Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 581

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Hearing what Xitian Old Ancestor said, Bodhi said with a smile: "My friend Xi Heavenly Dao, I am not happy about your words. I have nothing to do with Buddhism. The duty of making an all-out effort is also to make an all-out effort, don’t slander me."

Seven Dao Sheng followed said with a smile: "That’s, it’s not easy for me to return to Divine Realm, unlike Heavenly Dao. You sit high on the top of Heavenly Dao and don't care about anything."

Di Jun did not speak, but his smile was full of meaning.

The atmosphere between the four almighty becomes subtle.

Xitian Old Ancestor did not get angry, saying: "If you want to take the responsibility of guarding Heavenly Dao for me, I have no opinion."

Jade Bodhi and Seven Dao Sages are no longer Talk back.

Di Jun said with a smile: "Come, come, and finally get together, don’t say these angry words, you can still compare to Heavenly Dao than life-span, and the last time the victory was No decision, we will continue to kill!"

Seven Dao Sheng hum said: "Come on, don’t target me if you have a kind of wait, see if I will kill you and wait for a piece of armor."


"A joke, do you still need to be targeted to kill you?"

The four almighty were sitting together, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little uncomfortable.


Time flies.

Han Jue, as always, is immersed in seclusion cultivation, enjoying the refreshing feeling of step-by-step improvement of the cultivation base.

When he was cultivation, he suddenly sensed something and opened his eyes.

Ninth Layer Heaven, Fang Liang stands in front of South Heaven Gate, absorbing the luck of Heaven and Earth. He exudes white light and the fleshy body is illusory, like a projection.

Han Jue frowned.

This kid...

Not just absorbing Heavenly Dao's luck, but to be precise, like Fusang Tree, absorbing the Heaven and Earth Source of Immortal World!

Sage will inevitably be disturbed by such actions. This fellow has also been a Heavenly Emperor at any rate. It shouldn't be ignorant of this, it can only show that Fang Liang has the confidence.

Fang Liang has long been the Great Principle cultivation base, but over the years, the cultivation base has not improved much, as if he had encountered bottleneck.

Han Jue didn't stop him, he wanted to see what Fang Liang wanted to do.

He clicked on the own Attribute List and found that 1,620 years have passed.

Time flies so fast.

Han Jue looked towards Han Tuo, this kid has recently mixed up with Yitian and Han Ming. The three are rushing into an Immemorial secret realm, located overseas. Han Jue can sense the Immemorial secret There is a Heavenly Dao spirit treasure hidden in the realm, which was left by Li Muyi.

Han Tuo now has stepped into Divine Realm, which is regarded as a complete foothold in Immortal World.

Han Jue looked towards Han Yu again.

Han Yu doesn't know when to ascension to Immortal World. He is currently in a cultivation sect. He has a low status and is guarding a Medicine Garden.

Han Jue couldn't help thinking that his young self is also the guardian of Medicine Garden.

I have to say that this kid has a lot of fate with him.

Looks like, and chances are similar.

Since being rescued by Han Jue, Han Yu has become extremely cautious and obsessed with cultivating penance, which makes Han Jue very satisfied.

Han Tuo takes a completely different path from Han Jue, and Han Yu is the same as Han Jue.

After hesitating for a moment, Han Jue decided to visit Han Yu before casting the spell.


High mountains rise like forests. On the halfway of a big mountain, Han Yu sits on a boulder. In front of it is a pool of strange flowers and plants.

Han Yu wears a white robe and looks very handsome.

A group of female disciple controlling sword to fly, passing by here, stopped one after another.

"Junior Brother Han, do you want to go to experience with us?" a charming Tsing Yi female disciple asked with a smile.

Other female disciple looked towards Han Yu's eyes are also full of splendor.

Han Yu looks so handsome, there is no male dísciple in the whole sect to compare with it.

Han Yu opened his eyes, shook his head and said: "Many thanks to the kindness of Senior Sisters, I have to watch the herbs, next time."

Tsing Yi female disciple said with a curled lips: "Every Tell me every time and next time, you idiot."

After speaking, she turned and left.

Other female disciple followed closely, one of them said while playfully pouting: "You, are you really stupid? If you are from our Senior Sister, where do you still need to be a drug slave? ?"

Han Yu smiled wryly without answering.

After all the female disciples left, he just let out a sigh of relief.

"You don't like female sex?" A joking voice came.

I saw a white robed man who did not know when he appeared under the tree next to Medicine Pond. The shade of the tree obscured his face, making Han Yu unable to see clearly.

Han Yu frowned. He is not a mortal, and he can't see the other side's face clearly. What does this mean?

It shows that the other party’s cultivation base is far superior to him!

Han Yu asked vigilantly: "Who is your Excellency?"

The white robed man is naturally Han Jue.

Han Jue faint smile asked: "You answer me first."

Han Yu said: "Naturally not, but I am very restrained. I don't want the female silhouette to ring my cultivation. "


"My family was slaughtered. Before that, I was shackled by the family and couldn't concentrate on cultivation."

" Do you plan to be alone forever?"

"After I am strong, I will definitely create Han Family again, but I am not strong enough."

"Oh? How strong are you then?"

"At least Supreme Unity True Immortal...You might laugh at me. How can a drug slave like me achieve Supreme Unity True Immortal?"

Han Jue did laugh.

Han Yu could not help but feel bitter when he heard his laughter.

Han Jue suddenly asked: "If I can give you the dao method to reach Supreme Unity True Immortal, what would you like to do?"

hearing this, Han Yu was stunned.

His first reaction was to be vigilant. Could it be that the opponent is a generation of demons?

From the mortal world to the Immortal World, it was not the first time he encountered an evil demon cultivator who was good at deceiving.

For some reason, Han Yu wants to trust each other inexplicably.

This feeling made him very frightened.

The other party must have used some kind of bewitching technique on him!

No way!

I want to be sober!

Han Yu's expression became hideous.

Han Jue is surprised, what is this kid doing?

After a while.

Han Yu said: "Thanks Senior. Forget it, I still rely on myself and keep my feet on the ground."

"If you miss this opportunity, you may not meet again. Really Want to refuse me?"

"I have decided..."

Han Jue was silent.

He was rejected!

Han Jue immediately disappeared in place.

Han Yu sighed in relief, today is a lot of hardships, but fortunately he is firm in his heart.

In the Taoist Temple.

Han Jue opened his eyes with a strange expression.

He was kind enough to give the opportunity, but he was rejected!

He has not been rejected for a long time. This feeling is quite strange.

"If this is the case, then I have to see if you regret it."

Han Jue hummed, thinking in his heart.

Boy, cultivation does not depend on determination!

Han Jue closes his eyes and continues cultivation.

He closed his eyes for a thousand years.

Opening his eyes again, the first thing he cares about is Han Yu.

Thousands of years have passed, Han Yu has already changed sect.

This kid was chased by a clan not long ago, and he is hiding in the piece of mountain valley for cultivation.

Its cultivation base has just entered the supreme unity Earth Immortal Realm.

The cultivation base has only grown so little in a thousand years, aptitude cannot be said to be bad, it can only be said to be mediocre.

After Heavenly Dao restarted, the mortal world was reborn, but the transformation rule of ascension has not yet appeared. Therefore, Han Yu’s cultivation base is completely step-by-step. His cultivation technique is still reserved for Han Tuo. Son's.

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