Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 587

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When Immortal God Ji was sad, Fang Liang who was in Ninth Layer at the moment was also shocked.

Fang Liang is still absorbing the origin of Heavenly Dao, but with the emergence of Fuzhou Mountain, his absorption rate has slowed down.

What's the matter?

Fang Liang was a little panicked. Sudden changes may affect his integration with Dao Ancestor, and the opponent is also from Hidden Sect.

"Ancestral Master supports the Celestial Clan first, and then supports Li Daokong. What is this going to do?"

Fang Liang frowned, full of confusion in his heart.

Isn't Han Jue indisputable?

If this layout continues, won't the future Heavenly Dao be under Han Jue's control?

Fang Liang became more and more frightened as he thought about it. Unconsciously, Han Jue was already laid out so deeply.

He is very curious about where Han Jue got it!


The years go by.

Another thousand years passed quickly.

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked towards Buzhou Shenshan first.

Today's Buzhou Mountain is as high as 9 trillion li, which can be connected to the Ninth Layer sky. I don't know its length, and it stretches across dozens of areas.

Countless creatures live on the mountain of Bu Zhou, with great luck, Li Daokong has also reached the cultivation base of the quasi-Saint Realm late stage.

Li Daokong already received hundreds of thousands of dísciples, aptitude unevenness, and even Han Yu worshipped Li Daokong.

In just a few thousand years, the mountain is already a great influence in Immortal World, but this behemoth has not shown its own ambition for the time being, and it poses no threat to other forces for the time being.

Immortal World is more and more interesting now. Celestial races, clan races, Monster Race, Santianjiao, Sage sect, Human Race, Bu Zhou Shenshan, Divine Palace, Dragon Palace, Hell, etc., are tangled and complicated. .

Han Jue can finally experience the feeling of Sage.

aloof and remote, everything is under control.

It's like playing chess, but when the chess game upsets you, you can overturn the board, but relying on your own chess skill to win the opponent, the sense of accomplishment is more refreshing than overturning the board.

Han Jue is now playing chess. The long cultivation years and occasional layout are also very interesting.

Now all the saints dare not target him, including his influence, so that his interest is not high.

Han Jue is not in a hurry. As Hidden Sect's power becomes larger and larger, all the saints will respond sooner or later.

Han Jue sets his sights on Han Yu.

Han Yu was cultivation in a small corner of Mount Buzhou. The cause and effect between him and Li Daokong is very shallow, and the two of them should have not seen it before.

With Li Daokong's temperament, it is estimated that there is no time to see all the creatures on the mountain.

Han Jue looked towards Han Tuo again.

Han Tuo already proved himself in Divine Palace that even Jing Tiangong didn't make things difficult for him anymore, just because this kid's cultivation base was about to catch up with Yitian.

The rise of Han Tuo also stimulated Yitian. Yitian no longer fights around and is busy with seclusion cultivation recently.

"Taiping is so good."

Han Jue sighed with emotion.

I hope such years will last for billions of years. At that time, he will definitely be invincible for Great Dao.

Waiting for him to be invincible, he won't be in trouble, wandering around, viewing the chaotic scenery.

Han Jue read the email for a while, then very pleased to continue the cultivation.


Divine Palace, inside a dark palace.

Jing Tiangong sits on the throne with a lazy posture. He is wearing a black robe with blood patterns and a hair crown on his head. He is extremely majestic.

A black shadow suddenly appeared on the temple, like a candle, swaying non-stop.

"Cult Master, the dísciple in Divine Palace is not easy to be separated."

Black shadow said solemnly, his tone of helplessness.

Jing Tiangong frowned and asked: "Why? Isn't there a lot of dísciples discouraged because aptitude is not as good as people?"

Shadow said with a bitter smile: "It's not an aptitude problem. But the legend of Darkness Forbidden Lord is too far away, and many dísciples don’t believe it."

