Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 595

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"You care about Earth?"

Samsara Immortal Emperor asked curiously. In his opinion, Earth ordinary is just a dust in Earth Immortal Realm. Not worth mentioning.

Han Jue said: "Nothing. There is something special about Earth. You should know that there is nothing unusual except history."

Samsara Immortal Emperor nodded, the history of Earth is also nodded. I have understood that it belonged to the core civilization zone of the previous Earth Immortal Realm, but unfortunately, that was only in the past.

Since Zhen Yuanzi left Earth Immortal Realm, mysterious Chaos Demon God invaded, and Earth Immortal Realm already became a piece of Desolate Land.

Han Jue asked some Samsara for details.

The Samsara people recruited in Samsara space do not come from a single point in time, but Earth Immortal Realm creatures from various timelines. But one thing is that two creatures of the same nature cannot appear, which means that this person is chosen. You cannot select this person on other timelines.

With the strength of the Samsara Immortal Emperor, spanning time is not a problem.

Almighty people like Han Jue are not afraid that others will find their past self through time, because they can detect it.

After a few hours, the dream ended.

Samsara Immortal Emperor opened his eyes, he was sitting in a dark great hall, and two stalwart Divine Idol stood beside him.

A black robed man appeared in front of him and said: "Master, some races of Earth Immortal Realm have discovered our existence. Already indicates hostility."

Samsara Immortal Emperor calmly said: "Just let the Samsara people add a new task, I will release a new batch of magical treasure, you can let it go out."

"In addition, the twelve main gods will be selected, and the Twelve Main Gods manages the Samsara space, I have to cultivation, so I retreat behind the scenes."

hearing this, the black robed man quickly responded.

Samsara Immortal Emperor told him to retreat. When he turned around, the black robed man's eyes showed excitement.

He is going to be in charge!


Time flies, thousands of years have passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes and ended the cultivation again.


Even though already reached the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal perfection, Han Jue is still full of desire for cultivation.

In Immortal World, he is already invincible.

But he can't expect Immortal World to exist forever.

Han Jue got up and moved his muscles and bones.

Strange spirit suddenly flies.

For so many years, strange spirit already rarely bothers Han Jue. It also finds a place for cultivation. Its cultivation base is linked to Han Jue. The stronger the Han Jue, the stronger it is.

Now it also has the strength of Sage, but it is far inferior to Han Jue, and there is no Sage status.

Han Jue glanced at it and asked what was going on with his eyes.

Strange spirit waved his arm and expressed silently.

Han Jue learned through telepathy that strange spirit had sensed the existence of the ominous Spiritual God, and already sneaked into Immortal World.

The ominous Spiritual God is transformed by the ominous evil in the dark forbidden area. Only after countless years can an ominous Spiritual God be born.

Han Jue is surprised, why is the ominous Spiritual God able to enter Immortal World? Heavenly Dao does not reject it?

He looked up as if thinking of something.

I saw Ninth Layer Heaven, purple clouds were pervading, the mighty Heavenly Might was brewing, and there was a form in the center of Heavenly Might.

Fang Liang!

His breath has changed, become nothingness, become profound mystery.

Rao is Han Jue who can't see through him. His cultivation base is already Quasi-Saint, but its breath and soul make Han Jue, Sage, unable to see through.

Han Jue calls up the interpersonal relationship and looks at Fang Liang's avatar.

Fang Liang's identity has already become Dao Ancestor!

Is it because Fang Liang became Dao Ancestor and Heavenly Dao was in chaos that gave the ominous Spiritual God a chance?

Fang Liang becomes Dao Ancestor, why are other Sages not moving?

Han Jue entrusted the dream to Qiu Xilai.

In the dream, Han Jue directly expressed this doubt.

After experiencing the enslavement of Primordial Chaos, Qiu Xilai is absolutely loyal to him.

Qiu Xilai looked strange and said, "Isn't Fang Liang your dísciple? How can the saints not count? Who dares to have an opinion?"

Han Jue was stunned. Just because of this?

It's right to think about it again.

No Sage dared to offend Han Jue.

Including the Xuandu Holy Venerable, you have to be polite in the face of Han Jue. In their opinion, Fang Liang’s change may be what Han Jue meant.

"Fu Xitian once came to ask me, is it a sniff, then, since then, Sages have ignored Fang Liang, speaking of which, why can Fang Liang absorb Heavenly Dao's air luck?" Qiu Xilai wondered Asked.

Han Jue realizes that all the saints only know that Fang Liang is absorbing Qi Luck, but they do not know that it is transformed into Dao Ancestor.

In the face of Qiu Xilai, Han Jue did not hide it either.

hearing this, Qiu Xilai's eyes widened.


Qiu Xilai muttered to himself, his expression turned serious.

Han Jue asked: "What's wrong?"

Qiu Xilai looked faintly, and said: "Dao Ancestor had appointed a successor before he left. It was the previous Human. Cult Sage was fallen by our plot against, and Li Muyi, who had already escaped from Heavenly Dao, had to come back."

Han Jue suddenly remembered that Human Cult does not have Heavenly Dao Sage, only a strand of Primordial Chaos Purple is left. Qi.

"If Dao Ancestor is resurrected, I am afraid that our Sage will be held accountable if we learn about this. The majestic and majestic Cult Master of the past has been suppressed in the ancient wilderness, and there will never be a day of detachment." Qiu Xilai became more and more frightened as he spoke.

In the hearts of all saints, Dao Ancestor is the most powerful existence and the most awe-inspiring existence.

Dao Ancestor does not leave, they dare not fight in chaos.

Now Dao Ancestor is back...

Han Jue comforted: "Don't worry, Fang Liang just got the Dao Ancestor identity, not the real Dao Ancestor."



Qiu Xilai sighed in relief.

Han Jue instructed Qiu Xilai not to dispel the dream after spreading the incident.

Back to reality, Han Jue opened his eyes.

Strange spirit comes in again.

"Do you want to go out?"

Strange spirit is crazy nodded.

Han Jue thought for a while and said: "You can let you out, but you must not leave Heavenly Dao or harm other creatures except the ominous Spiritual God, otherwise you will be expelled by the Heavenly Dao rules. I won't be able to protect you from now on."

Strange spirit beckons, it guarantees.

Han Jue waved his sleeves and sent it out.

This guy is very cautious. If he is not sure, he will not take the initiative to find Han Jue.

That ominous Spiritual God is going to be unlucky.

After that, Han Jue walked out of the Taoist temple and came to the Taoist temple next to him. He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

The door suddenly opened, and Xing Hongxuan got up to greet him.

After Han Jue entered the temple, the door was closed.

Zhang Jiao and Crimson Fox didn't seem to see them, so they continued their cultivation.

Han Jue walked to the small table and sat down, poured tea for himself, and asked: "How about the recent cultivation?"

Xing Hongxuan sat down, smiling like a flower, and said:" It’s okay. It’s getting closer and closer to the Great Principle, but I don’t know when I can get Quasi-Saint and give you a child."

Xing Hongxuan changed his aptitude due to reincarnation, and got Human Sovereign luck. After so many years of cultivation, it is not uncommon to be close to the Great Principle, she has long been not a mortal.

Han Jue said ill-humoredly: "What is the use of having a child? Carefully share your cultivation energy."

Xing Hongxuan curled his lips and said: "I don't want to keep it for you Later, if one day you want to leave Hidden Sect and go out, you will have to have a protagonist to control Hidden Sect for you. Hidden Sect these Heaven's Chosen are more than one proud and arrogant. In the future, if there is no leader, something will happen."

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