Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 592

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After receiving Huang Zuntian's order, Section Cult dísciple immediately withdrew.

A few days later, Section Cult sent envoys to congratulate Holy Mother for teaching.

In the past few days, the Celestial Clan also went to congratulate Holy Mother teaching. The peak great influence of the two parties supported the scene of Holy Mother teaching. The grade of Holy Mother teaching was raised instantly, and the news spread in a very short time. Immortal World, there is no difference in the limelight.

More than ten years later, the Holy Mother teaching dísciple began to skyrocket, Immortal World was too vast, and the Section Cult site was nearby. Those who wanted to worship the Holy Mother teaching had to travel through mountains and rivers.

Han Jue was very satisfied when he saw Holy Mother teaching thriving in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

He continued cultivation.

The time has passed year after year.

Han Jue suddenly popped out three lines:

[It was detected that you are 90,000 years old, you have the following options]

[One, immediately out Off, go to Divine Realm and chase Great Dao to get a Heavenly Dao spirit stones, a Great Dao fragment, and a divine ability inheritance]

[Second, low-key cultivation, less cause and effect, can be Get a piece of Great Dao fragment and a dao field upgrade opportunity]

dao field upgrade!

Finally wait!

I haven't seen it for a long time!

Han Jue chooses the second option directly.

[You choose a low-key cultivation, get a piece of Great Dao fragment, an opportunity to upgrade the dao field]

[Start the upgrade of the dao field]

The upgrade of the dao field takes time , Han Jue no longer waits, but concentrates on cultivation.

He is getting closer and closer to the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal perfection.

One hundred years later.

[dao field upgrade, formation upgrade to Great Dao to higher level, expansion of dao field internal space range]

[dao field immortal qi increase ten times, innate qi ten times increase]

[dao field can block the creation of Daoist level existence prying]

Create Daoist!

The meaning of creating Great Dao?

Han Jue thought silently, full of security in his heart.

Great Dao to the superior, even if Di Jun and Xitian Old Ancestor strike, they should not be able to rush in.

Han Jue adjusted his mentality and continued his cultivation.


The years have passed. Since the birth of Holy Mother, Great Principle has successively established sect.

The connection between All Heavens mortal world and Immortal World is getting closer. There are constantly mortal spirits coming to Immortal World, and many Immortal World creatures going to mortal world, complementing each other and making progress together.

Heavenly Dao's luck is getting stronger because of this!

Compared to before measuring tribulation, Immortal World is more prosperous and peaceful.

In such a shining era, all beings are working hard to cultivation. Although there are battles, they will not be too violent. The main theme is to fight for luck and earn Heavenly Dao merit.

Time flies.

Three thousand years have passed.

Han Jue finally attracted a breakthrough opportunity.

He opened his eyes and adjusted his dao heart.

In the opportunity of breakthrough, he first looked towards Han Tuo. Recently, Han Tuo did not have separation cultivation, but was fighting everywhere to expand the territory of Divine Palace.

Han Jue looked towards Han Yu again.

Han Yu didn't stay in the mountain of Buzhou, but traveled around, and already came to the vicinity of Section Cult.

Whether it is Huang Zuntian or Li Yao and the others, if you see Han Yu, you will definitely be able to guess the relationship between Han Yu and Han Jue, so he is still very safe.

During the years of Han Jue seclusion, Han Tuo and Han Yu have encountered many things, and their experience is considered rich.

Among them, Han Yu has a relationship with a woman, and Han Yu wanted to be responsible, but the other party refused instead. The reason for the rejection was that his cultivation base was too weak.

Han Yu was hit hard by this incident. Han Yu did not move out of Li Daokong, and wanted to rely on his own strength to prove it.

Han Jue looked towards the Holy Mother Church again. The Holy Mother Church has developed very smoothly. The dísciple is already over ten thousand. Section Cult and the Celestial Clan also send them cultivation resources from time to time, as if they are vying to win the Holy Mother Church. .

Not bad!

The rapid rise of the Holy Mother teacher, already allowed Li Yao to enter the Heavenly Dao luck list. Although it is more than 900,000, it is also a good start.

Han Jue's gaze fell on Three Purities Saint Ancestor, this guy has been seclusion, he rarely pays attention to Three Purities Saint Ancestor.


