1414. Mr. Dillings, who is incompatible with Chapter 1413

Mr. Dilins, who is incompatible with Chapter 1413

Kim Jong-won is not a guy who always stays with his customers all the time, constantly brushing the customer’s good feelings and benefiting from it – he knows that this will cause customers to resent.

Therefore, after the customer was sent to the hotel room, he left very acquainted – he would only appear the first time when the customer needed it.

That’s why Chen Peter is so willing to introduce him to the customer – because Chen Peter can always get the goodwill of the VIPs because of Kim Young.

“This is my call, Young Master Qiu! If there is any need, I will come at the first time.”

He didn’t even wait for the response from Boss Luo and miss maid in the room, and he closed the door very politely.

Luo Qiu opened the curtains of the room and looked out of the hotel. From here, I could see an artificial lake. He smiled and said: “It seems that this big hotel is really history.”

Miss maid at this time is packing up the baggage, at this time raise one’s head asked, “Master, what do you want for lunch?”

Boss Luo said: “Well… it’s better to try the restaurant here. I heard that many of the guests are coming to the chef of the restaurant.”




Alec Grand Hotel, Presidential Suite.

“Sir, I am the floor manager Gusev here, I am very happy to serve you.”

Dressed in a tuxedo, dressed in suit, tall and straight, the nearly 40-year-old blond man, at this time, respectfully respected Mr. Dillings who stayed… not even sneer.

Dilins seemed to look at the floor butler in a strange way. He couldn’t help but frown and asked: “I remember the floor butler here, it seems to be Ms. Tiffany?”

The front housekeeper was a little surprised at this moment, then nodded and said: “Yes, sir. But Ms. Tiffany took the leave in the past few days, so I will take over her job temporarily. Sir, is there something I need to find her? I can contact you.”

Di Lin Si curiously asked: “Are you Tiffany?”

“I am her nephew.” The floor butler Gusff smiled.

“Oh…” Dilling thought thoughtfully, then shook his head. “No, thanks, since there is no need to bother with the vacation… Yes, she is on the past few days, is it going home?”

“Aunt Tiffany, the past few days, still lives in the hotel.” Gusfu said: “She is enjoying the benefits of the staff… I will contact Mr..”

“No, really no, thanks, Mr. Gusf.” Dillings’s head swayed fast. “Thank you for your kindness, but I prefer to take a break now. Look, I have been since last night. On the transportation.”

“It’s rude.” Gusff nodded. “So, you need to wake up when you dine, Mr. Dilins.”

“No.” Di Lin Si waved his hand and smiled and said: “Actually, I am still familiar with this place… Here, I have lived for a while.”

The butler on the floor looked a bit strange, but didn’t ask too much, it was gracefully turned and left – the door was lightly closed.

Di Lin Si at this time slowly sighed, reaching out to loosen the tie on the neck, the collar button untied, only to move the bloated body, lying on the white bed, suddenly watching Ceiling.

“It turned out that this is the presidential suite…” he muttered. “I don’t think there is anything special.”

In addition to the price… I live here for one night, probably the average working class, a salary of one or two months.

He used his strength to prop up his body and then took his suitcase hard. For him, it seemed like every move was so clumsy and strenuous.

Need to use all your strength.

He slowly opened the suitcase, which looks quite advanced – there was another suitcase inside, but it was old, yellowed, and the leather in some places was even worn out.

Dillings slowly touched his hands on the old suitcase and then gently opened it.

Inside is a violin.

Dilins put the violin around his neck and picked up the bow… The bow was on the string, but he didn’t pull it. Dilling closed his eyes and kept this position for a long time.

After a long time, he slowly sighed and put the violin and bow back into the old suitcase, and then put it into the new suitcase.

Mr. Dilins stood up laboriously. He touched the big belly that could block his leg and felt hungry.


Alec Grand Hotel, squash court.

A woman who looks like she is fifty years old, but her figure is still very good. She is playing the last game with her friends. Soon after, the doorkeeper’s Gusfu arrived…waiting for the lady in the squash room to finish this After the game, she was called out.

On the seat in the outside seating area.

“Mr. Dillings?” The woman repeated the name strangely, and then thought carefully for a while before she shook her head: “I don’t have an impression.”

Gusev is strange: “Aunt Tiffany, but I feel that this Mr. Dilins seems to really know you.”

Ms…. Aunt Tiffany thought again, “Maybe it is through the introduction of other customers, so I know what I am.”

“Do you need me to arrange a meeting for you?”

Aunt Tiffany shook his head and looked at the scorpion who was going to pick up his class: “When we are a butler service, we only have to ask for a meeting when we ask for a meeting.”

Gusff nodded. Of course he knew this. He only doubted that Aunt Tiffany had something to do with Mr. Dilins, so he was curious about temptation… It seems that there is no direct relationship, and he no longer Say something more, just find a reason and leave.

Looking at the scorpion’s departure, Aunt Tiffany seemed to be caught in some kind of meditation, and she subconsciously looked at a large artificial lake outside the rest area.

Although there is no one in the impression that the name of the customer he has received is called Di Lin Si, I don’t know why, but there is a familiar feeling about the name.

“Hey, Tiffany, come back again?”

The ball friend sent an invitation at this time. Tiffany waved his hand and walked into the squash room… She was so rich, and she was able to enjoy life like this. It feels so good.

Every day is very good, very good.



The menu cannot be changed. The menu of the day is all decided by the chef of the restaurant. There are several different combinations of menus, but after the menu is decided, all the food on the table must be eaten.

