Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 575

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Han Jue didn't think about the psychological fluctuations of Li Muyi and Qiu Xilai. He focused on cultivation. Qiu Xilai didn't dare to ask for dreams anymore, because he was too eager to show his feet instead.

One year later, Qiu Xilai couldn't help but entrust his dream to Han Jue again, but Han Jue ignored it.

At this time, he realized that the plan had failed.

Han Jue is absolutely persuaded!

Qiu Xilai cursed secretly and had to let the Spirit of Heavenly Dao tell Luo Hu to retreat.

Luo Hui seems to have own ambitions, and after a stalemate for several months before retreating, all the saints finally sighed in relief.

Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi felt bad, and they no longer entrusted their dreams to Han Jue.

For the past eighty-nine years, Han Jue's cultivation has just ended, and he can no longer cultivation to produce a new Demon God Dharma Body.

Han Jue has also learned 36 Demon God Dharma Body, which are total Demon God, Condensed Demon God, Speed ​​Demon God, Fantasy Demon God, Prison Demon God, Demon God, Annihilation Demon God, Season Demon God, Fierce Demon God, Thousand Faces Demon God, Hidden Demon God, Dark Ma Demon God, Infinite Demon God, Undefeated Demon God, Screaming Demon God, Demon God, Demon God, Demon God of Power Demon God , Future Demon God, Demon God, Demon God, Trace Demon God, Purify Demon God, Constant Demon God, Chaotic Demon God, Confused Demon God, Demon God of Life.

In this breakthrough, a total of fifty Demon Gods were acquired, totaling 170 Four Venerables Demon God Dharma Body!

Han Jue originally thought that there would be more Demon God Dharma Body learned in this breakthrough, but didn't expect not.

He began to enter the Simulated Trial to adapt to the power of these Demon God Dharma Body.

A few months later.

He found that the strongest is the Demon God of strength, a strength breaking myriad laws, with Heavenly Astral Demon God, it is extremely violent, and can even be described as invincible!

Heavenly Demon, no Heavenly Lord and others are already unable to withstand the blow of Han Jue.

Soaring strength!

Han Jue began to nurture the spirit of Demon God in his body, and at the same time, he thought about how to deal with Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi.

That's right!

It is disposal!

He can easily grasp the two Sages now.

Do you want to use Primordial Chaos?

Do you want to kill it directly?

Han Jue hesitated a bit. If he killed the two saints directly, he would definitely be aware of the existence behind the two saints.

No, you must kill one, surrender one, warn others from following bad examples.

Otherwise, other Sages will also trouble me in the future!

Han Jue expression congeals, slowly stood up, the yin and yang protection birthday burst out with divine light.

He came directly to Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

He moved straight towards Li Muyi's palace and flew away.

He didn't cover up his own breath, his appearance alarmed the other Sages.

Looking at Han Jue falling in front of Li Muyi’s dao field, the saints are nervous. If Han Jue and Li Muyi join forces, I’m afraid...

Han Jue waved and broke the palace directly The gate, the formation of the Sage dao field is shattered.

"Han Jue, what do you mean?"

Li Muyi shouted angrily, he directly drew his own sword and prepared to fight.

Han Jue coldly said: "I didn't want to kill you, since you are waiting for plot against me, then don't blame me for being impolite!"

He directly condensed two statues Chaos Demon God Dharma Body is Heavenly Astral Demon God and Demon God of Power.

The two Demon God Dharma Body are both extremely stalwart and terrifying.

They simultaneously threw out their right fists, their fists were overbearing, and the Sage dao field exploded directly, turning into nothingness, and the terrifying wind ravaged Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

Li Muyi lifted the sword and used the divine ability to resist.

But as soon as he lifted the sword, the fleshy body was annihilated.

All the saints were shocked and showed up one after another. They didn't understand why Han Jue took action on Li Muyi, but they couldn't stand by and watch. What if it's their turn next?

