Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 594

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"This Palace will meet him!"

Huang Zuntian got up and said, the Buddha sent the Buddha Ancestor, how could he stand idly by.

hearing this, dísciple sighed in relief.

Huang Zuntian left immediately.

A Quasi-Saint battle is about to break out!


For the past five hundred years, Han Jue has only succeeded in the breakthrough.

He deliberately stuck the time, it would have been a while, but at the last minute, he speeded up the breakthrough.

spiritual power skyrocketed!

Han Jue consolidates the cultivation base while viewing the own attribute panel:

[Full Name: Han Jue]

[life-span: 9390012, 9999, 9999, 9999, 9999, 9999, 9999]

[race: Primordial Chaos Demon God (Immeasurable Great Emperor)]

[cultivation base: Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal perfection ( Perfect Sage)]

[cultivation technique: Primordial Chaos Samsara Great Dao (Great Dao level), Weekly body tempering method]

[Great Dao: Great Dao of Life and Death, cause and effect Great Dao, Jiyuan Great Dao】



Life-span has increased tenfold!

Han Jue looked at this long string of numbers with a sense of satisfaction.

He already equivalent to Immortality!

Han Jue calms down and continues to consolidate the cultivation base.

For the past 40 years, his cultivation base has only become completely stable.

He started to improve the Sword Dao divine ability, and it only took half a year.

Han Jue does not directly cultivation and is too comfortable with Dharma Body. Instead, he checks his email and cares about the latest situation.

[Your friend Samsara Immortal Emperor left Immortal World]

[Your friend Han Ming left Immortal World]

[Your friend Huang Zuntian encountered you Your friend Hunyuan Heavenly Demon attacked]

[Your friend Samsara Immortal Emperor created the Samsara space]

[Your friend Hunyuan Heavenly Demon was attacked by your friend Li Daokong]

[Your friend Shi Dudao is attacked by the lord of the ancient measuring tribulation]

[Your friend Pan Xin joins Divine Palace, luck has skyrocketed]

… …

How did Hunyuan Heavenly Demon and Huang Zuntian fight?

Han Jue frowned. In order to prevent the two undercover agents from getting angry, he had to entrust his dream to them.

The loyalty of the two to him has reached six stars, and Han Jue is not afraid of being betrayed.

The two were shocked when they learned that each other was their own.

But they didn't dare to make times in front of Han Jue, so they could only promise not to get revenge.

Han Jue entrusted his dream to Li Daokong again.

Li Daokong is very awkward. Han Jue is worried that he will knock Hunyuan Heavenly Demon to death and knock Hunyuan Heavenly Demon to death.

Li Daokong is silent.

Long time.

Li Daokong asked: "Sect Master, how many people have you planted?"

He used to think that Han Jue was not deep enough, so he only knew how to practice hard. Suddenly he felt that he was wrong. NS.

This city is too deep!

Buddhism Buddha Ancestor turned out to be from Han Jue!

Han Jue said: "This matter must not be publicized. I trust you. You will become Hidden Sect's Sage in the future, so I will let you know in advance."

Li Daokong nodded and said : "Many thanks Sect Master, I have something to say. I accepted Han Yu as a disciple."

"I know."

"I want to treat Han Yu as Inheritor, he may suffer a bit or even die..."

Li Daokong hesitated when he said this remark. Although he has a strong temperament, he is not stupid.

Han Jue said: "You are free."

When the voice falls, Han Jue releases the dream.

Back to reality, Han Jue coldly snorted.

"If I want to protect him, how could he die!"

Han Jue thought proudly.

He is already not what he used to be. In this Immortal World, he has such confidence!

After cooking all this, Han Jue started cultivation and it was too easy to be at Dharma Body.

It’s too easy to be comfortable. The further the Dharma Body goes, the more difficult it is to cultivation. It is not because the Demon God is stronger in nature, but because the strength of the Demon God Dharma Body is repulsive and it is difficult to be compatible.

