Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 596

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"I was impossible to leave Hidden Sect." Han Jue shook his head and laughed.

Xing Hongxuan blinked, thinking about it carefully, Han Jue seemed to have never left alone. Even when he came to Immortal World, he brought them with him, but they all left Hidden Sect alone.

Thinking of this, Xing Hongxuan asked puzzledly: "Hidden you have been staying in Hidden Sect will not be tired?"

Han Jue asked: "Why are you tired?"

"No one should be your opponent now, so you don't want to go out and have a look?"

"Isn't your wife possessed by Heavenly Dao body?"

Han Jue looked towards Xing Hongxuan vigilantly, he was hesitant to give Xing Hongxuan an absolute purification.

Xing Hongxuan helplessly said: "You, you, you are overly cautious, and even become a saint are afraid to go out."

When she met Han Jue, Han Jue was still a teenager. It was very cautiously then, now it is sanctified and still cautiously.

Perhaps this is the reason why Han Jue can be sanctified.

The two continued to chat, chatting about the past and the present.

A few months later.

Han Jue just left Xing Hongxuan Taoist Temple, he came under Fusang Tree.

Disciples got up one after another and saluted him.

Tens of thousands of years have passed. Even after moving to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, Fusang Tree is still a gathering place for direct disciples.

Hei Yuji flew over and shouted: "Master, I want to sue!"

Han Jue asked: "What?"

Hei Yuji called Said: "Ada and Xiaoer want to go out!"

Ada and Xiaoer are Golden Crows. They were expelled from the family because of aptitude failure. Now they are Divine Realm, but they are far away from the Great Principle. There is still some distance.

Dalian hurriedly said: "No, it's nonsense, it's just that Golden Crow is using bloodline to resonate summon us!" combustion.

Han Jue counted, it turned out that it was the Golden Crow Monster Sovereign in summon All Heavens and Myriad Realms' Golden Crow, Section Cult's offensive is very fierce, in this way, Monster Race must be disbanded.

Monster Race may not be cut to death, but Golden Crow God Race as the Monster Race Imperial Family will certainly not survive forever.

Han Jue said: "After reaching Quasi-Saint, you can go out as you like. Before that, no one should be delusional and don’t fan the flames."

After that, He walked to the Fusang Tree and started observing the Fusang Tree.

The space-time vortex already connected in Fusang Tree exceeds three hundred.

Han Jue didn't expect that there are so many Heaven and Earth besides Heavenly Dao, but fortunately these Heaven and Earth are far less powerful than Immortal World.

After so many years, Fusang Tree’s cultivation base has already reached the Six Profound Spiritual Element, and it is possible to step into the Great Principle realm at any time.

Han Jue asked Fusang Tree to open those space-time vortex, and then began to spy on Heaven and Earth inside.

Other dísciples don’t dare to bother anymore, they cultivation.


Bei Zhou Shenshan.

A Three Legged Golden Crow with a ten thousand zhang wingspan came galloping from the west and wanted to go up the mountain.


A surge of sword qi burst into the sky, breaking the sea of ​​clouds and shaking the sacred mountain.

The Three Legged Golden Crow had to stop and said: "Under the Monster Race Golden Crow Monster Sovereign, come and meet Li Daokong senior!"

"No see."

Li Daokong's voice came, very cold and tough.

The creatures on the mountain are very nervous. They have heard about the name of Golden Crow Monster Sovereign. Although Li Daokong is the top of Heavenly Dao's luck list, Golden Crow Monster Sovereign is not. Bad, there is Monster Race under his team.

"This matter has nothing to do with God Mountain!"

Golden Crow Monster Sovereign said solemnly, he did not expect Li Daokong to don't give face like this.

"get lost!"

Li Daokong's voice resounded like a muffled thunder, making all the beings in the sacred mountain deafening.


Golden Crow Monster Sovereign coldly snorted, turned and left.

A hundred years later.