This is the rule of this restaurant at the Alec Grand Hotel – when entering the restaurant, Boss Luo and Miss Maid were told by the waiters.

This is usually the case… The more weird the rules, the more weird temper, the more it causes the curiosity of others – the restaurant is overcrowded at this time.

There are still some empty tables in the corner, but obviously the location is not very good, so no one cares.

“Well… it seems to be coming late.” Luo Qiu said unfortunately, but still led the miss maid to the table where nobody cares.

Just at this time.


Someone shouted at the boss and miss maid… appeared in front of Boss Luo, and it was the fourth time that Mr. Dilins had met.

He was sitting in a very good position – an empty table, only he was sitting alone.

At this point, Dillings was struggling to get himself up – he finally stood up and had a friendly smile on his face. “Two, if you don’t mind, it’s better to enjoy today’s lunch with me. As if you gave me a courtesy of the room… please don’t refuse.”

Miss Maid glanced at her master and found that the host also looked at her at this time, and she showed a good-looking smile.

Boss Luo looked at Dilins and smiled: “Of course.”

Pulling the chair open and sitting down, Dilins finally sat down slowly, then called the waiter and added the white wine before the meal.

“Cheers for our acquaintance.” Dillings expressed his daring and hospitality on the train.

It’s just that he is not elegant, and everything here seems to be out of place—because his voice is too big, so that others can look at them in a curious way.

It seems to be a very rude behavior to disturb others to eat… but the voice of Mr. Dilins seems to be so loud.

In fact, he is just talking normally.

The waiters soon began to order food for the customers who came together. When Boss Luo and miss maid are still studying what to eat, Mr. Dilins has already thought about it, “a bean stew, truffle red wine stew, lime and sheep fish with sour bean cream sauce, grilled risotto with cream eggs Roll, stewed lambskin with red orange sauce, and…”

Although this is a customer who does not seem to care about cholesterol at all, in the face of Dilins’s choice of dishes, the waiter still hesitated a little. “Sir, do you really… all these?”

“OK.” Di Lin Si said with a smile: “Of course it is ok… Oh, yes, and the last one, that is, let your Berg chef remember to cook, don’t try again with your fingers. Taste.”

“…Yes, sir.” The waiter was shocked for a moment and then bowed his head and agreed.

Hell… How can this guest know the bad habit of Berg’s chef?

He couldn’t help but look at the pair of men and women who were still considering the menu. They were very worried that Mr. Dilins’s speech would affect their appetite at this time.

But in the end, he found that he was too worried about it – it seemed that the men and women did not hear Mr. Dilins’s words, and naturally followed some dishes – naturally not as exaggerated as Mr. Dilins, and It is the weight of normal people.

When the waiter left the order, Boss Luo looked around and suddenly looked at Mr. Dillings curiously: “Mr. Dillings seems to be familiar with everything here, even the grotesque chef. Habit also knows.”

Mr. Dilins just smiled casually. “In fact, I have not been here for a long time… I remember that there was a stage set up here.”

He pointed his finger at the front. “This is the place. It turned out to be a small stage. Whenever there was a piano, it was always a good time. Later, the business of the hotel was getting better and better, and the restaurant’s guest was getting more and more. Dismantled, freed up more positions and made this semi-open box now.”

“many years ago?”

“Is it for twenty years?” Mr. Dilins thought for a moment, then shook his head again. “I don’t remember, my memory is not very good.”

Boss Luo smiled and said: “It’s enough to remember that there was a stage there.”

Dillings looked at the youngster eccentrically, in the heart, but I don’t know why he agreed with his sentence. He smiled and said: “Yes, sometimes I am afraid that I will forget the stage.” I have been there. Now think about it, I can always remember that it is really lucky. So, sometimes don’t complain about the world’s unfairness to you, because you never know when it gave you what you want. Know the care.”

“Maybe.” Boss Luo nodded and raised a toast to Mr. Dilins.

Mr. Dilins is obviously a talkative person, but his conversation is obviously not comparable to the rich celebrity gentlemen – on the contrary, what he is talking about is everyday trivial things.

There was a heavy rain in England.

In fact, the meat of the knees is better than the meat of the lambs.

I heard that in the East China, people will make pig’s elbows into food, which is really incredible.

Can the chicken’s claws really eat?

Unconsciously, several waiters pushed the dishes up – Mr. Dilins really ordered too much, so he needed a dining car and needed several waiters to serve him.

Whenever a dish is uncovered in front of him, Mr. Dilins will show a very satisfying and pleasant look – he seems to have unlimited expectations.

Or, for every thing, there is something unimaginable to expect from others – more appropriate, he is full of enthusiasm all the time.

However, the restaurant chef who was smashed by the bad habit did not appear because of this – I heard that the chef never came out to meet the customer… Obviously, he did not break this because of Mr. Dilins. rule.

“This bastard, the dish is still delicious.”

Occasionally, Mr. Dilins will send out such a feeling – of course, the sound is as loud as ever.

He may not really fit the environment in the restaurant, but Boss Luo knows that Dilins is at least really fond of the chef’s dishes.

“The taste is really ok.”

This is the evaluation after the miss maid… It is already a very high evaluation, Luo Qiu thought.

After dinner, Dillings planned to invite Boss Luo and miss maid to the artificial lake outside, but was rejected.

He only left with a little bit of disappointment after the checkout.

At this time, the sound of the restaurant is still a lot. The guests are talking about something in their respective positions, or they are serious, or they are laughing and talking again and again, but they are missing a voice.

One is actually just a little louder than their voice, the free voice.

(End of this chapter)

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