Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 601

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"This child may be the beginning of our dispute with Human Cult, what do you think should be done?"

Samsara Immortal Emperor said, and asked cautiously.

Han Jue said: "If you have a dispute, you don't have to worry about it, but you have to consider Samsara's space in the overall situation."

"I understand."

Samsara Immortal Emperor nodded and said, and then he started talking about other things.

As the Samsara space became stronger and stronger, the races of Earth Immortal Realm began to unite against the Samsara space. Some powerful technologies almost detected the existence of the Samsara space. Fortunately, the Samsara Immortal Emperor discovered it in time and made it easy. Shield technology signals.

Samsara people who have experienced more than a hundred tasks can freely travel through the universe. Samsara space has issued a death order and must not disclose any information in Samsara space. Therefore, Samsara people are well distributed in all levels and races of the universe. .

How to find Samsara is also the most troublesome issue for race civilizations in the universe.

Han Jue ended his dream after listening.

He thought for a while, and then entrusted the dream to Yang Du.

Today's Yang Du already has the strength equivalent to Great Ascension Realm. It may not be considered in Immortal World, but in Earth Immortal Realm, it is definitely a major weapon comparable to a strategic level. He already is The War God of Earth has repeatedly protected Earth from the destruction of civilizations outside the solar system.

Yang Du is no longer a teenager, but he also looks very young. It is estimated that he has taken the Counterenance Preserving Pill in the task of the Samsara space.

Earth Immortal Realm's River of Destiny has a cultivation civilization.

Yang Du saw Han Jue, browses frowned, and said: "I don't want to stand in the Samsara space."

Han Jue indifferently said: "The Sunday body tempering I gave you The method is still easy to use?"

hearing this, Yang Du complexion greatly changed.

He didn't tell anyone about the body tempering method on Sunday, only he knew about it.

Yang Du suddenly became nervous, and cautiously asked: "Thanks Senior, why did the senior choose me?"

The realm gap between the two is huge, and the languages ​​are different, but Han Jue can It is easy to make the two people communicate at the same frequency.

Han Jue said: "Because you no one to rely on, your heart is very firm."

Yang Du is not a fool. Hearing the overtones, Han Jue pointed out that he had an attempt of.

He will never forget his loneliness before the age of fourteen. If it weren't for the body tempering method of Sunday, how could he have today.

For Han Jue, he is very grateful.

But because he didn't know Han Jue, he was a little nervous.

Han Jue said: "Don't worry, I don't need you to do anything for me for the time being, at least not in a short time."

"How long is a short time?"


"In one hundred million years."

"One hundred million..."

Yang Du was shocked, and his body trembled.

Han Jue said: "The Zhoutian body tempering method is a kind of existence that can cultivation to the highest surpassing Samsara space, but your physique is average, and it won’t take long to meet bottleneck, so you mustn’t cultivate. You can choose Samsara Immortal Emperor in the ******** return space, but don’t mention me."

The highest existence beyond the Samsara space!

Yang Du’s heartbeat speeds up. Now he is already not a mortal, but facing the Samsara space, he still feels small.

Who is this mysterious existence surrounded by divine light?

Yang Du cautiously asked: "Who is Samsara Immortal Emperor?"

Han Jue was silent.

He counted, so that's how it is, Samsara Immortal Emperor did not find Yang Du himself, but instead asked the Twelve Main Gods under his command to find Yang Du.

"The master of Twelve Main Gods."

Yang Du was shocked again.

Twelve Main Gods is transcendent existence in the Samsara space. It is said that one universe can be easily erased, and these existences still have a master.

Does the other party mean to let him hide under the hands of the Samsara Immortal Emperor, which will be of great use in the future?

Yang Du quickly found the position of own.

The higher you stand, the more you know and the more fear.

What Yang Du fears most now is that he cannot make progress.

Han Jue then taught Yang Du some small divine abilities, which for him are small divine abilities, but for Yang Du, it is undoubtedly a great fortune.

After the dream is over, Han Jue no longer pays attention to Earth Immortal Realm.

He has to pick a few more potential stocks after he becomes comfortable in Sage.


A thousand years have passed.

Hidden Sect Island already already left the dark forbidden zone and came to Primal Chaos Abyss, Han Jue slowed down the flight speed of Hidden Sect Island.

The chaos is bizarre, there are no stars, only rays of light and various fogs.

Suddenly Han Jue saw a huge corpse, bigger than the mountain of Fuzhou, bigger than the entire solar system, entangled in one place, like a mountain of meat, can't see the head, and the blood of the red blood has dried up. , Terrifying terrifying.

This fellow is already dead and lifeless.

Han Jue was tested with Simulated Trial, but it was not detected.

He swept away with holy thoughts, this guy should have been Quasi-Saint before his death.

The fall of dignified Quasi-Saint is here, no one knows, it is sad.

Hidden Sect Island continues on.

Thirty-seven years later, after leaving this dazzling and dazzling realm, Han Jue came to an absolutely dark space. Han Jue thought he had come to the dark forbidden zone, but it was very different from the dark forbidden zone.

Harmony and tranquility!

There is no horror and weirdness in the dark forbidden zone.

Han Jue is getting closer and closer to Great Dao, and he keeps using the Simulated Trial function.

A hundred years later.

Han Jue finally saw Great Dao.

In the absolutely dark space, Great Dao is a bright light, too eye-catching.

Han Jue is extremely nervous.

If he merges with Great Dao and the light suddenly disappears, will he alarm certain existences hidden in Primal Chaos Abyss?

Han Jue suddenly saw Great Dao with a form on the left. Compared with Great Dao, he was like the sand next to Haori, very small, but that aura was very strong.

Han Jue uses Simulated Trial again.

[Li Zizai: Free Sage intermediate stage]

Han Jue frowned.

It's him!

Li Yao's Old Ancestor.

This fellow doppelganger walks all over the Heavenly Dao. After all the world, the deity has cultivated the Great Principle dao fruit and achieved the free Sage. One of the doppelganger is the Old Ancestor of the Li family.

Why is he here?

Han Jue immediately followed Li Zizai with a Simulated Trial.

After time it takes to burn a stick of incense.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

This guy is a bit strong, and Han Jue did his best to execute it.

No risk.

If there is a fight, it is possible to alarm other mysterious existence without instakill.

Han Jue started to make trouble.

He began to wait.

This class is a thousand years.

In a thousand years, Li Zizai tried to break into Great Dao several times, but was ejected and almost injured one of them.

That time, Han Jue almost couldn't help taking action.

At the crucial moment, he still held back!

Stay steady!

Look again.

The Great Dao that I created is right in front of my eyes, but I can't get it. This feeling is really awkward.

Just when Han Jue was sad, a terrifying breath came, and Han Jue's rare heartbeat accelerated.

He's okay in the dao field, and the outside is as strong as an enemy, face deathly pale.

These Li Zizai looks are also handsome. At this moment, his body is stiff as a mortal sees a ghost.

"The God of Chaos..."

Li Zizai cautiously saluted, the void he was facing was dark, and there was no existence in sight.

Mysteriously and inexorably, there seems to be a huge and terrifying silhouette lurking in the depths of the darkness.

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