Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 584

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After Zhang Guxing finished speaking, Han Jue was lost in thought.

Since Han Tuo and Samsara Immortal Emperor want to enter the Divine Palace, Han Jue will naturally not stop them.

Eggs cannot be placed in a basket. If each Great Influence of Immortal World has Hidden Sect dísciple, then Hidden Sect will be better mixed in the future.

Don't look at Han Jue so strong now, Hidden Sect seems to be already invincible, but who knows the future.

Dao Sect, who like the sun at high noon back then, is still disbanded?

Han Jue opened the mouth and said: "I'll help you intercede."

Hearing this, Zhang Guxing is surprised, thank you Han Jue quickly.

There was a time when Han Jue thanked Zhang Guxing in the same way.

Zhang Guxing raised his head and asked: "Han Tuo still doesn't know his own life experience, how do you plan?"

Han Jue replied: "Maintain the status quo, I have my plan."


Han Jue waved his sleeves and moved Zhang Guxing out so as not to be embarrassed.

Tens of thousands of years have passed, enough to change a lot, at least the relationship between the two has become subtle, Han Jue is not interested in reminiscing about the old, he believes Zhang Guxing is not in the mood to chat.

This is the case.

After leaving the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, Zhang Guxing let out a sigh of relief.

He showed a wry smile and muttered to himself: "Sage is really amazing."

Sitting in front of Han Jue, he was under great pressure, and every time he looked at Han Jue. , His heart beats faster.

Even through the ups and downs, but the difference between Shengfan is too great, he can't hold his own dao heart at all.

No matter what, Han Jue agreed to his request.

He still knows Han Jue very well, he will not make promises easily, he must be absolutely sure.

Looking back at the past, Zhang Guxing was in infinite emotion.

The boy who was blocked by Vermillion Bird in the mortal world and dared not ascension, has now become Sage.

Zhang Guxing doesn’t think Han Jue’s aptitude is good. No matter how good the aptitude is, it’s impossible to be sanctified for tens of thousands of years. Presumably Han Jue itself is Sage, just a Dharma Body descend to mortal world experience.

"Divine Palace will be in my hands, surpassing the ancestors!"

Zhang Guxing thought with blazing eyes, and immediately flew to the sky.

On the other side, Han Jue gave the Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord a dream and told him about it.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord agreed directly and readily, saying that he was willing to give Han Jue a face, and he took Han Jue to chat for a while, and met with a chance to discuss dao.

After the dream was over, Han Jue cursed secretly.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord is so thick-skinned!

Han Jue owes Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord a favor instead of hitting the smiling face.

But as long as Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord does not oppose Han Jue, Han Jue can still bear it.


Eighty years later.

"I, Zhang Guxing, adhering to the legacy of the ancestors, founded the Divine Palace. Anyone who is outstanding in All Heavens aptitude can enter the Divine Palace. The Divine Palace is ranked by aptitude. I want to create an absolute fair to Heaven's Chosen. Sect, with young power, compete for Heavenly Dao's luck!"

Zhang Guxing's voice resounded through Immortal World, but it did not arouse much repercussions.

Since the birth of the clan, the future almighty found Qiyun sect will use some kind of gimmick to promote Immortal World.

Han Jue counts, Han Tuo and Samsara Immortal Emperor have already joined Divine Palace. Not only them, but also the former Cult Master Jing Tiangong of Section Cult and Monster Race Monster Sage have also entered the Divine Palace.

Currently, Divine Palace dísciple already exceeds 10,000. Except for Jing Tiangong and Samsara Immortal Emperor, there is no Great Principle Golden Immortal.

Han Jue turned his attention to Han Yu.

Since cultivation Six Paths Samsara Art, Han Yu’s cultivation base has been increasing day by day, but compared with Han Tuo, his aptitude is too poor. Currently, there is no hope for Divine Realm, unless Han Jue wants to Ways to improve his aptitude.

Han Jue didn't expect Han Yu either. He just added a little bit of fun to his dull and boring cultivation years, just like chasing drama in his previous life.

Han Tuo is really looking forward to.

Han Jue hopes that his son can transform into Primordial Chaos Demon God!

Han Yu was still seclusion in that valley, Han Jue looked at it for a while and then looked back and continued cultivation.


Above the sea of ​​clouds, palaces are suspended, and countless silhouettes are shuttled, casting spells in each palace to condense the palaces.

Han Tuo dressed in black clothed standing in front of the gate of a palace, looking at the thriving Divine Palace, he was deeply moved.

After cultivation for so long, he finally has a foothold.

Divine Palace Xinli, he is one of the team, currently one of the leaders of Divine Palace.

He knew in his heart that he was the weakest compared to other Leaders.

The newcomer Jing Tiangong even raised questions. Yitian almost took action on him at the time. Fortunately, Zhang Guxing and Samsara Immortal Emperor all stood up to support him, and the matter was over.

Some people questioned that Han Tuo was not angry, but was stimulated.

After looking at the Divine Palace disciples for a while, Han Tuo turned around and entered the own bedroom to continue the cultivation.

Sitting on the futon, Han Tuo closed his eyes.

He was suddenly drawn into a dream.

This is a forest with a silhouette of divine light standing in front of him, and Han Tuo is shocked.

What's the matter?

How can I not notice it?

Han Tuo looked towards the other side vigilantly, and solemnly asked: "Who is your Excellency?"

The divine light silhouette is naturally Han Jue.

Han Jue asked in an illusory voice: "I think you are unwilling. You seem to be dissatisfied with own cultivation. I can teach you the dao method, but you have to pay the price, are you willing?"

Hearing this, Han Tuo frowned.

His first reaction was to refuse, but then he thought, the other party has vast magic powers like this. If they want to harm him, why bother?

Han Tuo asked: "What do I need to pay? I don't even know who you are, why do I trust you?"

"You came to me."


"Looking for you?"

Han Tuo frowned, lost in thought, he was suddenly moved.

"Are you the master of Hidden Sect?"

"This matter must not be spread. I will tell you the dao method. You owe me a life. I need you to take action in the future. As for whether you will sacrifice your life, it depends on whether you work hard enough. As long as you are strong enough, the strongest opponent will fall under your feet."

Han Jue's tone is full of bewitching.

Han Tuo fell silent again.

If it was Han Jue, he would definitely refuse, but he wanted to know how Han Tuo would choose.

Actually, Han Jue can use the evolution function to calculate, but it is not necessary. In that case, the fun of cultivation will be lost and life-span will also be wasted.

"I promise you!" Han Tuo said solemnly.

"I know that my aptitude is very strong, but it is not enough. In terms of aptitude, I am inferior to the cultivation base. Compared with Jing Tiangong, I am not as good as the horse. I need a great opportunity. Please senior My dao method!"


Han Jue is no nonsense, and when I start sermon, I am talking about Great Dao.


In the Taoist temple.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He served Han Tuo alone for a hundred years, and finally introduced Han Tuo to the Great Dao. Presumably in the next period of time, Han Tuo’s cultivation base will be advanced by leaps and bounds. He By the way, I loosened the suppress of Han Tuo bloodline again and let its aptitude rise again.

As for Jing Tiangong, although he is an own believer, Han Jue did not stop him. He is happy to see Jing Tiangong put pressure on Han Tuo and prevent Han Tuo from stagnating.

Of course, if the two really forge a feud, Han Jue still has to take action.

For Jing Tiangong, Han Jue has always been pleasing to the eye.

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