerables Demon God Dharma Body, which are weird Demon God, Wanzhong Demon God, Broken Demon God, Heaven Demon God, Tai Chi Demon God, Word Demon God, Silent Demon God , Dao Ruo Demon God, heart demon Demon God, Wuxiang Demon God, Swallowing Demon God, Insects Wake Demon God, Devouring Rain Demon God, Dingdao Demon God.

He was supposed to continue cultivation, but suddenly something happened and interrupted his cultivation.

He opened his eyes and looked.

I saw the west of Immortal World, at the end of Heaven and Earth, the majestic black mist hit from the dark restricted area, magnificent and unstoppable.

Suddenly dozens of mysterious cultivators appeared and joined forces to take action on the black mist, but as soon as their spiritual power touched the black mist, they all dissipated without effect.

"What's going on?"

"This fog is weird, won't it be Heavenly Demon coming again, right?"

"It seems to be reported to Primal Chaos City "

"Three Junior Brothers, you go to Primal Chaos City now!"


The dísciple guarding Fang Tianya in the west comes from Section Cult The cultivator is at least Divine Realm, and the team leader is Great Principle Golden Immortal, but they can't slow down the speed of the black mist, which makes them horrified.

Han Jue watched from a distance the black mist sweeping towards Immortal World, browsing tightly knit.

This black mist is not right.

Not Heavenly Demon, but a bit like it.

Could it be the Dao Demon of Divine Realm?

Han Jue was puzzled, but he didn't mean to take action. When the sky fell, there were other Sages against it.

Sure enough.

On that day, Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord and Xiao Great Emperor rushed to the edge of Immortal World and successfully resisted the approach of the black mist with their Supreme spiritual power, but they only resisted and could not disperse the black mist.

[Qiu Xilai asks you to dream, do you accept it]

[Qiu Xilai asks you to dream, do you accept it]


This guy started to refresh the screen again. It hasn't been like this for a long time. It is probably related to the black fog outside Immortal World.

Han Jue thought for a while and chose to accept it.

After entering the dream, Qiu Xilai immediately rushed over, anxiously said: "The Dark Lord is coming, you must take action, our Heavenly Dao Sage is definitely not its opponent!"

Darkness Holy King?

Han Jue asked: "Who said that?"

"Li Muyi! He has been attacked by the Dark Lord. It is clear that he said the Dark Lord might be here to chase him. Kill him."


Han Jue doesn't believe it, but he has counted it. The Dark Lord is still too early to attack Immortal World.



Han Jue lifted the dream and returned to reality.

"I want to know the origin of the black fog that attacked Immortal World?"

[70 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


Han Jue had a form in his mind, and a line of words appeared in front of him:

[Luo Hui: Sage perfection, the ancestor of Demon Race, Immeasurable Great Emperor, son of Heavenly Dao, Dao Ancestor Demon Body]

Why is it him?

Han Jue was so frightened that he immediately sat down and dared not go to support him.

How can he deal with Sage perfection?


How could Li Muyi recognize the wrong person?

Is it possible that Luohu is closely related to the Dark Lord?

Han Jue continued to ask: "Why Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi said that the black mist that attacked Immortal World is the Dark Lord?"

[4 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, Do you want to continue?


Han Jue entered the dreamland and came to Li Muyi's dao field.

Li Muyi and Qiu Xilai are sitting opposite each other, their expressions stern.

Li Muyi solemnly asked: "Really?"

"Well, under the leadership of the Spirit of Heavenly Dao, I have found the Dao Ancestor demon body, but Luohu has the will to own, see In the face of Dao Ancestor, he is willing to help us get rid of Han Jue, he only needs to lead Han Jue out." Qiu Xilai said solemnly.

Li Muyi's eyes flickered.

Qiu Xilai said: "Han Jue is more threatening than me. He alone is enough to overthrow our Sage. Sooner or later, we will get rid of Sage. You and I will return to Divine Realm. How to say, we can also be considered as the same sect from Dao Sect, what is Han Jue? Chaos Demon God?"

Li Muyi asked: "How can we deceive Han Jue?"

"I can see it. Han Jue will not leave Immortal World unless forced to Said it was your enemy, the Dark Sage. No matter how strong the Dark Sage is, Han Jue should be able to judge it in his heart."

Qiu Xilai said seriously, and the corners of his mouth rose after speaking.

Li Muyi said with emotion: "You really see him thoroughly."

Qiu Xilai said with a smile: "As long as he goes out, he will die."

The dream is broken.

Han Jue opened his eyes and almost cursed.

He's going to play against Lao Tzu!

But I have to say that this trap is really strong and impeccable.

If Han Jue does not have evolutionary functions, you may first ask Qiu Xilai, and after confirming that it is true, in order to protect Immortal World, it is really possible to take action.

What a pity!

You Sage will never count me!

Han Jue's eyes are fierce.

Very good.

Since you are going to target me, don't blame me for being impolite!

Han Jue directly entrusted his dream to Li Muyi.

In his dream, Li Muyi saw Han Jue appear and couldn't help getting up.

"Really the Dark Lord is coming?" Han Jue asked.

Li Muyi said with a bitter smile: "Yes, he is very strong. I am afraid that only you can handle the entire Immortal World."

"Then what about Heavenly Lord?"


"Heavenly Lord is not your opponent."

"That's right."

Han Jue was silent.

Li Muyi stared at him.

Han Jue asked again: "Are you sure you are the Dark Lord, I can deal with it?"

Li Muyi hesitantly said: "The Dark Lord should be similar to the previous Heavenly Demon , I can’t be sure that you can execute him, but only you have the strength."

This guy actually retreats!

Han Jue almost died of anger.

As expected of Sage, the acting is really good.

"Okay, I will consider it."

After that, Han Jue will relieve the dream.

He didn't say anything, he went straight to the cultivation Dharma Body, which is too easy to be comfortable, first strengthen himself, and then deal with these two dog things.

Outside of Immortal World.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord and Xiao Great Emperor are still resisting the black mist.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord solemnly asked: "Why don't other Sages come yet?"

Great Emperor frowned: "I don't know, Qiu Xilai said to ask Han Jue for help."

As soon as Han Jue was mentioned, the anxious color on Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord's face couldn't help but ease.

After experiencing the disaster of Heavenly Demon, in the heart of Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, Han Jue is Heavenly Dao the strongest.

If Han Jue take action, this catastrophe should be resolved.

At the same time, Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi are also waiting.

Time goes by every minute and every second.

A few days later.

Han Jue has not yet appeared.

Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi panicked.

Is Han Jue persuaded?

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