Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 593

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Special space, recruiting Earth Immortal Realm creatures?

This routine is a bit familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere.

Han Jue is secretly curious.

Sage Venerable Xuandu continued: "There are many almighty attempts at Divine Realm of Guixu Realm, and the effect is good, and with them in front, we are hard to be suspected. We choose a batch of them. The creatures, in the form of reward, attract these creatures to do tasks and erase the River of Destiny of the Earth Immortal Realm. When the River of Destiny is chaotic and Heavenly Dao collapses, the Earth Immortal Realm will belong to us."


Unlimited streaming?

Han Jue asked: "After success, who will Earth Immortal Realm belong to?"

"We only need to create a force. Get rid of cause and effect."

Han Jue cursed insidiously.

It means that things are exposed and they can throw away the pot.

Han Jue asked: "Zhen Yuanzi is impossible to notice, right? This matter is still too dangerous, I don't want to participate."

The Holy Master of Xuandu said: "Zhen Yuanzi cultivates Destroying the Demon God, his heart can be punishable. If we get the Earth Immortal Realm, we will have a great opportunity. My teacher guesses that the Earth Immortal Realm has the inheritance of Dao Ancestor, and Zhen Yuanzi does not know this. If we win the Earth Immortal Realm , We can develop the second Heavenly Dao, one more way to survive."

Han Jue asked: "Who else did you find?"

"Just you and me, That’s enough."

Han Jue silently asked in the heart: "What the Holy Venerable Xuandu said is true?"

[Four billion years of life-span needs to be deducted. Do you want to continue? ]


[He didn't lie]

He didn't lie?

It means that the content may not be true, and the Holy Venerable Xuandu may be just a guess.

But as long as the Xuandu Holy Venerable is sincere.

"I have to think about this. You shouldn't be in a hurry?" Han Jue opened the mouth and said.

Nodded, the sage of Xuandu said: "Waiting for you, but no more than a thousand years at the latest, I am already starting to start."


The dream is over.

Han Jue opened his eyes and asked in his heart: "I want to know if I believe in the Holy Venerable Xuandu and follow him, what will the result be?"

[Need to deduct four One billion years of life-span, do you continue?


Han Jue followed into the illusion of evolution.

He came to a mysterious great hall. The hall was hundreds zhang wide and thousands zhang long. The walls of the hall were transparent, and you could see the dazzling Star River. Looking up, the ceiling of the hall was tumbling with Primal Chaos Qi. Looking forward, there is a Divine Idol with different postures standing on both sides.

Han Jue saw Su Qi standing opposite a mysterious man.

Mysterious man opened the mouth and said: "The luck already belongs to us, and then we can attack other spaces and annex other little Heavenly Dao."

Su Qi said: "Wait, the Samsara's strength is still too weak, not comparable to other spaces."

"They are not a cultivation base in exchange for cultivation, how to wait?"

Su Qi was about to answer, when the great hall shook violently.

A terrifying coercion descended, and the billowing Primal Chaos Qi on the top of the hall turned into a huge face, with only the outline of the facial features, it is difficult to distinguish the true face.

"hmph, dared to steal my Earth Immortal Realm, courting death!"

The great hall in front of Han Jue turned into ashes at the speed visible by naked eye, Su Qi and The mysterious man wanted to escape, but was blocked by invisible force and could only turn into fly ash.

This is the end of the illusion of evolution.

Han Jue frowned.

Is this doomed to fail?

"I want to know what cultivation base Zhen Yuanzi is?"

Han Jue continued to ask, first find out the enemy's strength, and then decide whether to participate.

"50 billion years of life-span needs to be deducted, do you want to continue?"

50 billion years?


But not too outrageous!


[Zhen Yuanzi: Zizai Sage late stage, ancestor of Earth Immortal, Immeasurable Great Emperor]

Zizai Sage late stage, not too strong.

Even if it is offended, can the other party enter his dao field and clean him up?

Han Jue is lost in thought.

