Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 577

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Han Tuo's tone was very dissatisfied, and the middle-aged man quickly apologized.

Father and son chatted for a while, the middle-aged man stepped back and went back to choose a suitable dísciple.

Han Tuo sighed as he watched his back down the mountain.

Every time I see his children, Han Tuo always thinks of his dead wife. The reason why he came to the mortal world to become a biological son is just to experience and make his own mood more transparent.

Immortal World’s wife died in the hands of the enemy, and Mortal World’s wife died of old age.

Han Tuo originally thought that this life would pass easily, didn't expect his children to be like him, wanting to pursue immortal dao.

In the beginning, Han Tuo still had expectations for his children. However, his son took a wrong path and was full of desire for power. On the contrary, his daughter kept asking quietly.

Han Tuo suddenly thought of his own father.

How did Han Jue think of him back then?

Recalling those words of Han Jue, he was a little confused.

Is he really unqualified father?

"Father, if you are still alive, maybe...oh, I blame the child for not finding the Longevity medicine for you in time."

Han Tuo muttered to himself, he shook the head, don't think about it anymore.

After spending so long in the mortal world, it's time to go back.

After half a month.

The middle-aged man took a young man up the mountain, and Han Tuo let the young man enter the Taoist temple.

The young man bowed respectfully on the ground. Although he was only thirteen-fourteen years old, he was very calm.

For some reason, Han Tuo inexplicably thought of himself when he was young.

looks really like him.

Han Tuo began to teach the dao method.


Three hundred years have passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes. These three hundred years can be regarded as relaxing, making his mood finally happy.

He stood up and decided to be Hidden Sect sermon.

Already there has been no sermon for thousands of years, so it's time to talk about it.

"Prepare to listen to the sermon."

Han Jue's voice resounded through the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, and all dísciples went out.

Still talking about Great Dao, Sermon for a hundred years.

A hundred years later, Han Jue stopped sermon and looked down on the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

After so many years, Hidden Sect still has some new Heaven's Chosen. Most direct disciples also accept disciples, even Hei Yuji has accepted disciples.

Han Jue predicts that in 100,000 years, in addition to Serene Race, Hidden Sect will have at least 5,000 Divine Realms.

A hundred Great Principle Golden Immortal will appear after tens of thousands of years. There should be hope!

There may not be a hundred Great Principle Golden Immortal in the entire Immortal World, so you can imagine how strong the Hidden Sect will be thousands of years later.


Ten thousand years is too long!

Han Jue is still hitting one hundred thousand years old.

Sometimes, if aptitude is too good, there will be troubles, just because time goes too slowly.

After finishing the sermon, Han Jue returned to the Taoist temple.

He clicked on the email to check it. He didn't check it for a long time, and he didn't know how the circle of friends was going.

[Your friend, the evil Heavenly Emperor, was crushed by your enemy, Zhun Ti, and was seriously injured]

[Your son Han Tuo strayed into Nine Serenities Purgatory]

[Your friend Li Daokong was attacked by your friend Jiang Dugu]

[Your friend Shi Dudao was attacked by your friend Li Daokong]

[Your friend Xie Heavenly Emperor Get the guidance of mysterious almighty, the cultivation skyrocketed]

[Your friend Jing Tiangong created the Darkness Cult]

[Your friend Xiao Great Emperor encountered a mysterious curse]


How did the evil Heavenly Emperor provoke Zhunti?

Han Jue felt puzzled. The most important thing was that the evil Heavenly Emperor could survive.

He hesitated to mention the curse of the Heavenly Emperor?

You can try the water. Anyway, Zhunti is his enemy, and it has been hundreds of years since Qiu Xilai has been enslaved.

Han Jue continues to look down. It seems that this is not the first time that Jing Tiangong has developed Darkness Cult.

After leaving Section Cult, Jing Tiangong seems to be having a bad time.

Han Jue is hesitant to recruit Jing Tiangong directly?

Forget it.

In case the identity of the Darkness Forbidden Lord is needed someday in the future, it cannot be revealed in advance.

Han Jue looked down all the way, most of his friends outside began to become active, and the former Immortal World was completely returned.

After closing the email, Han Jue explored the holy thoughts and observed the entire Immortal World.

The three realms near the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain are already densely covered by creatures. After the overwhelming majority creature shape transformation, they are all in the form of Human Race, but Human Race has had a hard time in Immortal World, and already has become a small one. Race can only be struggling on whilst at death's door in a territory divided by the Celestial Clan.

In addition to Monster Race in Immortal World today, the most powerful race should be clan, clan is as easy as Monster Race, and it promotes that all beings in the world can be named clan.

Monster Race is now headed by the Celestial Clan, and is afraid to offend the Celestial Clan, and is competing with the clan for the second place.

From now on, Dragon Race will not know when it will rise again.

Perhaps because of the holy place, more and more almighty walk Heaven and Earth, spread the dao method, more than a hundred pieces of luck sect were born, and almost every piece of luck sect has Divine Realm almighty, even It is Quasi-Saint.

Han Jue observed for several hours, then looked away.

He looked towards the mortal world Han Tuo had stayed before. The Han Family that Han Tuo left behind had already migrated, and was still being hunted down, a little desolate.

"This smelly brat is also ruthless, really like your old man."

Han Jue muttered to himself.

Although the situation of the Han Family is miserable, it has not yet reached the point of extinction. There are many aptitudes in the family that surpass the dísciple of mortals, but they are too young to grow up.

Han Jue moved his mind directly and moved the Han Family directly to a safe mountain forest, isolated from the world, hoping that they would not cause trouble and feel at ease in cultivation.

After that, Han Jue closed his eyes and continued the cultivation.


Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

Qiu Xilai, Unable to Heavenly Lord, Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord, Fu Xitian, Heaven's Severing Cult Master, Xiao Great Emperor, Queen Houtu gathered in the dao field of Li Muyi.

All the saints looked tense, all their eyes were looking at a light hole suspended in the air in front of them, and the lightning shone silently, dazzling and weird.

Queen Houtu couldn't help but ask: "Who will come?"

Heaven's Severing Cult Master calmly said: "I don't know, if Sage is not returning to Divine Realm If you receive a new dísciple, it should be the senior who will come."

Queen Houtu frowned.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord looked towards Qiu Xilai and asked: "Why are you so peaceful? Li Muyi died because of you!"

"If he had no intentions, would he agree with me I can’t force him to plot against him.” Qiu Xilai shook his head.

Heaven's Severing Cult Master is not coldly snorted.

Other Sages are also very uncomfortable with Qiu Xilai.

This guy is really thick-skinned.

At this moment, a vast coercion spread out from the light hole.

I saw a gray robed old man with gray hair coming out, holding a whisk in his hand, and a long sword emitting azure light hovering behind him, with a small Lotus Throne attached to the end of the hilt.

Except for Queen Houtu and Fuxitian, the others Sage one after another saluted, and said in unison: "Meet Xuandu Shengzun!"

Xuandu Shengzun looked indifferent and said:" I already know about the Heavenly Dao. I’m too Sage to take charge of Human Cult. I hope you don’t embarrass Human Cult in the future."

"That is natural."

All Saints once again Replied.

Xuandu Shengzun looked towards Qiu Xilai and said: "Why did you cut off the cause and effect with that person?"

Qiu Xilai replied: "I was caught by Han Jue As a last resort, my heart is still toward Buddhism."

The eyes of the Holy Venerable Xuandu suddenly became full of meaning, as if he could see through Qiu Xilai.

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