Qiu Xilai's face is gloomy, and his heart is flustered.

Could it be that their strategy was revealed?


Unless Han Jue recognizes Rahu!

Han Jue raised his hand to catch Li Muyi's holy soul, Li Muyi turned pale in fright, struggling hard, but felt a strong force bound him, making him unable to escape.

Not only that, but the surrounding space is also confined, and he can't move it!

How is it possible!

Li Muyi panicked completely. He knew that Han Jue was very strong and didn't expect to be so strong. He even suspected that Han Jue was already a free Sage, or even stronger.

Han Jue hummed: "The black mist that struck Immortal World before was not the Dark Lord at all, but Luo Huo, designed by Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi. They wanted to trick me out, so today I killed Li Muyi. , Warn others from following bad examples, lest you still want to plot against me in the future!"

"If I don't deal with you, it doesn't mean I am afraid of you!"

Han Jue directly Use Demon God to consume Li Muyi's holy soul, without giving him a chance to resurrect.

Swallowing Demon God can absorb the enemy’s soul and fleshy body to strengthen oneself, but Han Jue only learns Dharma Body. After devouring Li Muyi, the increase in cultivation base is almost negligible.

After Li Muyi fell, Han Jue looked towards Qiu Xilai.

Qiu Xilai was moved and quickly said: "I can explain this to you, Han Jue, don't forget! I helped you in the last measuring tribulation!"

Han Jue instantly appeared in front of Qiu Xilai, Qiu Xilai subconsciously displayed the divine ability, and the whole body burst out golden light, like a golden bell, magnificent and sacred.


Han Jue smashed the golden bell with a palm, grabbed Qiu Xilai, Heavenly Astral Demon God and Lizhi Demon God simultaneously punched, with absolute domineering power Crush Qiu Xilai's fleshy body.

Han Jue then used the power of imprisoning Demon God to suppress Qiu Xilai's holy soul, and then disappeared into Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, Heaven's Severing Cult Master, Xiao Great Emperor, Fu Xitian, and Unable to Heavenly Lord were all shocked and froze in place.

They heard Han Jue's words clearly. The previous black fog was designed by Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi?

No wonder they said they were looking for Han Jue, but Han Jue did not take action, and the black mist still dissipated.

Except for being unable to Heavenly Lord, the other four holy sages have extremely complicated moods, with flukes and the feeling of cold lips and teeth.

No matter what, Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi are the same batch of Sage as them.


In the Taoist temple.

Han Jue suppressed Qiu Xilai's soul in the Primordial Chaos jail. Qiu Xilai already disregarded his face and kept begging for mercy, without the air of Sage at all.

Han Jue ignores Qiu Xilai and waits patiently for the time of Primordial Chaos prison to pass.

After begging for several hours, Qiu Xilai finally calmed down.

Since Han Jue didn't kill him, he still has hope.

Han Jue called Zhang Jiao in and guarded Qiu Xilai's soul to avoid this guy from taking the opportunity to escape.

At the same time, the news of Han Jue execution of the two saints spread between Immortal World Great Influence, Thirty Three Layer Heaven is not only Sage, but also many Daoist, and there is even more in Primal Chaos City. The dísciple of the Great Influence of all parties.

Ten Third Layer days.

Li Daokong and Li Xuanao gathered in a hall.

Li Xuanao said with a bitter smile: "didn't expect Master will fall..."

Li Daokong sighed.

Li Muyi is the Master who raised them, and Han Jue is their new master. They can’t say anything.

"It is estimated that what Master did, otherwise Sect Master would be impossible to take action in anger. You should also know his character." Li Xuanao said helplessly.

Li Daokong glanced at Li Xuanao. Although he understood that Li Xuanao was telling the truth, Han Jue really did not look like a bloodthirsty person, but Li Xuanao deliberately helped Han Jue speak, which made him look down upon Li. Xuanao.

Junior Brother, who is not a good one, only knows to stand in line!

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