Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 599

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"So fast?"

Samsara Immortal Emperor was stunned and asked in surprise.

Han Jue only left less than 3 breaths time. Is it so fast?

Han Jue calmly said: "As far as Sage is concerned, the moment is eternal."

Samsara Immortal Emperor is unclear.

Han Jue jumped into the black vortex of Inviting Spirit Art and left a sentence: "Samsara space is Sage's strategy. Think about everything, don't stumble into hatred."

Samsara Immortal Emperor watched the black vortex shrink, and felt a little moved in his heart.

As Han Jue, it’s not okay to say these words to win him over, because there is a holy place that drives him to make an all-out effort.

Han Jue must think of the kindness of childhood.

Samsara Immortal Emperor took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, looked through the great hall, and saw the entire Earth Immortal Realm.

He wants to swallow it all!


Back in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, Han Jue patiently waited for the establishment of the second dao field.

For the past ninety-nine years.

[The second dao field is successfully created, you can send it at any time]

Han Jue sees this line of words, choose to send it immediately.

Immediately afterwards, he appeared in the second dao field under the Earth Immortal Realm Supreme Sun Star.

At a glance, it was dim everywhere, the ground under my feet was uneven, there was no mountain range, and no water and wood.

Han Jue waved his hand to create a Small World with Great Dao.

Sunlight appeared, flowers and grasses grew on the ground, a mountain range rose up, clouds and mists condensed, darkness was dispersed, and replaced by a picture-like Heaven and Earth.

This world is huge, comparable to ten Earths spread out. Although the scenery is beautiful, there are no creatures, and it looks strangely silent.

Han Jue feels the Spiritual Qi here, and it is still improving, and I don’t know how long it will take to increase to the same richness of Spiritual Qi as the main dao field.

Han Jue began to think about who to let in.

No way!

Can't let people in.

Eggs cannot be placed in a basket. Han Jue wants to cultivate a power that the direct disciple does not know.

I don’t even know the direct disciple, the enemy is even more impossible to know.

How about waiting for Chaos Demon God to be born before putting it in?

But if this is the case, how long do you have to wait?

Han Jue then teleported back to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

He decided to transplant some heavenly materials and earthly treasures to the second dao field, such as myriad forms Bodhi tree and Wuhen Qingfenglian.

The Spiritual Qi already in the main dao field does not need the blessing of heavenly materials and earthly treasure, it is better to put these treasures in the second dao field, and maybe they will be born into beings in the future.

Soon, Han Jue was transplanted successfully.

The transmission between two dao fields is very convenient, one thought is enough.

Thinking about it, Han Jue called in the red fox.

The scarlet fox is a little demon encountered by Han Jue proving Dao during his previous experience. He came to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain cultivation for tens of thousands of years. The cultivation base reached the Immortal Emperor, but he was unable to cross Divine for a long time. Realm.

The red fox normally stays outside the Taoist temple. There are no friends in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

Entering the Taoist Temple, the red fox lies cautiously in front of Han Jue.

After so many years, it still hasn't shape transformation, just because it likes the image of own ontology.

"Hidden Sect has been here for so long, why not socialize with other dísciples?" Han Jue asked.

The scarlet fox hurriedly said: "I just want to hurry up and cultivation, the whole Hidden Sect I only care about you, if you want me to communicate with other dísciples, I can do it!"

It thought that Han Jue was asking for a crime.

Han Jue said: "Since you don't want it, don't force it. Being alone is also the way to powerhouse."

The red fox sighed in relief.

Han Jue asked: "What do you think of your aptitude?"

The red fox was silent.

The reason why Han Jue asks is that he wants to turn it into Chaos Demon God.

The qi of Demon God in the Primordial Chaos world has decayed too slowly. I don’t know how long it will take to give birth to Chaos Demon God. But letting the creatures merge with the qi of Demon God can transition the process of soul nurturing and make the process faster.

Murong Qi already has completely turned into Chaos Demon God, and it will be released after a while.

Thinking about it, Han Jue decided to give the red fox a chance. This little fellow stayed outside the Taoist temple and performed his duties. Although there were no surprises, it would not disturb Han Jue. This toughness made Han Jue satisfy.

After a while.

The scarlet fox gritted his teeth and said: "I hope the master will give me a chance!"

He is not stupid. If Han Jue wants to expel him, he doesn't need to talk nonsense.

This is to give it a choice!

No matter what, since it chooses to follow Han Jue, then it has to go all the way to black.

Han Jue said: "This process is very painful. If you go through it, you will gain an aptitude beyond Heavenly Dao sentient beings."

"I do!"

"Very good."

Han Jue did not talk nonsense, and directly destroyed his fleshy body and moved his divine soul into the realm of Primordial Chaos.

Which Chaos Demon God should I choose?

Han Jue feels the joy of nurturing and is full of enthusiasm.

Thinking about it, Han Jue decided to merge the red fox with the giant Demon God. This guy didn't want to shape transformation. In the future, there will be a fox larger than the universe, which is also very interesting.

Han Jue began to merge the crimson fox with the giant Demon God.

The strange thing is that the scarlet fox did not roar.

Even Divine Palace War God Murong Qi could not bear the pain, it could endure it.

this child not simple!

Han Jue's sense of expectation for the red fox has increased.

He closed the permissions of Crimson Fox in Myriad Worlds projection, and he wanted to completely isolate the main dao field from the second dao field.

As for Su Qi, Han Jue thought for a while, and let Su Qi stay in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain.

In the future, the Crimson Fox will be the leader of the second dao field.

The leader of the giant Demon God Demon God dísciple, without losing the signboard.

In addition to the red fox, Han Jue has to arrange other dísciples.

He decided not to choose from the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, but from the outside world to cultivate a new dísciple.

Han Tuo, Han Yu, forget it, already has cause and effect in Immortal World.

Han Jue stopped thinking about it. First, he helped the red fox to merge successfully. Although he has already succeeded twice, he must be cautious and don't overturn the car.


A thousand years have passed.

The power of the giant Demon God no longer resists the crimson fox, the next step is fusion.

Han Jue can finally rest assured to do other things.

He came to the second dao field.

Holy Sense swept the Earth Immortal Realm.

He has to choose a suitable Demon God successor.

He thought for a while, and decided to pick from Earth, which can be regarded as an explanation for his past life.

If this child grows up, Earth can also be sheltered. Han Jue was born in Earth, which is also a kindness.

A few days later.

Han Jue took a fancy to someone.

This is a teenager, only fourteen years old. He is an orphan from a country in Earth. He has a yellow skin and follows its bloodline roots. He is also a Chinese.

Earth has changed its race many times over billions of years. Because the Huaxia people are the innate Human Race brought by Zhen Yuanzi, even if Earth encounters any kind of distress, it will not annihilate its race.

Han Jue has calculated that the Chinese were not born in Earth. Zhen Yuanzi was extradited here. When he chose Earth, Earth was also dominated by dinosaurs. Zhen Yuanzi had to destroy the dinosaurs. The advent of the innate Human Race brought it. With luck, it promoted the evolution of Earth’s native Human Race, that is, white people and black people.

The evolution of any species is long, tens of millions of years, or even hundreds of millions of years.

With the help of innate Human Race’s magecraft, Earth’s native Human Race has only evolved rapidly, and it was formed by the shape transformation of the apes.

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