Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 597

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After the sword light grand formation was raised on the mountain, Monster Race was blocked. Some monsters who believed oneself infallible wanted to forcibly trespass, but they were killed by the formation and scared the Monster Race army. Dare to leave again.

In the distance.

Golden Crow Monster Sovereign and a group of Monster Race Monster Sage gathered in the piece of mountain valley.

A Monster Sage said solemnly: "Li Daokong is not fooled, shall we take action?"

Golden Crow Monster Sovereign hummed: "No, Li Daokong is a man of arrogant disposition , There can’t be a grain of sand in his eyes, even if he knows our plot against, he will count, because he doesn’t want to show that we are afraid of him."

"If we show up, we may be executed by Li Daokong , I don’t need to say how powerful Li Daokong is."

Other Monster Sage thinks it is reasonable and can't help being nodded.

Neither of them want to face Li Daokong directly.

The news that Monster Race was surrounding the mountain of Buzhou quickly spread, and the offensive of Section Cult also began to move towards the mountain of Buzhou.


Time flies.

Thousands of years have passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes, his first concern was the situation of the God Mountain.

The Monster Race in the mountain is gone.


Han Jue suddenly saw the fiendish aura permeating the edge of the sacred mountain, which was difficult to disperse for a long time.

Could it be...

Han Jue checked the Heavenly Dao luck list, Li Daokong already fell to the third position.

The new top spot is Dasantian.

Han Jue calculated that Section Cult really wanted to chase Monster Race, but was blocked by Buddhism. As a result, Monster Race could continue to entangle the sacred mountain. Li Daokong was unhappy, so he took action and killed over 100 million. Demon Soldier, karmic power ridden, offset a lot of luck.

Golden Crow Monster Sovereign was seriously injured by Li Daokong. If it weren't for the Heavenly Dao supreme treasure, it would have fallen on the spot.

Han Jue is speechless.

He did not blame Li Daokong for this, it was Li Daokong's own choice.

But Buddhism actually supports Monster Race.

It should not be.

Maybe Buddhism is simply against Section Cult.

Han Jue didn't go to Qiu Xilai because of this. He couldn't have the forces under him in harmony. That would be unrealistic and it would cause more trouble.

It is also a good thing to become stronger in the fight.

Han Jue no longer thinks about it, but looks towards his own son Han Tuo.

Divine Palace is developing the mortal world recently. Han Tuo also personally led people into the mortal world. He went to San Heaven Realm. Divine Palace seems to have established a certain relationship with Santian Sect.

Han Tuo’s cultivation base has not fallen, now it is the Three Profound Spiritual Essence, and it has made rapid progress.

Han Jue look at Yitian again, the son of Heavenly Dao already is the Five Profound Spiritual Essence.

The son of Heavenly Dao is really the best!

Han Jue turned his attention to Han Yu.


Han Yu is drinking with the Eastern Sea Dragon King in the Dragon Palace overseas in Immortal World.

Eastern Sea Seventh Princess fell in love with Han Yu. The Eastern Sea Dragon King learned that Han Yu’s Master was Li Daokong and wanted to recruit him as his son-in-law.

Han Jue's mouth raised slightly.

"Looks like me, it's really easy to attract girls."

Han Jue smiled and thought that younger generations will do all right on their own, and he didn't bother to intervene.

The Eastern Sea Dragon King is just a supreme unity Golden Immortal, and he is not worthy of seeing Han Jue.

Han Jue followed other people again, and after a few days, he joined the cultivation again.

This is Sage, the overwhelming majority spends all time in meditation and cultivation.


Thirty Three Layer Heaven, Supreme Ultimate Palace.

Fang Liang walked into the great hall, his expression was indifferent, his sleeves fluttered with him, imposing manner solemn and ethereal.

Xitian Old Ancestor slowly opened his eyes, looking towards own Fang Liang, he fell into a trance.

Fang Liang stopped in front of him at ten zhang and said: "Xitian Old Ancestor, Dao Ancestor asked me to come to you. You should know what happened?"

