Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 589

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Han Jue thought about it and decided to arrange Dao Supreme to join the clan, but he had to wait for Dao Supreme to achieve Quasi-Saint.

Currently, the clan does not have Quasi-Saint. If Quasi-Saint is willing to support it, it will definitely not refuse.

Quasi-Saint is too scarce, but anyone with Quasi-Saint is Transcendent Influence, the power of the clan is based on the number of clansman, not the base of Peak cultivation.

Dao Supreme is still far away from the realm of Quasi-Saint, Han Jue put it aside and concentrates on cultivation.

The layout is just smooth, and its own cultivation base is the most critical.


The years are long, blinking, and three thousand years have passed.

Han Jue ends seclusion and starts as Hidden Sect sermon. As before, sermon has been a hundred years old, and the disciplines have not come back to his senses, and Han Jue quietly retreats.

Four years later, Han Jue heard a voice:

"Fellow Daoist Han, we have important matters to discuss. When it comes to the next holy throne, you can come to Qiankun Temple One Gather."

The voice of the Xuandu Holy Venerable.

Han Jue hesitated for a moment, and asked in his heart: "Will I be worried about my life if I go this time?"

It's been a long time since the home, and he also wants to go out.

[4 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


Han Jue hasn't deducted life-span for a long time, and Han Jue is a little uncomfortable.


There is no temporary word, just no!

Han Jue relaxed immediately, and then set off to go outside Thirty Three Layer Heaven.

The gate of Qiankun Hall opened, Han Jue flew into the hall and saw Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord and Heaven's Severing Cult Master already present, and the two saints nodded to him one after another.

Xuandu Shengzun sat behind and looked at him calmly.

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord took a step forward and enthusiastically said with a smile: "Fellow Daoist Han, you are finally willing to come out, I thought you would not come this time."

Han Jue said: "Come out and breathe, I may be absent from the next few gatherings, busy with cultivation."

"Oh? You are already so strong, why do you still practice so hard?"

"For the next disaster, I have the power to protect myself."

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord shook his head and laughed.

What a self-protection!

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord can't forget the scene of Han Jue's strong suppress and kill Dao Heavenly Demon. Is that the power of self-preservation?

Heaven's Severing Cult Master also came up to court Han Jue, but the Xuandu Lord did not speak.

Then time it takes to burn a stick of incense, and other Sages will come one after another.

Qiu Xilai and the Heavenly Lord are only slightly nodded towards Han Jue. It is hard to imagine that these two holy already are slaves of Han Jue.

After the gathering of all the saints, the Xuandu Holy Venerable opened the mouth and said: "I called you all to come here today to discuss whether or not to be listed on the Heavenly Dao list."

Fu Xitian I am curious to ask: "What is the Heavenly Dao list?"

"The ranking list for all living beings can promote the fighting spirit of all living beings in cultivation." Xuan Du Shengzun replied.

Han Jue has a weird look, but fortunately, the divine light of the yin and yang guarding birthday month obscures his face.

Ranking list?

Do you play online games?

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord raised his eyebrows and said: "Where is the ranking? Is it a cultivation base? The cultivation base cannot directly determine the strength."

Emperor Dao: "On the dao method Ranking?"

"On the magical treasure."

"Oh, who knows that you gave the divine might Buddha Ancestor a Heavenly Dao spirit treasure."

"What is the Heavenly Dao spirit treasure, you can take out the Heavenly Dao supreme treasure."

Qiu Xilai and Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord began to quarrel. The two saints always aim at each other, and other Sages are used to it.

Xuandu Shengzun said: "How about the ranking based on Heavenly Dao's luck? What we pursue is the prosperity of Heavenly Dao, not the wild order of weak are prey to the strong."

All the saints felt reasonable when they heard it.

Han Jue also looked at Xuandu Shengzun with admiration.

If it is really ranked according to strength, then Han Jue will have to look down upon the Holy Venerable Xuandu.

Qing luck is hard to say. Some creatures may not have a strong cultivation base, but they have credit for Heavenly Dao sentient beings. If ranked according to Heavenly Dao's luck, Quasi-Saint may not be among the best.

After all the saints agreed, the Xuandu Holy Venerable began to cast the spell.

I have to say that the Xuandu Holy Venerable is very good at coming. He obviously can do it directly, but he has to ask all the saints to give full face.

Li Muyi's EQ is not so high, even stingy.

From start to finish, the Xuandu Holy Venerable did not have a good feeling or hatred for Han Jue, as if Li Muyi was not killed by Han Jue, and Sage did not mention this matter again, as if it had never happened.

After one hour.

"We Sage decided together to open the Heavenly Dao Qi Luck List. All beings from all walks of life can see the top one million in Qi Luck from all walks of life in meditation. Immortal World is the top five in Qi Luck. Dao will gain the holy throne before the time is right!"

The voice of the Xuandu Holy Venerable resounded through All Heavens and Myriad Realms, and the saints also left.

Han Jue returned to the Taoist Temple, and the creatures in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain were discussing the Heavenly Dao luck list.

Han Jue closed his eyes to check the Heavenly Dao luck list. A golden scroll was erected in his mind, pulling down to list millions of names.

Fortune is the first, Li Daokong.

The merits and luck of the mountain is too great.

Han Jue is not familiar with the names below.

Immortal God Ji, as the patriarch of the Celestial Clan, ranks out of ten.


Next, all beings are bound to fight for luck, and there must be fights, but in general, it will promote the development of Heavenly Dao.

Heavenly Dao's luck is not just about killing, killing too much, and there will be karmic power that opposes the fortune of heaven. The most important thing is or for Heavenly Dao to make meritorious deeds, such as the creation of race, sect, and sermon teaching, Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart, etc.

Da San Tian, ​​who founded the first mortal world, ranked 18th.

All Saints are not on the list, but for this list, All Saints will inevitably help Direct Disciple.

Han Jue looked at it for a while and started cultivation.

This Heavenly Dao luck list will continue for a long time, and he cannot commit an immediate take action.

Let's see how other Sage plans.


In a space of absolute darkness, a bright light is changing, seemingly illusion.

Looking closer, the light is emitted by a floating island. The island is filled with countless pieces of purple crystals, making the environment on the island seem extremely rugged.

There are mountains and waters on the island, forming a side world on its own, but there are many amethysts growing on the mountains and trees.

In a crystal bamboo forest, the evil Heavenly Emperor is meditating on the cultivation, one after another black air circling around him, sometimes turning into the shadow of Demon God, fighting each other.

The evil Heavenly Emperor wears a black robe with a patterned dragon. His makeup is domineering, frightening and depressing. The fiendish aura between his brows is extremely heavy. Looking at its appearance, it makes people feel that it is a terrifying evil.

The divine might divine Heavenly Emperor already is like two people.

The evil Heavenly Emperor suddenly opened his eyes, and saw a form of amethyst emerging in front of him, and he couldn't see the truth.

"What's the matter?" The evil Heavenly Emperor asked.

The silhouette of the purple water crystal interior made a hoarse voice: "This Monarch already swallows the five heavenly Dao, you can choose one of them."

hearing this, the evil Heavenly Emperor emotionally said: "So fast? What about those Sages?"

"Either die or escape."

"Okay, give me your biggest little Heavenly Dao. "

"Well, evil Heavenly Emperor, don't let this Monarch disappointed, at most tens of billions of years, this Monarch will sweep the Immortal World sooner or later, then you will face the Immortal World sentient beings."

"Don't worry, I won't let you down."

The evil Heavenly Emperor replied confidently, with expectation in his eyes.

He has been looking forward to that day!

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