Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 603

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Primal Chaos Abyss, time is meaningless here.

Han Jue's obsessive-compulsive disorder made him sober on time for a thousand years, which means that another thousand years have passed.

He is immersed in the Great Dao, the source of fusion, and it is difficult to extricate himself.

Although Jiyuan Great Dao was created by him, he has been comprehend this way, but he can feel the power of Great Dao only when he is truly integrated.

That is a power far beyond Heavenly Dao Sage!

It is not bound by any rules, even Heavenly Dao and Great Dao cannot be bound. This is Free Sage!

Han Jue already initial understanding, embark on the process of fusion of Great Dao.

It's just that he can't predict how long it will take to become comfortable with Sage.

This process may take a long time, after all, it is not a small realm.

Han Jue teleported from the second dao field to the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, went to Fusang Tree for a round, and then observed the descendants and disciplines of own.

half a day later, he returned to the second dao field and continued to join the road.

He did this to prevent the disciples from thinking that he is already leaving and giving other Sages a chance to fan the flames.

dao field can block Sage, but cannot block Sage's dream.

Han Jue quickly immersed himself in Hedao, forgetting everything outside of him.


In the darkness, countless meteorites surround each other. In the center is a stone island. On the island there is a black beam of light that does not know its height, connecting the darkness. .

Li Zizai knelt on the ground in front of the black beam of light.

Look carefully, there is a burly silhouette sitting on a stone chair in the beam of light, expecting that the silhouette of the figure exudes great pressure, which makes the heart palpitating.

Kneeling in front of this form, Li Zizai did not dare to look up.

"This Great Dao mysterious, don't stare at it anymore. Primal Chaos Abyss has a lot of Old Guy staring at it. You have no chance."

A hoarse voice sounded.

Li Zizai frowned, said solemnly: "I understand."

The hoarse voice followed: "The Divine Realm is in turmoil, and the Dao demon is raging. Go back and investigate. I suspect there is a conspiracy behind it."

"Since Pangu Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart, there have been countless epochs. Neither Heavenly Dao nor Great Dao can completely occupy the chaos. This is not a good thing."

Li Zizai raised his head and said: "What do you think of Divine Realm in Guixu?"

"Divine Realm in Guixu cannot die."



"Heavenly Dao world has been shrinking. Once Divine Realm disappears, Heavenly Dao will be swallowed by chaotic forces sooner or later. Everything Pangu has given will be illusory, and the once chaotic darkness will return, we wait All will die."

"Who is the chaos power? I only know the chaos god."

"When you surpass the illusion, you will understand."

Among the black light, the burly silhouette slowly stood up.

Li Zi raised his head.

Ghost mist silhouette opened the mouth and said: "Find Primordial Chaos Demon God, Chaos forces are looking for him, we have to find him first."

The voice fell, the black beam of light went up Shrink, disappeared.

Li Zizai turned and left, then disappeared.


There is no trace of time.

Years have passed.

Ten thousand years are fleeting, and Han Jue did not encounter System selection when he reached 110 thousand years old. It is estimated that the system selection will be triggered once at the age of one hundred thousand years. Long ago, when he was ten years old, he would trigger a System selection.

Han Jue opened his eyes and let out a long sigh of relief.

His whole body is still full of divine light, but it is no longer the rays of light of the yin and yang protection birthday month, but the light of Great Dao.

The fusion process has passed halfway. Great Dao seems to be normal on the surface, but in fact already is about to be replaced by Han Jue.

In another ten thousand years at most, Han Jue will be able to prove that he is free from Sage, free from Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue took the time to check his mail.

