Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 602

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Han Jue waits nervously, and can scare a free Sage like this. How strong is the opponent?

Less to say that it is also a Great Dao-level existence!

In the depths of the darkness, there is a vaguely huge monster surging, its size is terrifying, as if it can swallow everything.

Han Jue is tested again with Simulated Trial.

[Chaos God: Great Dao Spiritual God, Guardian of Chaos Order]

It really is Great Dao Spiritual God!

At this time.

Li Zizai suddenly escaped, disappeared.

The extremely dangerous aura disappeared, probably to chase and kill Li Zizai.

Han Jue's gaze again fell on Great Dao. Since his arrival, Great Dao has changed in light and shade, as if echoing him.

Should you rush in?

Han Jue can feel that Great Dao will not reject him. Now there are no other creatures nearby. This is a great opportunity. Even if it doesn't work, you can withdraw.

Think about it, Han Jue controls Hidden Sect Island and rushes directly into the Great Dao.

Almost instantaneously, Great Dao suddenly shrank the glare, and the entire space plunged into darkness.

Inside Great Dao, Hidden Sect Island is bathed in strong light.

[Detected the existence of Jiyuan Great Dao]

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue, and he immediately tried to absorb Jiyuan Great Dao.

The Great Dao of Great Dao is too large for Han Jue to absorb directly. It seems that he can only fuse Great Dao here.

Han Jue is embarrassed and begins to merge with Great Dao.

After a while, Great Dao bursts out bright light, illuminating this dark space as before.

For the next period of time, neither Li Zizai nor Chaos God returned.

The calm lasted for 860 years.

Han Jue suddenly noticed something. He opened his eyes and saw that a form appeared outside Jiyuan Great Dao. The body of this person is a gathering of black energy, and he wears a pure white mask on his head. There is only one vertical eye on the mask. , The pupils turn left and right.

Han Jue's heart jumped to his throat when he saw this person.

He immediately used Simulated Trial to detect the opponent.

[Demon God of the Great Demon God: Beyond Daoist, Chaos Demon God]

Demon God of the Great Demon God?

Han Jue frowned. Among the Demon God Dharma Body from his current cultivation, there is a Demon God.

Why does this happen?

Could it be possible that all three thousand Demon Gods exist?

Han Jue thinks carefully, this is too easy. Who created the Dharma Body?

If it is System, how is System created?

Demon God didn't seem to see Han Jue. He observed the place for a while before leaving.

Han Jue sighed in relief, continue to integrate Great Dao.

"Can Jiyuan Great Dao block outside prying eyes?" Han Jue asked in the heart.

[100 billion years of life-span need to be deducted, do you continue?]



so that's how it is!

Han Jue this time can relax and concentrate on fusing with Great Dao.

Five hundred years later.

Li Zizai came back again, his breath weakened a lot, and he was probably chased by the Chaos God.

Even so, this guy dared to come back, really unscrupulous.

Li Zizai stayed for a few months before leaving.

Han Jue began to devote himself to the seclusion. Anyway, he is in the second dao field and he is not afraid of attack.


Earth Immortal Realm, Samsara space.

In a great hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor, Yang Du and nine Samsaras stand side by side in the hall. In front of them, stands a silhouette wearing a golden crown and a golden crown.

Yang Du asked: "Lord God, why are you looking for us?"

Golden clothes Main God opened the mouth and said: "Samsara space has developed so far. Watching in other spaces, I will fight with the lord of other spaces. You will meet them in the next task world, and the goal is to wipe them out."

The ten Samsaras were shocked and could not help but looked. at each other in blank dismay.

It is the first time they have performed such a task.

"Is the other party's Samsara very strong?"

"Very good, the latest task is really easy."

"Isn't the Samsara space unique? "

"hmph, in that case, let's put aside our grievances first."

The Samsara practitioners began to communicate, but Yang Du didn't interrupt.

Yang Du thinks of Han Jue, will Han Jue be the master of other spaces?

No way.

Can't think like this.

Before the adult tells him, he must make an all-out effort in the Samsara space and show his own talent.

The adult chose him because he definitely hoped that he would gain a high status and right to speak in the Samsara space.

Golden clothes Lord God Tao: "Not only you, other Lord Gods will also choose ten Samsara, a total of 120. I hope some of you can get the first place, when the time comes I will reward you all."

A group of Samsara people responded in unison, all full of confidence.


Thirty Three Layer Heaven, all saints gather in the Qiankun Hall.

Sage Venerable Xuandu asked: "Why haven’t Han Jue Fellow Daoist moved a bit recently?"

Not long ago, he asked Han Jue to dream, but he couldn’t catch Han Jue, dream. fail.

Qiu Xilai asked: "What is the meaning of senior?"

Other Sages also looked towards Xuandu Sage, Xuandu Sage summoned them here, impossible just to inquire Han Jue.

Sage Venerable Xuandu said: "The Dark Lord wrote to me, saying that Heavenly Dao will be swallowed in tens of billions of years. He is already beginning to confuse Immortal World creatures and is preparing to launch a great tribulation first. So blatant, what do you think he meant by this?"

Southern Extreme Heavenly Lord hummed: "Also, he already knows that we are going to choose a new holy, and want to play a trick."


Heaven's Severing Cult Master nodded.

Emperor Dao: "I also think that the Dark Lord may be in a hurry."

"As long as I wait in Heavenly Dao, he has nothing to do."

"The secret realm of the rebirth is indeed under the control of the Dark Lord, we still have to be careful."

"Heavenly Dao is up to us, so why be afraid of him?"

Everyone Holy you say a word and I say a word.

The Holy Venerable Xuandu looked faintly, and said: "Recently, Divine Realm has set off another battle against the Dao demon. This time it is the Seven Dao Saint senior who has lost. I suspect that the Dark Lord may be behind the Dao. The magic is related."

hearing this, the complexion of all saints greatly changed.

They all have their own backers, and they are all in Divine Realm.

The Divine Realm of the Seven Paths is the most powerful existence. If he fails, how can their backing be well?

"Everyone, the Dark Lord is coming, we have to guard against it. I plan to join forces with Heavenly Dao to fight the Dark Lord first, find out his strength, and then make plans. "

Xuandu Shengzun said solemnly, his voice is sonorous and powerful, and no one can refute it.

I don’t know why the saints thought of Li Muyi and Qiu Xilai’s plot against for some reason. The Xuandu Holy Venerable would not want to engage in such a plot against, right?

The longer you live, the more you are afraid of death. This is most appropriate for Heavenly Dao Sage.

Thinking of this, all the saints are wary.

The Xuandu Holy Venerable saw through their thoughts and said: "You don't trust Li Muyi, don't you trust me? If I want to plot against you, I don't need to be like this, don't forget, I am not For the real Heavenly Dao Sage, I have already attained Great Dao, but I only temporarily come back to take charge of Human Cult, to encourage Heavenly Dao’s luck."

Fu Xitian said with a smile: "In Li, the mysterious capital Fellow Daoist does I won’t behave like that. Let’s think about how to deal with the Dark Lord. I heard that the Power of Darkness of the Dark Lord can hurt our Heavenly Dao dao fruit after devouring the little Heavenly Dao’s luck."

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