This time cultivation, in the past two hundred years, Han Jue has once again cultivated fifty Chaos Demon God Dharma Body, and can no longer train a new Demon God Dharma Body.

They are Demon God, Turbulent Demon God, Vertical and Horizontal Demon God, Spiral Demon God, Demon God, 49 Power Demon God, Dragon Demon God, Creation Demon God, realm Demon God, Useless Demon God, Infect Demon God, Sensory Demon God, Memory Demon God, Karmic Power Demon God, Star Demon God, Ubiquitous Demon God, Evil Demon God, Indulge Demon God, Ancient and Modern Supreme Demon God, Ancestor Demon God.

A breath of Demon God, Azure Lotus Demon God, attacking Demon God, existence Demon God, plane Demon God, erasing Demon God, psychic Demon God, extinction Demon God, distanceless Demon God, withering Demon God, Years Demon God, Ancient Demon God, Tai Cang Demon God, Chase Demon God, Spiritless Demon God, King Demon God, Emotional Demon God, Rebirth Demon God, Instant Demon God, Guigua Demon God, Lord of All Things Demon God, Soul Source Demon God, Ash Demon God, Zhou Heaven's Severing Fang Demon God, See Through Demon God, Rules Demon God, Endow Demon God, Fuxiang Demon God, Red Demon God, and Demon God.

Han Jue started a Simulated Trial to adapt to the power of these new Demon God Dharma Body.

A blink of an eye.

Ten years have passed.

Except for Xitian Old Ancestor and Di Jun, Han Jue can directly single out all the existences in the instakill Simulated Trial!

Accumulate two hundred and twenty Four Venerables Demon God Dharma Body, come out together, no one can resist under Sage!


The skyrocketing strength has allowed Han Jue to regain his former enthusiasm.

I really want to find a free Sage to play a game!

Forget it.

Calm down and don't mess around.

Han Jue walks out of Taoism and is the sermon of Hidden Sect.

Still Sermon for a hundred years.

A hundred years later, Han Jue returned to the Taoist temple and he began to observe the Samsara space.

The Samsara space is not in the Immortal World, but a corner of the dark forbidden zone, very far away.

Even if it is Sage, Han Jue can't get a glimpse of the situation in the Samsara space.

Han Jue had to entrust a dream to Samsara Immortal Emperor, and then let Samsara Immortal Emperor show him the situation of Samsara space.

Currently, there are thousands of Samsara in the Samsara space who have collected and generated hundreds of Illusory Worlds in the Earth Immortal Realm River of Destiny.

Generating worlds requires great spiritual power, because these worlds are located in the River of Destiny. If the Samsara person changes the life of the large Destined Person in Illusory World, it will affect the River of Destiny.

Samsara Immortal Emperor showed Han Jue the view of Samsara space.

There is a city in the Samsara space, which is as big as one million li, and can be used by Samsara people to rest. This city is very similar to the ancient city, but it also has some technological silhouettes.

"The cultivation of Earth Immortal Realm has ceased. Nowadays, what is popular is something called science. Using science, creatures can leave their stars and explore chaos. The creator of science is also Chaos. Demon God, he cut off Spiritual Qi, he used science to attract the beliefs of Earth Immortal Realm beings, strengthen his own luck, and his strength is deep and unmeasurable, but this Chaos Demon God is also afraid of Zhen Yuanzi and usually does not dare to show up." Samsara Immortal Emperor introduced.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows, is this the truth of science?

The end of science is theology?

Is it just a lie made by gods and demons?

Han Jue asked: "Is there Earth?"

Samsara Immortal Emperor Dao: "Yes, Earth used to be the center of Earth Immortal Realm, but now it is very weak."


"What is Earth's almanac?"

"Earth already exists for tens of billions of years, and the almanac is interstellar 3200."

Han Jue was silent.

Either this is not the Earth of his previous life, or the time has passed for a long time, the Earth he is familiar with has remained the same, but people have changed.

However, Han Jue doesn't care about Earth, nor does he have much nostalgia for the past life. He only cares about this life.

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