[Your friend Li Daokong was attacked by Heavenly Dao and was seriously injured]

[Your friend Yang Du was attacked by a mysterious race]x7629201

[Your Son Han Tuo was attacked by Buddhism Divine Realm]

[Your friend, the evil Heavenly Emperor, was attacked by a mysterious Dao demon and was seriously injured]

[Your friend, Samsara Immortal Emperor, was attacked by a mysterious curse]

[Your Grand Disciple Fang Liang gained Heavenly Dao luck and cultivation soared]

[Your friend Qiu Xilai was attacked by a mysterious almighty, was seriously injured, and his dao heart was damaged]

[Your good friend Xiao Great Emperor……]


How did Li Daokong suffer the Heavenly Dao attack?

The Spirit of Heavenly Dao has already possessed Immortal World creatures?

The number of attacks Yang Du has encountered is really exaggerated. After the end of his dream, Yang Du had a good impression of him. Over time, the favorability has been increasing, and now it has already risen to 5.5 stars.

It is estimated to be related to his experience.

Han Jue noticed that Sage was attacked by a mysterious almighty. Looking down, all Sages were attacked by a mysterious almighty and were seriously injured. Could it be that they were all attacked by the same enemy?

The Dark Lord!

Han Jue can only think of this person.

In general, the circle of friends is okay, and no one has fallen.

After the measuring tribulation is over, in addition to the millions of dísciples in the Hundred Mountains Immortal Plain, all beings in All Heavens and Myriad Realms have never seen Han Jue, so Han Jue’s circle of friends is still very hard. It is the powerhouse of the vertical and horizontal side, it is difficult to fall.

Han Jue thought for a while, and entrusted the dream to Samsara Immortal Emperor.

The dream begins.

Samsara Immortal Emperor was quite excited when he saw Han Jue, and he knelt and bowed immediately.

"Master, you finally came to me!"

"Is having trouble recently?"

"Yes, Samsara space encounters infinite space targeting, infinite space There is also Sage behind him. Human Cult Sage asks us to avoid its edge and not to fight with it, but the infinite space has been aimed at us."

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Infinite Space...

The form of the Samsara space was originally to imitate some almighty actions of Divine Realm, so I was not surprised to run into it.

It's just an infinite space blocking the way, we must find a way to solve it.

Han Jue asked: "Who is Sage behind the infinite space?"

Samsara Immortal Emperor helplessly said: "I don't know."

He is in Samsara Space is the existence of aloof and remote, but when placed in front of Sage, he is just a pawn after all.

The chess pieces cannot see the pattern outside the chessboard.

Han Jue said: "What about the interior of the Samsara space, how is it developing?"

"Already there are more than a million Samsara people who have reached Immortal Realm, which is not bad. Earth deserves to be Earth Immortal Realm. For the inheritance of civilization, we have selected many outstanding Samsaras over time. Some Samsaras are born with Human Sovereign luck. After entering the cultivation, they are out of control, such as Di Xin, Ying Zheng, Han Martial Emperor, Li Shimin , Zhao Kuangyin, etc."

Samsara Immortal Emperor began to talk about the development of the Samsara space.

Han Jue was not surprised that emperors such as Yingzheng and Martial Emperor had Human Sovereign luck.

Human Sovereign luck is not valuable, Xing Hongxuan has Human Sovereign luck.

After all, it is just a family of luck, even more how Human Race is no longer Heavenly Dao race.

From the mouth of the Samsara Immortal Emperor, Han Jue learned that Yang Du is already one of the very best in the Samsara space, and belongs to the Twelve Main Gods under the command of the Samsara Immortal Emperor, the most favored Samsara.

The reason why it is not the first is that Human Cult has also cultivated a powerful Samsara player. He has fought against Yang Du many times. Both sides have their own wins and losses. In general, they are hard to distinguish.

Han Jue suddenly asked: "When will Samsara space control the Earth Immortal Realm?"

Samsara Emperor Dao: "Already in the Earth Immortal Realm, no race can threaten us, but Human Cult Sage hopes that we will slow down, for fear of alarming the mysterious Chaos Demon God behind the science, and even more afraid of alarming Zhen Yuanzi, the ancestor of Earth Immortal."

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