Han Jue raised his eyebrows, his face was thoughtful.

I saw the Three Purities Saint Ancestor hiding in his Taoist temple was entangled by a strange grey gas, which was trying to cut off his connection with Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue pinches and calculates, but it's hard to tell who did it.

He had to use the evolution function to calculate.

[4 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]


Han Jue has a form in his mind.

It's him!

Han Jue suddenly realized, and was not surprised, but felt that it should be him.

It is exactly what the Xuandu Holy Venerable did!

Three Purities Saint Ancestor was originally controlled by Li Muyi. After Li Muyi fell, the Xuandu saint inherited the throne, and it was normal to focus on the Three Purities Saint Ancestor.

The identity of Three Purities Saint Ancestor is too important, Immortal World is invincible, and it is definitely an extremely important piece for Sage.

Han Jue thought for a while, moved the Three Purities Saint Ancestor directly in front of him, and then performed absolute purification on it, using the power of the System to eliminate the control of the Xuandu Saint Ancestor.

Three Purities Saint Ancestor saw Han Jue and couldn't help but sighed in relief.

Han Jue asked: "When did the Xuandu Holy Venerable find you?"

Three Purities Saint Ancestor said: "Hundreds of years ago, he said he could help me escape Heavenly Dao’s control."

"But you will become his control."

"I also have doubts, but..."

Three Purities Saint Ancestor A rare show of humanity.

Han Jue said: "Play well for me. It’s not that beautiful outside of Immortal World. Don’t be fooled."


Primordial Chaos Three Purities Saint Ancestor, who was enslaved by the Primordial Chaos, obeyed Han Jue's words.

After the absolute purification is over, Han Jue put the Three Purities Saint Ancestor back.

He is not afraid of being discovered by the Xuandu Holy Venerable. Repeated use of absolute purification will deduct a lot of life-span. It is better to directly warn the Xuandu Holy Venerable and let him give up.

It didn't take long.

[Sage Venerable Xuantu asks you to dream, do you accept it?]

Han Jue hesitated for a moment and chose to accept it.

The Xuandu Holy Venerable is not his opponent, and Tuomeng should not be able to threaten him. Before going outside Thirty Three Layer Heaven, it was afraid of unknown powerful enemies hiding in the dark.

In the dreamland, Han Jue and the Xuandu Sage stand in a dazzling Star River.

Looking up, Han Jue felt that this piece of Star River was a bit familiar.

Like the Milky Way.

Xuan Du Shengzun stared at Han Jue and said: "Fellow Daoist, do you want Three Purities Saint Ancestor?"

Han Jue said: "Well, it's Li Muyi plot against My price, Three Purities Saint Ancestor already submit to me, hope Fellow Daoist will give a face."

The two people are giving tit for tat, and the atmosphere is solemn.

Long time.

Xuandu Holy Venerable opened the mouth and said: "Fine, I'll give it to you, but there is one thing, I hope Fellow Daoist can help."

"What's the matter?"

"Heavenly Dao has established more than a dozen measuring tribulations. A long time ago, an almighty named Zhen Yuanzi left Immortal World and founded Earth Immortal Realm in an unknown field. Earth Immortal Realm has developed very well. , Zhen Yuanzi also got help from Dao Ancestor."

Zhen Yuanzi, Earth Immortal Realm......


Could it be the interface where the Milky Way Earth is located?

Han Jue thought in his heart.

Xuandu Shengzun continued: "Zhen Yuanzi exhausted the luck of Earth Immortal Realm and surpassed Great Dao. He also cultivated a Chaos Demon God named Demon God Destroyed. I am afraid that the purpose is not good. Now that Zhen Yuanzi has already abandoned Earth Immortal Realm, I plan to annex Earth Immortal Realm and let Earth Immortal Realm backlash Zhen Yuanzi."

Han Jue asked: "How to do it?"

It's a bit dangerous.

Sage Venerable Xuandu said: "You join hands with me to create a special space to attract some of the creatures of the Earth Immortal Realm. As our pawns, pass through the River of Destiny of the Earth Immortal Realm and erase its River of The mark of Zhen Yuanzi in Destiny until Earth Immortal Realm is completely separated from Zhen Yuanzi."

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