Tian Old Ancestor said: "Well, Good Fortune Jade Plate."

He looked at Fang Liang and said with emotion: "How do you feel about becoming a Dao Ancestor?"

Fang Liang replied: "I have seen a lot and will bear a lot."

"Where is Dao Ancestor?"

"Dao Ancestor everywhere."

"Why is Dao Ancestor Looking for you?"

"Primordial Chaos Demon God."

Xitian Old Ancestor heard it and couldn't help being silent.

Fang Liang said: "Where is Good Fortune Jade Plate, can you give it to me?"

Xitian Old Ancestor said: "Good Fortune Jade Plate cannot be given to you because it is already No, I don’t know where it is. This treasure is alive and disappeared before the last measuring tribulation. For this reason, I have not yet found a trace of the Good Fortune Jade Plate in Immortal World. Unfortunately, to no avail."

Fang Liang frowned.

Xitian Old Ancestor said: "If Heavenly Dao is not there, it must be in Divine Realm, or the ancient wilderness in the depths. You can go and look for it, Dao Ancestor will definitely bless you."


"In the Divine Realm, you have to be careful of the Dao Demon, and in the ancient wilderness, you have to be careful of the Demon God."

Fang Liang was coldly snorted and left.

When he left the Supreme Ultimate Palace, Xitian Old Ancestor sighed, and leisurely said: "Dao Ancestor, what are you planning? Since a long time ago, you seemed to be afraid of something. Now I have seen it. False, detached from everything, but still can't see what you are chasing."

In his memory, Dao Ancestor has always been very mysterious. After opening the sky, he is the most powerful, but he is always seclusion cultivation.

Xitian Old Ancestor right hand opened, a purple jade piece appeared in his hand.


Section Cult Sage dao field.

Huang Zuntian respectfully knelt in front of Heaven's Severing Cult Master, not daring to look at him.

Heaven's Severing Cult Master opened the mouth and said: "Your performance is very good. Now you are in the top ten of Heavenly Dao's luck list. You have not been ashamed of Section Cult."

Huang Zuntian replied: "It's all about taking the luck of Section Cult, and changing someone else to be the Master of Section Cult Cult will only be better than me."

"Don't be humble, I have a major event. I will give it to you."

"Sage does not hesitate to give orders."

"Enlightenment Cult and Section Cult are ready to join forces to open up a new Heavenly Dao. You should seize the time to recruit dísciple and send it to the new Heavenly Dao."


Huang Zuntian responded directly.

"Well, if this matter is done, I will sermon for you alone."

"many thanks Sage!"

"Go on."

Huang Zuntian salutes and retires.

Leaving Thirty Three Layer Heaven, Huang Zuntian walked through the sea of ​​clouds with no expression on his face. In his heart, he was thinking about what Heaven's Severing Cult Master had explained.

"The new Heavenly Dao...something is wrong. Nowadays, the importance of Section Cult and Enlightenment Cult in Immortal World is still not to be ignored, and even thriving, why develop a new Heavenly Dao?"

Huang Zuntian Smell the breath of conspiracy.

No matter what Sage's plan is, he can't participate at all, let alone the investigation, once he is in a bad state, Sage may be able to detect it.

After taking the position of Section Cult Cult Master, Huang Zuntian has been walking on thin ice, walking cautiously every step.

He has a hunch that this matter is related to Han Jue.

Han Jue broke the Sage pattern. Today’s peace is brought by Han Jue. Because he is too strong, the saints dare not fight against him, and they have to cling to each other.

Thinking of this, Huang Zuntian is full of admiration for Han Jue.

Han Jue didn't publicize his own strength everywhere after being sanctified. Instead, he brought peace to Immortal World. The current vision is even more prosperous than before measuring tribulation.

This is Sage!

He Huang Zuntian must follow the footsteps of Han Jue unswervingly!

Huang Zuntian began to think about how to contact Han Jue and tell Han Jue about the new Heavenly Dao.

Definitely not go directly to Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

He has to find a way to make Han Jue give himself a dream.

"If I am injured, the master will definitely notice me."

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