In fact, he thinks that he can cooperate with the Xuandu deity, anyway, it is to send chess pieces, not the deity to participate.

"If I and Xuandu Shengzun implement the plan, how long will Zhen Yuanzi notice?"

[50 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]

Go on!

[At least a billion years, he is currently seclusion somewhere in the Great Dao place, isolated from the outside world]

Billion years?

Even a hammer!

One billion years later, Han Jue can definitely squeeze Zhen Yuanzi with one hand!

Han Jue began to think about own disciples.

Direct disciple won’t work, what if something goes wrong?

Han Jue suddenly thought of someone.

Samsara Immortal Emperor!

Samsara Immortal Emperor matches Samsara, very suitable.

Han Jue immediately entrusted a dream to Samsara Immortal Emperor to tell the matter.

Samsara Immortal Emperor fell silent.

Han Jue is not in a hurry and waits patiently.

Long time.

Samsara Immortal Emperor asked: "Is there a chance to be sanctified in this matter?"

Han Jue said: "Earth Immortal Realm becomes Heavenly Dao on its own. Naturally, it can be sanctified. In addition, , I also have the method of sanctification. If I do it well, I won’t treat you badly. Don’t worry. I’m working with the Xuandu Holy Venerable. You are equivalent to the support of two Sages, and Immortal World is the most powerful one. Two Sages."

Samsara Immortal Emperor suddenly thought of something, and said: "If this matter is to be pulled up to Divine Palace, I must also need manpower."

Han Jue shook his head and said: "Don't be too ostentatious. As for your subordinates, just bring your cronies."


Samsara Immortal Emperor responded to this, and Han Jue asked him to prepare the manpower. .

After that, Han Jue did not immediately notify the Xuandu Holy Venerable, but started the cultivation.

In the millennium, you cannot be so eager.


Three hundred years later.

Han Jue entrusted the dream to the Holy Venerable Xuandu and said he agreed to this matter.

Xuandu Shengzun rarely smiled and said: "Very well, have you chosen the executor?"

Han Jue nodded.

"You will name this special space, to show my sincerity." Xuantu Shengzun said.

He paused and said: "This matter will not be affected by cause and effect. After we have discussed it, the executor will name it himself."

True Yin... Thoughtful!

Han Jue pondered then said: "Just call Samsara space, I will call someone to your dao field, you arrange it yourself, I usually have to cultivation."

" , OK."

After the dream was over, Han Jue entrusted the dream to the Samsara Immortal Emperor and asked him to take people to the Thirty Three Layer Heaven to find the Xuandu Holy Venerable.

After that, Han Jue began to observe.

Samsara Immortal Emperor did not bring Han Tuo, which shows that he did not think carefully.

However, Han Ming followed the Samsara Immortal Emperor.

Han Jue didn't care too much about the already broken younger brother.

Han Ming is pretty good to Han Tuo. If you are in danger, Han Jue can save it with one hand, nothing more.

Samsara Immortal Emperor left Immortal World with a hundred cronies.

Han Jue sorted out his emotions and started breakthrough.

He could have a breakthrough long ago, but he was disturbed by the Xuandu Holy Venerable.

Next is Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal perfection, and then free Sage!


Section Cult, Cult Master Taoist Temple.

Huang Zuntian was meditating, and he passed the letter dísciple into contemplation suddenly.

"Report——Golden Crow Monster Sovereign has been defeated by my teaching Immemorial Golden Immortal, but Buddhism suddenly intervened and saved him!" dísciple said solemnly.

Huang Zuntian opened his eyes, frowned and asked: "Whose hand is Buddhism?"

"Hunyuan Buddha Ancestor!"

Huang Zuntian moved.

Hunyuan Buddha Ancestor is the new Buddha Ancestor of Buddhism. It has a cultivation base, deep and unmeasurable. It is rumored to be Quasi-Saint.

Buddha sect sent Hunyuan Buddha Ancestor to come, equivalent to declare war!

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