Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 578

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Xuan Du Shengzun retracted his gaze and faced all the saints, leisurely said: "As for Li Muyi's death, I have my own conclusion. The top priority is to stabilize Heavenly Dao's air luck. Recently Heavenly Dao's air Fortunes are disordered, order needs to be consolidated, and disasters should not be regenerated for the time being."

All Saints sighed in relief, this is exactly what they want.

They don't want to go shopping with Han Jue.

They even think that Han Jue is not weaker than the Xuandu Holy Venerable.

The result also proved this point, and the Xuandu Holy Venerable did not dare to fight with it.

After that, the Xuandu Holy Venerable was no longer polite, and raised his hand to signal that all the saints could leave.

After the saints left, the Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord found Queen Houtu and said: "You and Han Jue have the deepest cause and effect. What does Han Jue think of us?"

Other Sages also came around. Qiu Xilai and Heavenly Lord were secretly wary. If Queen Houtu dared to be disrespectful to Han Jue, they would plot against Queen Houtu.

After experiencing the Primordial Chaos prison, they are absolutely loyal to Han Jue, but they will not lose their own character and thinking.

This change is terrifying, even Sage can't realize it.

Queen Houtu replied: "How do I know, but if you don’t target him, he shouldn’t be paying attention to you, this child has Great Dao in his heart, and has no time to plot against you, the death of Li Muyi you I also figured it out. What would you do if it’s you?"

She seemed to think of something, and said meaningfully: "Han Jue can see through Qiu Xilai and Li Muyi's plot against. It's worth your thinking. Thinking, his divine ability is far beyond ours."

The voice fell, and Queen Houtu disappeared.

Sage looked at each other in blank dismay.


Six hundred and ninety years later.

Han Jue opened his eyes, and the word rows of appeared in front of him:

[It is detected that you are 70,000 years old, and you have taken a step forward in your life. You have the following options]

[1, immediately go to Divine Realm and unify Great Dao, and get a Sage-level dao field guard, a Great Dao fragment, a supreme treasure, and a divine ability inheritance]

[ Two, low-key cultivation, stay away from disputes, keep your original intentions, you can get a Great Dao fragment, a divine ability inheritance, a supreme treasure】

Han Jue cursed secretly, and the dog System came to seduce him again!

He looked for the second option directly.

[You choose a low-key cultivation, get a Great Dao fragment, a divine ability inheritance, a supreme treasure]

[Congratulations on obtaining the divine ability-Dharma Body Fusion Technique]

[Dharma Body Fusion Technique: Special divine ability, can integrate the Dharma Body displayed by oneself into the Fleshy body, combining the two powers into one]

[Congratulations Obtained Chaos supreme treasure-Heaven-Opening Axe]

[Opening Heaven-Axe: Chaos supreme treasure, one of Chaos Demon God Pangu’s co-exist magical treasures, has the power to devour Chaos Demon God’s luck, but Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart 】

Open the axe!

Han Jue's eyes widened.

What is the level of Chaos supreme treasure?

In Han Jue's cognition, magical treasure is divided into spirit treasure and supreme treasure according to each realm.

Great Principle spirit treasure, Great Principle supreme treasure, Heavenly Dao spirit treasure, Heavenly Dao supreme treasure, free spirit treasure, free supreme treasure!

The supreme treasure of chaos is higher than the free level?

Han Jue has a feeling of being stunned by huge happiness. Is this a sudden invincible hang?

Think about it again, Pangu is more than just an axe, Dao Ancestor also has a Good Fortune Jade Plate. They have such a supreme treasure before Dao proves. Wouldn't it be more open?

Han Jue was curious: "System, how did you collect these supreme treasures?"

Could it be that System was transformed by Dao Ancestor?

Han Jue has to doubt the origin of System.

[System is just an auxiliary. You need to be strong enough to understand the origin of System, and System currently does not know its origin]

System's answer is still so hard, without any emotion.

But this makes Han Jue relax.

If the system has own will, then think carefully about it.

Of course, the current System may also be disguising, but Han Jue chooses to believe in the System, if there is no System, how can he be today.

Anyway, he has been cultivation at ease, and it’s good not to be led by the System.

In addition to the Sky Axe, Dharma Body Fusion is also very strong, and I don’t know how many Dharma Body can be fused at the same time.

This technique is completely standard with Dharma Body, and the level is unpredictable. The stronger the Dharma Body divine ability, the stronger it is!

Han Jue first took out the sky-opening axe and prepared to recognize the Master.

The opening axe is bigger than Han Jue. The axe body is vast, carved with a one by one villain, with different postures, as if in a big melee, holding the opening axe, Han Jue Feeling heavy, almost unsteady.

He is Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal, and he can't hold it steady!

It is indeed the supreme treasure of chaos!

Han Jue began to recognize it as Master.

For the past year, Kaitianyi has only succeeded in recognizing the Master, which is even more difficult than Slaughter Dao.

Han Jue continues to inherit Dharma Body fusion.

A few days later, he mastered this technique, then performed Simulated Trial, and began to try.

He directly integrated the Heavenly Astral Demon God Dharma Body, holding the Heavenly Axe, and hacking to death the Heavenly Lord with one axe.

He once again Simulated Trial, this time integrates Heavenly Astral Demon God, Power of Demon God, the power is strengthened again, easily hacked to death unable to Heavenly Lord.

Han Jue keeps trying.

He found that fusion of Demon God Dharma Body is not a completely superimposed effect. Most of Chaos Demon God’s powers are essentially different. Dharma Body fusion is only a combination of advantages. The power of the same type of Demon God is not a plus after fusion. The effect of one equals two, like Heavenly Astral Demon God, Demon God of power, when added together, it also has the effect of one plus one in one point five.

But this is also very good!

Han Jue is very satisfied. He can integrate the Five Venerables Demon God Dharma Body at most, and will master the power of these Demon Gods. If there is more, his fleshy body will not be able to withstand it.

Han Jue continues to enjoy the battle, and wants to fully master the Dharma Body fusion technique, by the way, try different effects of Demon God Dharma Body fuse together.


mysterious space.

A silhouette appear out of thin air shining with different rays of light.

They all looked in the same direction. It was a starlight-like spot, changing in darkness.

"This Great Dao is getting stronger again, and its growth rate is extraordinary."

"Is it a natural derivative, or is it a great Dao?"

"I don't know, I can't see through."

"Observe again, I always feel that this Great Dao will affect chaos."

"I think so too "

These silhouettes whispered, and after a while, they disappeared.

The spot of light in the darkness still shines lonely, constantly striving for self-improvement.


The years have passed, and 834 years have passed.

Han Jue who was cultivating suddenly heard a cry, not from the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, but from the distant mortal world.

"Han Tuo Old Ancestor, grandson begs you to appear soon, my Han family is about to be extinct, do you really bear to sit and watch?"

"Why can someone else's family invite Upper Realm Immortal God, my Han Family has Immortal God Old Ancestor, but I just ignore my Han Family?"

"Why! Why!"

"My Han Family has been lost Thousands of years, struggling on whilst at death's door, why God just refuses to let us go!"

This voice is desperate and hoarse.

Han Jue raised his eyes, he saw a young man kneeling on the ground in a barren mountain, his eyes roaring, tears constantly falling, and many corpses lying around him.

Han Jue can figure out that those corpses are all heirs of the Han Family at a glance.

He looked towards Han Tuo again.

At this moment, Han Tuo is imprisoned in Nine Serenities Purgatory, and is suffering from the burning of Nine Serenities.

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