Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 588

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Faced with Han Yu's clamor, Han Tuo shook his head and laughed.

He is not angry, this kid does not understand the importance of aptitude, no matter how strong it is, it is impossible to compare to him.

Han Tuo also knows about own aptitude. He is already a Primal Chaos Body. Only a few people between Heaven and Earth can reach this level.

As a descendant of own, bloodline is constantly being diluted with mortals, and Han Yu's aptitude will not be so strong no matter how strong it is.

Han Tuo asked: "Really not following me?"

"Not following!"


Han Tuo didn't pretend, turned and left.

Han Yu looked at his leaving back with a complex expression, until he disappeared on the other side of the mountain range.

"hmph! Wait for me!"

Han Yu was coldly snorted and turned to cave mansion.

He does not hate Han Tuo, but just wants to prove to Han Tuo that he does not need to rely on his ancestors!

Not right.

Han Yu step one stopped, and suddenly thought that the ancestor of that ancestor had come to Immortal World for so long, he did not meet that Old Ancestor.

He has a hunch, that Old Ancestor must be a transcendent existence!

"I also want to prove to his old man."

Han Yu's fighting spirit is high and his eyes become firm.

At the same time.

Li Daokong is thinking about it in an ordinary stone temple on the top of Bu Zhoushen Mountain.

"This child and Sect Master seem to have not noticed before that Han Family was annihilated, so he survived..."

Li Daokong pinpointed the descendants of Han Tuo. , Learned what happened to Han Family.

He suddenly felt that Han Yu's survival might have been specially arranged by Han Jue.

Does this child contain aptitude that he can't see through?

The more Li Daokong thinks about it, the more possible it becomes.

Han Yu is so much like Han Jue!


A thousand years have passed.

Han Jue exited the cultivation state on time. He pinched his fingers and calculated the encounter between Han Tuo and Han Yu.

He immediately became happy.

There is a good show.

If there is no accident, Han Yu impossible threatens Han Tuo.

Han Jue thought for a while, decided to support Han Yu, and let Han Yu stimulate Han Tuo in the future.

Of course, he will not show this idea, lest Han Yu think too much.

He is not afraid that Han Tuo will be stimulated after knowing the truth. He has helped Han Tuo many times in secret. If this kid is still thankless wretch, he will be thrown into the Primordial Chaos jail.

In Han Jue's heart, no one is more important than himself!

This is also the reason why he can come to this day.

If you are desperate for others, Han Jue may have died on the road to cultivation a long time ago.

"Let’s look at it later, let him cultivation for a while."

Han Jue silently thought that the days are still long, and he can’t get hotheaded, saying that he will promote Han Yu immediately. action.

He started to check the mail.

[Your friend Huang Zuntian was attacked by a mysterious Quasi-Saint and was seriously injured]

[Your apprentice Immortal God Ji encountered a mysterious curse]

[You My friend Zhang Guxing encounters a mysterious curse]

[Your son Han Tuo encounters a mysterious curse and is seriously injured]

[Your friend Samsara Immortal Emperor encounters a mysterious curse]

[Your friend Queen Houtu and mysterious Sage discussing dao, cultivation soared]

[Your friend Jing Tiangong encountered Heavenly Punishment due to too many curses, giving birth to a heart demon]

[Your friend Di Jun crossed the River of Destiny and was attacked by the ancient Chaos Spiritual God]


Huang Zuntian really overturned.

Han Jue couldn't help but stand in silence for him.

Huang Zuntian is now Quasi-Saint, it is difficult to die in Immortal World, so Han Jue does not worry about his life or death.

Looking down again, Jing Tiangong started to die!

This fellow must pretend to be the Darkness Forbidden Lord and was backlashed.

Han Jue decided to look for Jing Tiangong later.

He saw that Di Jun was attacked by the ancient Chaos Spiritual God. He really lived to see him for a long time.

Xitian Old Ancestor, Jade Bodhi, Seven Dao Saints, Di Jun and other detached Great Dao existences rarely appear in emails, let alone being attacked.

Their circle is really new to Han Jue.

I don’t know what else Daoist and Great Dao Spiritual God can do besides cultivation.

Will it be boring?

After being strong enough, there is nothing worth pursuing, and it is indeed easy to get bored.

Han Jue laughed at himself, he was really worried.

He continued to look down. Almost all his friends outside were moving. Without any calculations, Han Jue thought about it and found it very interesting.

After reading all the e-mails, Han Jue entrusted Jing Tiangong with the image of Darkness Forbidden Lord.

In a dream.

Jing Tiangong is so excited.

How many years have it been!

He finally waited until Darkness Forbidden Lord!

He knelt in front of Han Jue, crying with joy, without the style of his predecessors, Section Cult Cult Master and Quasi-Saint.

Han Jue used the voice of the Darkness Forbidden Lord and said: "Why did you pretend to be me recently and get the heart demon to end?"

Jing Tiangong said ashamed: "I just want you The majesty and prestige of the show once again, you are so powerful, you can even notice that I encountered the Heavenly Dao backlash."

His eyes are full of admiration.

"Darkness Cult and Divine Palace, how do you consider it?" Han Jue asked.

Jing Tiangong said: "Darkness Cult can only be hidden in the dark. I need the Divine Palace shell, and Divine Palace has great potential. There are two Heaven's Chosen with Primal Chaos Body in the palace!"

Sure enough!

This guy is going to Divine Palace as a traitor.

Han Jue said: "No need, you have a good cultivation, it can help Divine Palace become stronger, one day, I will show up, don’t mess around before, don’t hurt yourself."

hearing this, Jing Tiangong is very moved.

Han Jue continued: "What you have to do now is to become as strong as possible."

He thought about it, raised his hand, and taught the five elements divine light.

This divine ability is not his original creation. It can be traced back to almighty of Kong Xuan during the Immemorial Great Desolate period.

After acquiring this divine ability, Han Jue rarely uses it, so he is not afraid of being associated with him.

Jing Tiangong was caught off guard and was forcibly taught divine ability, impossible to move even a little bit.

Long time.

When Jing Tiangong opened his eyes, the dream was over.

"This divine overbearing!"

Jing Tiangong looked surprised.

five elements divine light, you can forcibly take away the enemy’s magical treasure, and you can forcibly break the formation!

Take the treasure!

Nothing but no brush!

Jing Tiangong felt fortunate that he was a blessing in disguise.

At the same time, he is more determined.

Follow the Darkness Forbidden Lord, you will never suffer!


In the Taoist temple.

Han Jue is in a good mood, and Jing Tiangong's loyalty to him makes him very comfortable.

A measuring tribulation in the past, Jing Tiangong can still respect him, it is very valuable.

The only catch is that this is too ridiculous.

Divine Palace is already under the control of Han Jue. It can even be said that Zhang Guxing is already emptied by him. If Zhang Guxing wants to deal with him, he gives an order, Jing Tiangong and Samsara Immortal Emperor will definitely treat Zhang Guxing take action.

Han Jue wants this effect.

All the Great Influences are emptied by him, and the Leader on the surface has nothing to do with him. Even if the Leader overturns, Heavenly Retribution will not fall on him, he can still enjoy these powers.

Currently, Han Jue has no intentions, just keep setting the line.

Next, Han Jue will focus on Dragon Palace and Monster Race.

His dísciple Long Hao can go to the Dragon Palace, and Jiang Yi, Ah Da, and Xiao Er can go to Monster Race.

It's that the clan has nothing to do with Han Jue.

Han Jue is lost in thought.

For the clan, who should be placed undercover?

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