Hearing this, Jing Tiangong's brows furrowed tighter, and he cursed in a low voice: "A group of ignorant crawlers!"

Shadow said: "Other followers of Darkness Cult have already sneaked into various sects. The situation is basically the same. The legend of Darkness Forbidden Lord is really too few to be convincing."

Jing Tiangong Can't help sighing.

The shadow is silent.

Long time.

Jing Tiangong waved his sleeves and said: "Go on, I will ask the Darkness Forbidden Lord, and soon the horror of the Darkness Forbidden Lord will be shown to all living beings."

"As you bid."

The shadows disappeared in place.

Jing Tiangong raised his eyes and looked to the top of the hall, it was a scene of Star River, brilliant and beautiful.

"Darkness Forbidden Lord, when will your old man give me a dream...I am powerless."

Jing Tiangong is a little desperate.

Why did the Darkness Forbidden Lord disappear after the measuring tribulation ended?


Bei Zhou Shenshan.

Han Tuo walks in the mountains, and along the way, you can see a lot of creatures in the cultivation. It is not allowed to fight and fight in the sacred mountain, so it is very quiet.

The creatures here didn't even dare to roar, for fear of alarming Li Daokong on the top of the mountain.

"Senior Li is really amazing. He even founded this kind of sacred mountain."

Han Tuo was deeply moved, and along the way, the magnificence of the sacred mountain deeply shocked him.

Even if Divine Realm exists, facing the imperfect mountain, you will feel insignificant.

The innate qi on the mountain is extremely rich, which is by no means comparable to the Divine Palace dao field.

A few days later, Han Tuo came to a cave.

The purpose of this trip is to find Han Yu, but after coming to the Mount of Buzhou, he was immersed in it, and it was delayed for a few days.

Han Tuo already caught the breath in the cave mansion, it was Han Yu.

"It is indeed my bloodline."

Han Tuo muttered to himself, the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

Didn't expect that there are people in his descendants who are so outstanding, he suddenly felt that he was not alone.

"The little friend inside, come out."

Han Tuo opened the mouth and said, putting his hands behind his waist unconsciously, posing as an ancestor.

Han Yu cautiously walked out of the cave mansion. When the sun shone on him, Han Tuo was stunned.

He couldn't help but murmured: "father..."

Han Yu frowned and asked vigilantly: "Who is your Excellency? Why..."

Recognize me as father!

He didn't dare to say much later, for fear of offending this person.

He can feel that Han Tuo is better than himself.

Han Tuo came back to his senses, his eyes softened, said with a smile: "My name is Han Tuo."

Han Tuo!

Han Yu's eyes widened, he did not forget the name.


Han Yu drew his sword directly and rushed towards Han Tuo.

Han Tuo frowned, raised his finger and flicked, Han Yu was directly flew out and hit the mountain wall.

Han Yu gnashing teeth, stood up, wanted to continue the attack, but was suppressed by a powerful spiritual power.

Not only him, Han Tuo is also impossible to move.

Han Tuo turned his head and looked towards the top of the mountain, saying: "Senior Li, sorry, we won't do it again, he is my descendant, I'm here to find him."

Li Daokong did not respond, but the spiritual power that bound the two of them dissipated.

Han Yu gritted his teeth and said: "Why are you looking for me?"

Han Tuo understands why Han Yu is so angry, after all, Han Family has been annihilated.

"Now I am the leader of Divine Palace, and I am considered a little powerful. Come with me and suffer less in the future." Han Tuo said patiently.

Han Yu hummed: "I don't!"


"I begged you back then, you didn’t respond, now I don’t I beg you again."

"Han Family is destroyed, do you blame me?"


Han Yu is silent, this matter really can' t be considered Han Tuo can only say that Han Family is too weak to protect himself.

He took a deep breath and said: "I really don’t blame you, but I won’t go with you, Han Tuo, wait. Sooner or later, I will surpass you and I will wait The day you ask me for help is here!"

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