Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 591

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"This guy is okay. He wanted to accept me as a disciple before, but now he sees Han Yu looks like me, so he accepts Han Yu. It's really wolfish ambition."

Han Jue cursed secretly. He was inexplicably upset when Li Daokong accepted Han Yu as his apprentice.

When Li Daokong comes back, he must clean up.

Since joining Li Daokong, Han Yu’s cultivation base has increased day by day, and he has also acquired a lot of Sword Dao divine ability to become a true Sword Cultivator.

Li Daokong is very good to Han Yu and even gave Han Yu a Heavenly Dao spirit treasure sword.

Heavenly Dao spirit treasure is a rare treasure for Sage.

Seeing this sword, Han Jue's impression of Li Daokong has improved again.

Since Li Daokong treats Han Yu sincerely, it is to give Han Jue face.

Han Yu is settled, and his cultivation will be smooth sailing in the future. Even if Han Jue does not open the back door for him, he can still become a side powerhouse.

Li Daokong is such a dísciple!

Just as Han Jue was spying on Han Yu, someone came to visit him.

Li Yao.

Han Jue happened to be fine, so he let her in.

Li Yao walked in front of Han Jue. Although the two have a dao companion, she did not act too impudent and was still respectful.

"Whether the Heavenly Dao luck list is important, I want to fight for the holy position." Li Yao said bluntly.

Han Jue said: "You are the Great Principle Golden Immortal cultivation base, far away from the holy place."

"It is indeed far, but the accumulation of luck also takes time."

Li Yao said seriously: "Hidden Sect Sage the more the better, Li Daokong has the potential to prove Dao's sanctification, but after all he joined us after being strong, I am not at ease with him."


Han Jue smiled and asked: "This is not like you."

Li Yao helplessly said: "Well, it's actually a common idea of ​​other direct disciple."

Han Jue felt a little warm.

He doesn't think that the direct disciple are selfish. If they are all for their own sake, they must all take turns to find Han Jue to prove Dao's method.

They chose Li Yao, probably because they are fancy Li Yao and his relationship, it is easier to convince him.

Han Jue can see favorability, but favorability is not permanent, and six-star favorability may also decline.

"What do you think?" Han Jue asked.

Li Yao said: "I plan to take Wu Daojian (Grasping Principles Sword), Xi Xuan Fairy Maiden, Xuan Qingjun, and Chang Yue'er out to create the vitality sect of women or female creatures. This kind of sect It hasn't appeared yet, so I can take advantage of it."

Han Jue thought it was feasible and asked: "Where are Xing Hongxuan and Tu Ling'er, why not go?"

Li Yao said "Miss Xing said that he would work hard to cultivate, give you a child, and give birth to a Heaven's Chosen. Tu Ling'er said that he has a special identity and is not suitable for going out."

Han Jue didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

These two girls definitely want to take the opportunity to find him.

"Well, you can choose some female disciple from the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, and when you decide to go out, speak directly, I can hear it, and don't use it to find me."

"Many thanks Sect Master!"

"en? Still called Sect Master?"

When Li Yao heard this, her face was blushing, but she twisted and couldn't change her mouth.

Han Jue did not force her to withdraw either.

A few months later.

Li Yao, Xuan Qingjun, Xi Xuan Fairy Maiden, and Chang Yue'er left with more than five hundred female disciples. These female disciples are the cultivation base of the Immortal Emperor.

With Li Yao leading the team, Han Jue is not worried. If something happens, he can sense it as long as it is within the scope of Immortal World.

Time flies.

Two hundred and 41 years later.

"My name is Li Yao, I have immense deeds and divine might Heavenly Saint, and today I founded the Holy Mother Church, accepting the world’s shape transformation and the woman as the dísciple, spreading the holy law, regardless of race, regardless of cultivation base, all can be Lan Lan Shen Yuqi asked the mountain range."

Li Yao's voice resounded through All Heavens and Myriad Realms, with a solemn tone, which made Han Jue very pleased that she was already able to be alone.

It's just the name...