Monster Race came from all directions to the God Mountain of Fuzhou, Monster Qi was filled, forming a dark cloud, covering the God Mountain of Fuzhou, as if a catastrophe was about to come.

Han Jue, who was far away in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, suddenly opened his eyes.

He is slightly frowned and looks intently.

Countless monsters flooded from all directions of the mountain of Buzhou, like a vast ocean, wanting to submerge the mountain of Buzhou.

These monsters are the strongest, but they are not in the realm of Immortal Emperor.

Monster Race wants to attack the sacred mountain?

But these monsters are so weak...


Han Jue's face became gloomy.

so that's how it is!

Monster Race used more than 100 million Demon Soldiers to climb the sacred mountain and wanted to anger Li Daokong. If Li Daokong took action and extinguished these cannon fodder, the huge karmic power would offset his Heavenly Dao luck. By then, he will not be able to secure the top spot of Heavenly Dao's luck list.

Han Jue pinched and calculated that it was hard to say which Sage was supporting Monster Race.

In his opinion, Sage is absolutely supported, otherwise Monster Race is driven out by Section Cult, where would the courage to make enemies again?

"I want to know who is supporting Golden Crow Monster Sovereign." Han Jue thought in his heart.

[160 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]

So much!

Han Jue's heart sank to the bottom.

He immediately chose to continue, and then he entered the illusion of evolution.

Opening his eyes again, Han Jue came to a red great hall full of flames. He saw the Golden Crow Monster Sovereign and was kneeling in front of a form.

Di Jun!

I saw Di Jun looking down at Golden Crow Monster Sovereign, indifferently said: "I know the plight of Monster Race."

Golden Crow Monster Sovereign gritted his teeth and said: "Looking for the ancestors to save Golden Crow God Race!"

Di Jun said: "I am not your ancestor, Di Jun of Golden Crow God Race is just one of my Dharma Body, I have long been detached from cause and effect, not into vain. "


"Golden Crow God Race does not have Sage. It is difficult for you to gain a foothold in Immortal World. Now you can only rise again and again, and be exterminated again and again. Struggling on whilst at death's door, the never-ending Samsara go down."

Golden Crow Monster Sovereign is silent.

Di Jun continued: "But I do have a way to help Golden Crow God Race surpass life. If it succeeds, Golden Crow God Race will give birth to Sage. If it fails, Golden Crow God Race will be annihilated. Dare to leave my existence?"

Golden Crow Monster Sovereign suddenly raised his head and said: "Dare! Golden Crow God Race has no way out!"

"You let Monster Sovereign Race all rushed to the mountain of Buzhou, forcing Li Daokong to take action, and give you Heavenly Dao luck. I will give you a Heavenly Dao supreme treasure. You can go to the dark forbidden area to get it, and I will guide you."


Golden Crow Monster Sovereign was extremely excited, and the four words Heavenly Dao supreme treasure made him dizzy.

This is the end of the dream.

Han Jue opened his eyes and browsed tightly knit.

Di Jun even stared at Heavenly Dao, and even gave out Heavenly Dao supreme treasure.

Something is wrong.

These almighty are not already detached from Heavenly Dao, or even Great Dao, why take action on Heavenly Dao?

Han Jue continues to calculate the reason.

[The cause and effect involved in exceeding the limits of the System exists and cannot evolve]


Han Jue raised his eyebrows, but Di Jun was not that strong.

In his cognition, only Dao Ancestor still surpasses the System limit.

Could Di Jun take action because of Dao Ancestor?

Han Jue couldn't figure it out. He sent sound transmission to Li Daokong who was not in the mountain, and told him not to take action on the Monster Race sentient beings, but directly used the formation to trap the mountain in the wrong.

Section Cult is chasing and killing Monster Race. As long as Monster Race can't go up to the mountain, it will collapse soon.

Li Daokong cast the spell immediately, and the sword light rose up from the edge of the mountain, like a lightsaber suspended in the air, with the tip of the sword facing the sky, magnificent.

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