Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 585

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Divine Palace was founded. At first, all beings were disdainful, but in the next thousand years, Divine Palace showed its own strength.

When competing for supreme treasure in various secret realms, Divine Palace performed well. In the same realm, few cultivators can defeat Divine Palace dísciple.

Divine Palace's reputation is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more Heaven's Chosen join Divine Palace.

And during this time, Han Tuo has been seclusion cultivation.

Jing Tiangong became more dissatisfied with him, thinking that he did not contribute to the Divine Palace, but Zhang Guxing favored Han Tuo, and Jing Tiangong was helpless.

Although Jing Tiangong is Quasi-Saint, his identity is embarrassing because he abandons Section Cult. He has nowhere to go except Divine Palace.

Time flies, two thousand years have passed.

Han Jue walked out of Taoism and started as Hidden Sect sermon.

As always, sermon has been around for a hundred years.

After the sermon ended, Han Jue brought Li Xuanao into the replied view.

Decades ago, Li Xuanao returned, but Han Jue didn't want to interrupt the sermon, so he moved in without asking. Li Xuanao was also very sensible, and started listening to the sermon as soon as he came in, without disturbing anyone.

Li Xuanao suddenly woke up, seeing Han Jue, he immediately knelt down.

Han Jue asked: "What do you do when you come back?"

Li Xuanao said: "If the clan is already stable today, I don’t need my help anymore. I want to come back to the cultivation and strengthen the cultivation base. By the way, I'll share your worries."

Han Jue stared at him, but didn't answer the call immediately.

Li Xuanao is very calm, but facing Han Jue's gaze, he is still inexplicably guilty.

"Although your aptitude is far inferior to your Senior Brother, you are more talented than him. I just need your talents. Hidden Sect is still managed by you." Han Jue opened the mouth and said.

Li Xuanao felt relieved.

Han Jue didn't talk nonsense, and waved him to leave.

Li Xuanao bowed and left. He was in a good mood on the way back.

After staying in the Celestial Clan for a long time, he suddenly felt boring. Although the Celestial Clan was rapidly becoming stronger, he knew that Han Jue was pushing behind it.

He wants to stand beside Han Jue and overlook the Heavenly Dao chessboard from a higher angle.

He believes that Han Jue's vision is not just Immortal World.

The other side.

Han Jue is browsing mail.

Some people are attacked, some get chance, and others learn divine ability, myriad, and see Han Jue with keen interest pleasure.

At this time.

"I, I am the Holy Venerable Human Cult. Three hundred years later, at Sermon outside the Thirty Three Layer Heaven, all beings can come and listen to the Tao!"

The Lord begins to act!

Han Jue already can instakill the sage of Xuandu, so I don’t worry much.

He looked towards Fang Liang because of this.

Fang Liang is still merging with Dao Ancestor.

This kid has already reached the cultivation base of the Great Principle Golden Immortal perfection, which is too exaggerated.

Heavenly Dao's original enlightenment is really amazing.

Han Jue suddenly had a bold idea.

"If I lock Fang Liang in the Primordial Chaos jail, will Dao Ancestor detect it and stop it?"

【Dao Ancestor is higher than the limit of the dao field, so I must be aware of it?”

, As for whether to prevent it, the System cannot evolve]

Han Jue can only give up.

For Dao Ancestor, I can’t offend him rashly for the time being.

Han Jue turned his attention to Han Yu.

Han Yu already reached the cultivation base of supreme unity Heavenly Immortal, which is not bad. Six Paths Samsara Art did let him shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones.

But compared to his ancestor Han Tuo, Han Yu is still far behind.

Han Tuo has already stepped into Divine Realm and is still in separation cultivation.

All living beings are cultivation cultivation technique, and he is cultivation Great Dao. In terms of cultivation method, he is already comparable to Sage. How can the cultivation base be unpleasant?

Han Tuo and Han Yu are both seclusion, so Han Jue has no experience of chasing drama, but their will still satisfy him.

