Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 590

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After the establishment of the Heavenly Dao Air Luck List, Immortal World rising winds, scudding clouds, from time to time there are almighty sounds throughout All Heavens. This era is even more prosperous than Immortal World before measuring tribulation. .

Han Jue feels that this is his credit. Without him, Heavenly Dao would be destroyed by Heavenly Demon after restarting. Without him, All Saints opened strife and veiled struggle, and now Immortal World is still deserted.


Han Jue feels so great.

That's it, another thousand years have passed.

Han Jue is getting closer and closer to the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal perfection.

Before one hundred thousand years old, there should be no problem with the breakthrough. After reaching perfection, he can look forward to the free Sage environment.

Step by step.

Go steady!

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked towards a form who was kneeling outside the Taoist temple.

Murong Qi.

This child already hasn't come to see Han Jue alone for tens of thousands of years. He came four years ago. Han Jue didn't let him come in immediately because of his obsessive-compulsive disorder, so he knelt for four years.

The door of Taoist temple suddenly opened.

Murong Qi was pleasantly surprised, got up quickly, and walked quickly into the Taoist temple.

After entering the temple, Murong Qi bowed and saluted.

"What's the matter?"

"Ancestral Master, I think...I want to be like Uncle Su Qi!"


Han Jue couldn't help but look at Murong Qi.

Once, he trusted and looked forward to Murong Qi very much, but his aptitude was not good, but now Han Jue will not think of him normally.

Murong Qi already is the cultivation base of the Six Profound God Yuan. It is considered to go fast in the direct disciple, but he cannot break through to the Great Principle.

"Ancestral Master, Uncle Su Qi is not to blame for this matter. I asked him and he did not answer. I guessed it. I guess you have the ability to change the dísciple aptitude, no matter what I need to pay. , I can do it!"

Murong Qi said seriously, he is too eager to be strong.

He used to be Divine Palace War God, but in Hidden Sect, his aptitude seems mediocre. Not to mention other direct disciples, some honorary disciples have better aptitude than him.

Han Jue said: "You may die, I am not absolutely sure."

"I am willing to die without regrets, I believe you must have such a plan, I am willing As an experiment, make sacrifices for the future of other dísciples. If it succeeds, I will repay Hidden Sect and repay you."

Murong Qi replied very firmly. For other dísciples, Han Jue would definitely not agree. This would waste his energy, but in the face of Murong Qi, he was still softened.

Murong Qi is more suitable to be Hidden Sect Eldest Disciple than Dao Supreme if aptitude is improved, and to carry the banner of Hidden Sect.

"Are you ready?"


Murong Qi was excited and trembling all over.

Han Jue expression congeals, Murong Qi's fleshy body is directly turned into fly ash, leaving only the divine soul.

The sudden encounter made Murong Qi stunned. Before he could react, Han Jue directly included him in the Primordial Chaos realm.

In the corner of the Primordial Chaos world, one hundred and seventy-three Demon God airs are suspended together, and Su Qi already carries a group of Demon God airs.

Han Jue had already decided which Chaos Demon God to choose during the conversation just now.

Demon God of War!

The Demon God who lives on war is a perfect match with Murong Qi's War God!

It can be seen that Han Jue's preference for Murong Qi.

He wraps the divine soul of Murong Qi with his spiritual power, and pushes it to the spirit of Demon God of the Demon God of war.

Han Jue can give birth to the spirit of Demon God not only by relying on the Dharma Body that is too easy, but also because there are supreme treasures such as Primordial Chaos Qi and chaotic source stone in Primordial Chaos. Many conditions are combined together. The birth of Chaos Demon God is possible, but it is possible.

When Murong Qi's divine soul merged with the Demon God of war, Murong Qi roared from the pain he had never felt before, and Han Jue continued to merge as if he hadn't heard it.

Murong Qi is also very hard-spirited, just roaring instinctively, without complaining.

For the past three hundred years, Murong Qi and the Demon God of War have only come together. It takes a long time to fully integrate.

Before the breath of Demon God, Murong Qi's divine soul was so fragile, if it weren't for the protection of Han Jue, he could die at any time.

The next step is to adapt Murong Qi to the spirit of Demon God.

In this process, Murong Qi has been suffering from extreme pain.

The other side.

The disappearance of Murong Qi attracted the attention of other direct disciples. Li Xuanao took the opportunity to find Han Jue. After learning that Murong Qi had been dispatched by Han Jue for a secret task, he stopped asking more questions.

"Sect Master, what do you think about the clan?"

Li Xuanao asked, his attitude was very low.

Han Jue saw through his mind, this guy just wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to him.

"Say it straight."

Li Xuanao was frightened and hurriedly said: "I found Sage behind the clan to support, but the clan does not have a famous Great Principle. And there is no Quasi-Saint. I guess that the Sage that supports the clan may be the lonely Sage such as the Great Emperor and Fuxitian. The clan collects the famous creatures of All Heavens. This idea is very broad, and it is also a Heavenly Dao. It’s recognized that, have boundless prospects, Hidden Sect can be arranged in advance."

His idea coincides with Han Jue.

Han Jue suddenly thought of Murong Qi.

If Murong Qi succeeds, it would be more suitable.

"I know this. The next batch of dísciples whose aptitude reaches the limit can go to the clan."

"Sect Master is wise! I have a relationship with the clan, you can tell in advance The patriarch of the clan, let his heart be prepared."


Li Xuanao stopped talking nonsense, and left.

Mingzu impossible rejects Hidden Sect's support, after all, Hidden Sect is a Sage force.

Just like Han Jue’s previous life in Chinese ancient times, Sage sect is the aristocratic family. When troubled times come, the aristocratic family will invest everywhere. No matter which formidable person wins, the aristocratic family will benefit and survive forever.

The opponents of races such as the clan and Monster Race will never be Sage sect, because impossible defeats Sage sect. On the contrary, they can climb higher if they accept the support of Sage.

Han Jue continues to stare at Murong Qi.

Although he can double-heartedly, his cultivation is still affected.

This is also an important reason why Han Jue is unwilling to make every dísciple degenerate into Chaos Demon God.

No matter how strong the disciplines are, it is impossible to catch up with him. He cultivated dísciple just to make himself more convenient and to consider for the future.

When Murong Qi was transforming into Chaos Demon God, Immortal World was also undergoing drastic changes. More and more almighty turned out to alarm Immortal World.

Li Daokong has always dominated the Heavenly Dao luck list, and the rankings have been changing. Immortal God Ji has also reached the top ten. Immortal God preached everywhere to protect the weak and weak. Immortal God The Divine Idol stands everywhere in Immortal World, and Power of Faith turns into luck.

With each passing day, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.

Three thousand years have passed.

Murong Qi finally adapts to the aura of Demon God, without the shelter of Han Jue, it will not be swallowed by the aura of Demon God.

Han Jue can finally cultivation at ease.

Prior to this, he will look towards Han Tuo.

Han Tuo is working on the dísciple sermon. Today, Han Tuo already accepts hundreds of dísciples. The Grand Disciple is even more than a thousand. They are not mere mortals.

Good time!

He adapts more and more to the identity of Divine Palace Elder.

Han Jue looked towards Han Yu again.

His expression became weird.


How did Han Yu get cultivated beside Li Daokong?

Han Jue counted, Han Yu turned out to be Li Daokong’s apprentice.

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