Han Jue wants to get crooked.

Aside from the prejudices of previous lives, the Holy Mother has a very high status in Immortal World and cannot be tarnished.

Other direct disciple did not come to Han Jue, but Han Jue was very satisfied.

Quasi-Saint can only go out, this is the iron law!

No change!

Unless Han Jue agrees!


It is double standard.

Han Jue is already close to 90,000 years old. He is not in the mood for cultivation, so he got up to watch the sermon.


Ten Third Layer days, the heavens are great hall.

Immortal God Ji sits on the throne, his face fluctuates between clear and dark, and the Immortal Gods in the hall discuss spiritedly.

"The Cult Master taught by the Holy Mother is said to be the Great Principle!"

"Isn’t the divine might Divine might Heavenly Saint the Lord of Hidden Sect?"

" Hahaha, we have a strong Hidden Sect background, are we shocked?"

"Holy Mother teaches Chuli, or Hidden Sect supports, the Celestial Clan should go to congratulate, it is a public edict All Heavens."


"This immortal thinks it's okay."

Immortal Gods discussed vigorously. Hidden Sect sent too many Immortal Emperors to the heavens, already equivalent to half a Hidden Sect.

Heavenly Divine General noticed something wrong with Immortal God Ji, and asked: "Tianzu, what are you thinking?"

As soon as the words came out, the gods calmed down and they all looked. towards Immortal God Ji.

The eyes of some Immortal Gods have become subtle. They are all from Hidden Sect. Li Xuanao told them when they left, don’t forget their true identity.

They are Hidden Sect dísciple!

If Immortal God Ji dared to express dissatisfaction with Hidden Sect, they would definitely not tolerate it.

In their opinion, without Hidden Sect, there is no heaven today!

Immortal God Ji said: "The Holy Mother Church was established. Naturally, the Celestial Clan should congratulate it, but Lan Chenyu is the site of Section Cult. Recently Section Cult is preparing to attack Monster Race and has formed an alliance with the Celestial Clan... "

Immortal Gods frowned.

Section Cult is Sage sect. Holy Mother teaches in Section Cult’s established Sect. There is bound to be a conflict. No matter who the Celestial Clan helps, it’s not good.

Heavenly Divine General is also frowned.

Whether it is Hidden Sect or Section Cult, they cannot afford to offend.

Great Divine General opened the mouth and said: "In fact, we don’t need to worry too much. Holy Mother will definitely visit. As for Section Cult, we’ll do our best to help. Compared to Lan Chenyu, Section Cult’s Ambition is greater."

An old fairy followed opened the mouth and said: "What if Section Cult makes the Celestial race have to make a choice?"

The Great Divine General was silent.

"The Section Cult is gone!"

A Hidden Sect dísciple hummed, with a violent tone.

Other Hidden Sect Immortal Gods have spoken in support.

They come from Hidden Sect and know that Li Yao's position in Hidden Sect is not simple, and the relationship is easy to choose.

Immortal God Ji cursed secretly, what was he thinking?

Backing on Han Jue, what are you afraid of?

You must choose Holy Mother to teach!


Section Cult, inside a Taoist temple.

Huang Zuntian was meditating, a dísciple rushed in and said: "Cult Master, the Qilian mountain range that Holy Mother teaches is a spirit vein I taught. How can this be good?"


Holy Mother taught the Cult Master to divine might Heavenly Saint with immense merit. They had to be cautious and did not dare to offend easily.

Huang Zuntian opened his eyes and said: "Qilian mountain range is directly under the Holy Mother's teaching. He sent people to visit, present a big gift, and befriend the Holy Mother."

He feeling good.

In his opinion, the appearance of Holy Mother is a good thing.

Han Jue finally takes action and wants to support him!

After Holy Mother has grown stronger, join hands with Section Cult. Don’t be too strong!

As for the Holy Mother Church will not affect Section Cult, Huang Zuntian is not worried at all.

He has always thought of himself as Hidden Sect dísciple. Can Section Cult Cult Master compare with Han Jue's trust?

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