Speaking of which, Han Jue has a descendant.

Han Tuo's daughter, Han Xinyuan.

Han Xinyuan died a long time ago, but was accepted by Yan Wang Yang Tiandong and currently works as a Ghost Messenger in Hell.

Yang Tiandong knew Han Tuo, so he accepted Han Xinyuan.

For Han Xinyuan, Han Jue did not pay much attention.

Anyway, she is currently fine.

Han Jue looked towards Han Xinyuan when he was free.

Han Xinyuan’s errand is very simple. It is to help Yang Tiandong record the life and death of a certain world. There are also a number of Ghost Messengers in the same position.

At this moment, Han Xinyuan is cultivating his own residence.

Han Jue looked at her and didn't feel close.

Han Xinyuan is not like Han Tuo, it is probably similar to his mother.

After watching for a while, Han Jue lost interest.

As for Han Xinyuan, he felt unnecessary for the time being, because Han Xinyuan didn't have much desire to be strong.

Han Jue closes his eyes and continues cultivation.

Descendants have their own blessings for their offspring, and they continue to grow stronger in order to protect their offspring and protect their body protection.

The most important thing is to protect yourself!


World of the Dead, Hell.

Yang Tiandong couldn't help sighing just after a trial of an injustice case.

Such days are too boring, and he starts to feel tormented.

Since becoming the King of Yama, he has no time for cultivation, and occasionally there are almighty from Yang Sector who come to make trouble, wanting to use him to brush up his record and become famous for All Heavens.

At this time, a form flew into the hall.

Yang Tiandong raised his eyes and glanced, stunned, said with a smile: "Why did you brat come?"

The person who came was Han Tuo.

After stepping into Divine Realm, Han Tuo already has a powerhouse spirit, and the Ghost Messengers around him feel his breath shiver coldly.

Han Tuo said with a smile: "Come and see the old friend, if it weren't for the help of the king, I'm afraid I would have died early."

Yang Tiandong said with a smile: "I see Do you know that your daughter is here, right?"

Han Tuo cup one fist in the other hand, said with a smile: "Thanks to the kindness of Hades, otherwise the little girl has already fallen into Samsara and cut off my father and daughter cause And effect, I want to see her. After all, I am left with her as a relative in this world."

Speaking of Han Xinyuan, Han Tuo felt guilty.

I have forgotten her all these years, and I don’t know how she is doing.

"You are more than one relative of her." Yang Tiandong supported his chin with both hands, faint smile said.

Han Tuo was stunned and asked in amazement: "Do I still have offspring alive?"

Yang Tiandong shook his head and laughed.

More than just descendants.

Your father is still alive!

Maybe you have other brother sisters!

Yang Tiandong did not dare to speak out, for fear of disturbing Han Jue’s plan, he opened the mouth and said: "You have a descendant named Han Yu, now supreme unity Heavenly Immortal, if you are Pity him, but he can be included in the Divine Palace. Since the Han Family annihilated, he has very little cause and effect, and he has been alone."

When it comes to Han Yu, he thinks of Han Jue.

Han Jue did the same back then.

Speaking of which, Han Yu is more like Han Jue.

"Han Yu..."

Han Tuo's eyes flickered, and he wrote down the name silently.

After that, Yang Tiandong took him to see Han Xinyuan.


Immortal World, overseas.

On a vast island, several millions shape transformation creatures are sitting in the mountains and listening to the sermons.

At this moment, Section Cult Cult Master Huang Zuntian is standing in front of the own Taoist Temple, watching from a distance the almighty sermon he invited.

Looking at the current Section Cult, he is full of pride.

Although he had to become a Cult Master, under his leadership, Section Cult has become stronger and stronger, and has the qualifications to look forward to Immortal World!

A form fell in front of Huang Zuntian.

This is a Section Cult dísciple. He knelt in front of Huang Zuntian and said: "Master, Tianzu already agrees to your alliance plan and is willing to disintegrate Monster Race together."

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