Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 598

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Another thousand years have passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes and checked his emails habitually to see if any interesting events had happened in the Moments recently.

[Your friend Huang Zuntian was attacked by your son Han Tuo and was seriously injured]

[Your friend Xitian Old Ancestor left Heavenly Dao]

[Your friend Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart, Heavenly Dao has weak luck]

[Your friend Li Daokong sudden enlightenment divine ability, cultivation soaring]

【 Your Grand Disciple Murong Qi transformed into Chaos Demon God]

[Your friend Samsara Immortal Emperor was attacked by a mysterious almighty]

[Your apprentice Su Qi encountered a mysterious existence echoing]


Han Jue was taken aback when he saw Huang Zuntian being seriously injured by Han Tuo's attack.

How is it possible!

The difference in the cultivation base between the two is so big that even if Han Tuo explodes, it is impossible to hurt Huang Zuntian.

Besides, Huang Zuntian should be able to guess the relationship between the two when seeing Han Tuo.

Does Huang Zuntian want to get Han Jue's attention?

Under normal circumstances, father must pay attention to his son.

Han Jue thought for a while, or entrusted the dream to Huang Zuntian.

In a dream.

Huang Zuntian looked towards Han Jue with surprise.

"Master, you really understand me!" Huang Zuntian said excitedly.

Han Jue said ill-humoredly: "What's the matter?"

Huang Zuntian immediately arranged Heaven's Severing Cult Master to tell the matter.

It turned out to be the new Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue already knows from the email, but he did not attack Huang Zuntian. The email can only look one-sided. He was satisfied that Huang Zuntian could tell Han Jue at the cost of severely injuring himself.

Among his undercover agents, Huang Zuntian is the best. It does not cause trouble, does not need help, is self-sufficient, and can help him.

Thinking of this, Han Jue's eyes softened.

However, the divine light of the birthday month of Yin and Yang protects Han Jue, making Huang Zuntian unable to see his expression.

Han Jue said: "Well, I will consider this matter. Don't look for Han Tuo again next time. Sage will doubt it if you have more times."

Huang Zuntian nodded.

"I tell you a divine ability, once you use it, I know you're looking for me."

Han Jue opened the mouth and said, then raised his finger on Huang Zuntian's forehead superior.

He passed Inviting Spirit Art to Huang Zuntian.

After the dream is over, Han Jue continues to browse the mail.

Two hours later, he started cultivation again.

He has already reached the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal realm of perfection, and then he should consider Free Sage.

How to prove that you are in Sage, you have to rely on Great Dao.

Han Jue’s Great Dao is already very powerful and has myriad forms. With Han Jue’s continuous cultivation of Dharma Body, Great Dao’s power is also expanding. One day, extremely The source Great Dao will contain three thousand Great Dao, making it the strongest Great Dao.

Han Jue will turn himself into Great Dao next.

Great Dao everywhere, the body of Tao, indestructible.

This is a bit of a sense of harmony.

After Dao Ancestor was sanctified, in order to go up a layer, he joined Heavenly Dao and surpassed Sage ever since.

Different from the relationship between Heavenly Dao and Dao Ancestor, Jiyuan Great Dao was created entirely by Han Jue. He is completely obedient to him, and there is no need to worry about backlash.

Han Jue must attain the Sage as soon as possible, so as to face the attack of the Dark Lord and Rahu.


The years are long.

More than two thousand years have passed.

Unconsciously, Han Jue is already a hundred thousand years old.

[It has been detected that you are over one hundred thousand years old, you have the following options]

[One, immediately exit the level, the development belongs to own Heavenly Dao, you can get a divine ability inheritance, one piece Great Dao shards, a piece of Heavenly Dao spirit stones, a supreme treasure]

[2, low-key cultivation, less right and wrong, you can get a piece of Great Dao fragment, open the second dao field]

Han Jue opens his eyes, the second dao field?

He suddenly became interested.

What is the second dao field?

Open up a new dao field?

He immediately chose the second option.

[You choose a low-key cultivation, get a Great Dao fragment, open the second dao field]

[Second dao field: After choosing a location to create the second dao field, at a certain time Inside, the Spiritual Qi and formation of the second dao field are upgraded to the same level of the main dao field. The main dao field and the second dao field can be transmitted at any time, all thanks to the wishes of the Master of Dao Field]

Han Jue's eyes widened.

The second dao field does not need to be upgraded, it can directly become as powerful as the main dao field!

Can still send?

A must-have place for running!

Han Jue is very happy, this function is good, if one day the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain is attacked by Dao Ancestor, he can still run away at any time.

Where should I go to build the second dao field?

Dark restricted area?

Divine Realm?

Han Jue will first rule out Divine Realm. It's too close, Dao Ancestor will definitely find it.

You must go far away from Immortal World.

Han Jue suddenly thought of Earth Immortal Realm.

Zhen Yuanzi of Earth Immortal Realm is far less powerful than Dao Ancestor, but I don't know how far Earth Immortal Realm is from Immortal World.

"I want to know where is the furthest place from Immortal World?"

[Cannot evolve because Immortal World is the center of chaos]

Han Jue laughed at himself.

Even if he knew the furthest place, he couldn't go.

Otherwise, Earth Immortal Realm.

Han Jue immediately entrusted his dream to the Samsara Immortal Emperor, and he imparted the Inviting Spirit Art to the Samsara Immortal Emperor.

A few days later.

Samsara Immortal Emperor starts summon Han Jue.

Han Jue was very cautious and asked: "Is there a more powerful existence in Earth Immortal Realm than me?"

[Need to deduct three billion years of life-span, whether to continue]


[Not for now]

Han Jue sighed in relief, then stepped into the black vortex of Inviting Spirit Art and came to the front of Samsara Immortal Emperor.

This is a gloomy great hall, as dense as a magic cave.

Samsara Immortal Emperor one-knee kneels down and salutes Han Jue.

Han Jue said: "How is the Samsara space recently?"

His supreme treasure already urges him to guard against enemy attacks at any time, although there is nothing stronger in the Earth Immortal Realm. The existence of, what if there is a horrible powerhouse outside the Earth Immortal Realm?

Be careful, it's always right.

Samsara Immortal Emperor began to talk about the development of the Samsara space, and Han Jue spread the sacred idea of ​​own and spied on the Earth Immortal Realm.

Earth Immortal Realm already turned into a universe, extremely vast, with countless stars, and the Samsara space is located in the chaos above the Earth Immortal Realm.

He started looking for a suitable dao field.


No way!

Earth too weak.

If it is destroyed by the cultivator, won't the dao field show up?

Han Jue's eyes fell in the sun.

Dao field can be placed in Supreme Sun Star.

After the decision, Han Jue interrupted Samsara Immortal Emperor's words and said: "I'll go out and go around, you can continue."

After all, he disappeared directly.

Samsara Immortal Emperor frowned, alert in his heart.

Sage appeared in Earth Immortal Realm?

Then Zhen Yuanzi is back?

Samsara Immortal Emperor became more anxious as he thought about it, and could only pray that Han Jue could eradicate the powerful enemy.

He is still very confident in Han Jue.

This fellow is not absolutely sure, he will not do it.

The other side.

Han Jue has already come to the Supreme Sun Star.

The scorching high temperature has no effect on him. He penetrates the ground, opens up a space inside the Supreme Sun Star, and then asks System to build a second dao field.

[The second dao field is created, you can leave at any time without waiting]

It’s really humane.

Han Jue smiled with satisfaction, and then jumped back in front of Samsara Immortal Emperor.

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